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Default How I Discover I had a Balloon fetish
Back in the 70s and 80s when you went to the Doctor you got a balloon and sucker after your visit and before you left the exam room. It all started when I was 12. I had to go to the doctor because I was sick and after the visit, he gave me 2 balloons and a sucker I put both balloons in my pocket and waited until I got home. When I got home, I went into my bedroom and closed the door and got my two balloons out of my pocket took the red one first and started to blow it up. It got bigger and bigger I got it almost full size and I stop because I did not wanted to pop it so I tied it and then I took the second balloon it was green and I started to blow it up it got bigger and bigger I wanted this balloon bigger then the other balloon so I kept blowing and blowing and all of sudden a loud BANG happened and pieces of the balloon flew everywhere and I did not know what happened at first then I opened my eyes and saw that my big beautiful balloon had popped I was so sad. After the green balloon popped, I only had the red balloon to play with for a while until that balloon started to lose air and get smaller and smaller until my mom came in to my bedroom popped it and tossed out in the trash. After that I started to save my money that I got for do odd job around the house so I could buy some more balloon. It took a couple of weeks before I had enough money to buy some more balloons at the store. When I had enough saved, I went to the store to buy the biggest balloons I could find. So, when I got to the store, I went straight to the toy section of the store that wear the balloons are. And I found some punch balloons and some blimp balloons and a lot of smaller balloons. So, I decide to get 3 punch balloon 3 blimp balloons and went to pay for my balloons. There was a young lady run the cash register she ask me what I was going to do with the balloons I said I was going to a birthday party I do not know if she believed me. So I payed for the balloons and made my way back home. Went straight to my room where I hid my balloons because I did not want my family to find out that I had some balloons. Later that day I went to my room closed the door and took one of blimp balloon and started to blow it up the more air I put in it the bigger it got as I was blowing it up. The balloon got so big and so long so I decided to stop so this balloon was not going to pop. Then I hear my mom calling me from other room so I let all the air out of the balloon and put it back where I hid the other balloons and went out to see what she wanted. she asks me what was I doing in my bedroom and I said “I was play in my room”. The next day my mom told me that she was going out of town for 2 days and that I was going to the babysitters for 2 days. The babysitter lives right next to us so we did not have far to go. The people that took care of me was a doctor and his wife. They had no kids of their own. The next day in the morning my mom came into my room and told me to pack a small suitcase so I did. I put a couple of pair sock, shorts, underwear and some shirts. At the very bottom of the suitcase I put 2 punch balloon and all the clothes on top of then so no one would see them and closed the suitcase and waited for my mom to tell me to go over to the babysitters. A couple hours later she told me it was time to go over to the babysitter so I went next door nocked on the front door and “Tom” answered the door. He said come in so went in and he show me ware I would be staying for the night. After supper we play games, watch some TV. Then it was time for bed. The next morning, I got up about 7 or 8 and went down to have breakfast. Tom and his wife were making their breakfasts they asked me what I would like for breakfast and I said “cereal”
So, Tom fixes me a bowl cereal and I sit down and eat it. And after breakfast I asked him what would we do today he said “we will go down into the basement because I have a surprise for you” so we go down to the basement where there is a bedroom he unlocks the door and opens it to my surprise the room is filled with a lot of balloons big balloons small balloons and long balloons I ask him who plays with the balloons he said “I do” can I ask you a another question “dose your wife know you have a room filled with balloons” and he said “no is my secret and no one must find out about this room so you cannot tell anyone about this room” I said “not even my best friend” and he “not even your best friend you have to promise me that you will not tell anyone about this room ok” “I promise I will not tell anyone about this room” I ask him how do you blow up the really big balloons do you have a pump or do you blow them you with your lungs he said “the 12inch, 17inch and sometimes the 24inch but anything bigger then that I use the pump” then I noticed a bag of balloons on the floor I asked him “if I could blow one up” he said “yes I could” so I took one out of the bag he said that was a 24inch I think you will not be able to blow that balloon all the up but if you want to give it a try go ahead. So, I took a deep breath in and stated to blow it up the balloon got bigger and bigger and bigger as it got bigger, I stated to feel weird like I was going to pass out so I stop blowing up the balloon. he asks me “what’s the matter” I said “this is getting really difficult to blow this balloon all the way up” he said “I told you the 24inch balloon are vary hard to blow up even for me sometime that why I use the pump to blow them up” I said I had another question do you like to sit on balloons until they POP he said “no I do not like sit on balloons until POP do you like to blow balloon up until they POP he said “sometime” then he said to me “do you like to sit on balloons until they POP” then I said “no I do not like the loud BOOOM when the balloon pops” after that it was time to go up stairs to have lunch. After lunch what will do. I ask him “can we go back down to the basement and go into the special room” and he said “no you got to get packed because your mom is coming home this afternoon and you are going back home” he said “why don’t you go into the room and pack your suitcase and while I was packing my suitcase he comes into the bedroom and he gives me some balloons. I said how did you know I like balloons? He said “when we when into room in the basement your face lite up that when I knew you liked balloons” dose your mom know you like balloons “no she doesn’t” ok I will keep your secret. And then the doorbell rang and it was my mom coming to take me home. About a year after that his wife died in car accident and he sold the house and moved into apartment. And I never saw him again. It took about six mouth to sell the house. a young couple bought the house they had 2 kids one girl and one boy. The girl was about 8 years old and the boy was about 14 years. He was 2 years older then me. We would play outside every day or we would play at each other’s houses. One day we were in his house playing in the basement then he went up stairs to get something and when he returned, he had a package of balloons. I said where did you get them, he said “I found them upstairs in a box in my closet when we move in” I said “they look like there 24inch balloon. What does the package of balloons say”? he said “your right there 24inch balloons” I said “the balloons get really really BIG and I can not blow them up have you tried blowing them up yet” and he said “yes I have tried” I said “how big did it get before you had to stop and how long did it take you”. He said “I got it to all most full size and it took me about 20min to blow it up”. I asked him if I could have one of the balloons. He said yes and he gave it to me and I put it in my pocket so I could blow it up when I got home. So, we played for a couple more hours then it was time for me to go home to have supper. Then after supper I went to my room to play but instead of playing, I took the BIG balloon from my pocket and started to blow the balloon up
I notice my penis was getting hard when I started to blow up the balloon, I did not notice that before when I was blowing up balloons before. I just kept blowing and blowing it got bigger and bigger it took me awhile to get it blown up. I had to stop a couple time to catch my breath but finely I got it to full size. I thought it was huge. For the next couple of years after everybody was in bed, I would be up in my bedroom secretly playing with balloons until I would get tired and go to bed. Sometime I would blow them up at night and put them in my underwear to see if my penis would get hard and sure enough my penis would get nice and big and hard every time, I would put a balloon in my underwear. One day at school the teacher said that we would have a special guest
He was coming to talk to the boys about their body and what we will be go though in other words puberty. So, the girls could not stay in the room they would be going next door to see a special guest and have there talk. After that day I knew what masturbation was and I put two and two together that is masturbation and balloons equals fun. A couple days after hearing about masturbation I went to my room after school and locked the door took one of my big balloons took off all my clothes got on my bed and started to blow the balloon up the BIGGER the balloon got the BIGGER my penis got until I got rock hard and then took my hand and started to pump my penis until I blew my nuts all over the bed. After that I knew that every time that I masturbated, I had to use balloons to get my penis hard. It was many years after that I heard the word balloon fetish and realized that’s what I had

sorry how the story looks I had to copy and paste it to put it in here
the story is a word doc
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