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Post Liquor,latex &v8's Chapter two: best night of our lifes
We pick up the story where we left off Shaun realising how bad he screwed up.
Shaun: Well i guess we don't have to restock the stash anytime soon.
Tina: Shaun why did you order so many of these things?
Shaun: I didn't i only ordered three tanks not three boxes.
Tina: Do you even know what these things can do?
Shaun: No? That's why i only wanted to order three.
Tina gets an idea.
Tina: well since you don't know what they can do let's find out.
She grabs one of the tanks and takes it to the bedroom and opens the valve.
When she does this a red balloon starts to inflate from the nozzle quickly getting bigger.
While Tina is inflating the balloon Shaun is striping off he's clothes when Tina asks.
Tina: hun can you hold this real quick while i get undressed.
Shaun happily agrees and holds onto the tank while Tina strips naked meanwhile the balloon has swelled to about two feet in diameter this is when Shaun decided to close the valve. When he did the balloon disconnected from the nozzle and started to float to the ceiling but Shaun grabs it in time he remarks.
Shaun: Wow this thing got huge quick and it's very boyeant (Shaun smells the balloon)smells good too.
When he says this Tina walks beside him completely naked and asks.
Tina: are you ready? Shaun: oh yea let's do it. Shaun gets onto the bed and lays flat while holding the balloon against he's chest while Tina jumps onto the balloon and starts to ride it bouncing up and down on it having the balloon squeeze against Shaun's body
After about ten minutes of this Tina gets off the balloon and Shaun gets up set's the balloon on the bed and then Tina lays on it while Shaun has sex with her for another hour until they both cum that's when she got off the balloon to watch it float to the ceiling as they both slip into bed and fall asleep.
The next day starts with a loud hissing noise as they both awaken to the balloon from last night deflating loudly. Tina gets up and inspects the balloon.
Tina looks at the balloon to find a small bike valve on it.
Tina: im guessing this is how you re-inflate these things they're quite fun to play with don't you think.
Shaun grabing hes clothes off the floor and putting them back on responds with.
Shaun: yea they are i guess it was a good thing i accidentally bought thirty of them.
Tina picking up the deflated balloon says.
Tina: now you can find a place to store these but leave one of the boxes in the bedroom i'll get breakfast going.
Tina wrapping her mid section with the balloon walks into the bathroom to get dressed while Shaun goes into the living room to grab the other two boxes to put them into the garage. Shaun carrys both boxes into the garage hes own little man cave with everything he holds dear to him (other than hes soon to be wife of course) hes tools,hes balloons and hes 1970 dodge challenger hemi pro street dragster with a supercharger sticking out of the hood.
He puts the boxes onto a shelf and heads back inside to have breakfast and to help Tina unpack the rest of their stuff.
A few hours have passed and they're finally done unpacking all of their stuff and Shaun is taking the last box into their room when he stubs hes toe on the door frame dropping the box. After screaming expletives at the door frame for a minute he goes to pick up the box when he notices something on the bottom of the box there were about ten disposable coveralls sitting in there. Visibly confused Shaun goes to have a look deeper into the box to find some sort of instructions to explain why these things are in there.
While hes doing this Tina is inflating the balloon from last night and desides she wants to try to pop it she takes it puts it on the lower bed end jumps on and starts bouncing and grinding on it putting her entire weight on it doing everything she can to pop it only achieving to orgasim and jizz all over it.
While this is happening Shaun is looking over one of the tanks for any instructions which he finds but there's one problem it's all in danish. Shaun thinks to himself.
Shaun: of course it's in danish why wouldn't it be. He said in a sarcastic tone.
He finds a diagram on the back of the tank depicting someone in a suit that looks similar to the coveralls in the box he thinks to himself.
No way they can't be that kinky can they? Shaun procedes to get undressed put the coveralls on and grab one of the tanks and goes to the bedroom where Tina is in mid orgasim then she notices Shaun walking into the room wearing something that painters wear and asks.
Tina: Shaun why on earth are you wearing that.
Shaun: i got an idea. Hold this while i zip this thing up.
Tina holds the tank while Shaun zips up the suit and asks her to open the valve.
When she did this a white balloon starts to inflate inside the suit quickly getting bigger and filling out the suit Shaun is doing what he can to not cum while this balloon continues to grow inside the suit as it envelops him.
As the balloon works around hes back he hears a strange sound not like hes paying attention at this moment as hes back starts to inflate then the balloon starts to work towards hes arms then legs and finally hes head. Shaun asks Tina to turn the tank off now but the valve wouldn't budge as he continues to get bigger and bigger.
Tina can hear that the coveralls are on their last legs and won't take any more pressure from the now giant balloon as she thought this the crotch of the suit burst open letting some of the pressure out and almost making Shaun cum. The balloon continues to tear it's way out of it coverall prison each pop and tear almost make Shaun cum that's when Tina realizes that the balloon as become hes suit.
When suddenly her now fiance balloon starts to float towards and hits the ceiling the now fiance balloon is about seven feet in diameter as the hissing from the tank get quieter and quieter until the tank is empty and pops off the now giant balloon with Shaun somewhere inside.
Tina bellows out.
Tina can hear the muffled sounds of Shaun inside the giant balloon cumming like there's no tomorrow she let's out a sigh of relief now she has to figure out how to get him down.
Not an easy feat considering she's only 5.2 ft.
She first trys grabing at the huge swollen belly of the suit as it was easy to reach but kept sliding off and every attempt she did made Shaun cum even harder that's when she realized a pair of legs wiggling behind the massive balloon but they are much higher up. After jumping up and down on the bed a few times she finally grabs hes legs and pulls him down onto the bed,lays on top of him and pulls the covers over them to stop him from floating way.
She finds where hes face is and pushes away the overly inflated hood muffling hes voice.
Shaun: Honey you got to try this thing holy shit i can't stop cumming i can't feel my legs anymore i've cum so much.
Tina giggles. Tina: It's nice to see that you enjoyed yourself and that you're okay.
Shaun: It would be better if i could move.
Tina: no no no you're not going anywhere my big balloon boy i want to have a bit of fun with you first. End of chapter two.

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Default Re: Liquor,latex &v8's Chapter two: best night of our lifes
Only one word. Wow ��
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