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Post Liquor,latex & v8's Chapter three:Wear your catsuit to work day
We continue from the morning after the best night of their lives Shaun sleeping soundly inside hes giant balloon and hes fiance Tina sleeping comfortably on top of him.
When they're awaken by a all too familiar hissing sound as the suit around Shaun begins to deflate.
They both wake up and Tina asks Shaun.
Tina: Did you rest well my big balloon boy?
Shaun:Oh yea i did was i comfy?
Tina giggles:Like sleeping on a rubber scented cloud.
Then Shaun asks.
Shaun:What time is it?
Tina looks to the bedside table for the alarm clock but finds it turned off. She then remembers that she unplugged it for the pump yesterday.
She hops off of Shaun to grab her phone to check the time when she did this she saw that the suit had become completely skin tight against hes skin it was so tight you could see the curvature of hes testicles as if he was vacuum sealed in.
She figured they had enough time to get Shaun out of the suit.
Then she checked the time.
Tina:uuuugh Shaun?
Shaun climbing out of bed:What's wrong darl?
Tina:It's six in the morning.
Shaun quickly starts getting dressed for work.
Tina:You can't go to work wearing that underneath your work clothes.
Shaun:Hun i don't have time if i show up to work late again mark is gonna bust my balls for it and i'm not gonna let him get the satisfaction of doing it love you.
Shaun rushes out of the door jumps into the barracuda and hauls ass to work.
As Shaun is driving to work he starts to think about what hes wearing
Shaun: oh my god what the hell i'm i wearing. It's like wearing a gimp suit under a formal tux shit. At least the shirt,pants and boots cover most of the suit up but the gloves i can't have my hands in my pockets all day crap. I need some music to calm down.
He turns the radio on and the first thing that starts playing is don't fear the reaper by Blue oyster cult.
Shaun responds to this with.
Shaun:Fucking really?
He continues hes drive to work and makes it there on time barely.
He parks the car and heads into the workshop he sees Steve the master mechanic,owner and close friend,Matt the apprentice and Mark the shop manger and all round cunt.
Seeing that Steve's here Shaun has a sigh of relief knowing that today would be more pleasant knowing that Mark won't be able to just dump work on him.
Steve calls for a workshop meeting assigning jobs for everyone that day Shaun is changing the oil on a jeep,Steve is working on one of the engines and Matt and Mark are gonna be pulling apart a suspension strut.
They all go off to their separate jobs while Shaun is changing oil he realizes oil,grease and all sorts of liquids are just running off the suit's gloves.
He thinks to himself.
Shaun: How am i not surprised by this thing anymore next second i'll be able to fly in it oh... wait.. yea. Why did it have to be so hot today i feel like i'm stewing in my own sweat and cum here.
While hes doing this behind him Matt and Mark are getting ready to pull apart the strut apparently Mark never told Matt how to pull one apart safely and just told him to unscrew that nut holding everything together before walking off for a smoke break.
Not even a minute later i hear a loud bang behind me and a sudden sharp pain in my back i turn around and i see a greasy nut on the floor and Matt on the ground screaming bloody murder i run over to check on him hes hand is completely broken Steve isn't too far behind me and asks if i'm is alright and he says.
Shaun:Yea i"m fine why are you asking?
Steve:I just.. never mind lets get Matt fixed up. Where the hell is Mark?
As soon as we got Matt onto the couch in the waiting room and called for a ambulance Mark calmly walks into the workshop not knowing what just happened.
Then Steve walked up to him and proceeded to go on the biggest ear blistering rant i have ever heard it was bloody inspirational.
While this was going on at work at home Tina had breakfast and a shower and decided to translate the instructions on the back of the tanks doing this she figures out how to get out of the balloon suits.
Knowing this and having nothing else to do she decides to have a bit of fun
She goes digging through the box grabbing a tank and a painter's suit not before noticing there's two different types in the box. the smaller one that Shaun used and a much bigger one too big for either one of them. Alone.
After getting future plans in the bed room she goes into the bedroom turns on the stereo gets in the suit with the tank zips it up and opens the valve just as the song Touch of evil by judas priest starts playing.
A crystal purple balloon begins to inflate from the nozzle and begins to fill the suit like last night getting bigger and bigger. As it inflates past her vagina she cums just a little bit as the balloon continues to grow becoming more and more transparent as it does it envelops her. When both sides of the balloon meet around her back she hears a sound kind of like two sheets of latex that were stuck together being pulled apart that sort of popping sound it swells out to her arm,legs and around her head squeezing her from all sides. Still getting bigger she can hear the suit beginning to pop and tear from all the pressure pushing against it she has gotten so big at this point wouldn't be able to see her feet if it wasn't transparent.
At this point the suit couldn't take the pressure anymore and the side of the suit completely tears open from head to toe then the other side follows not too long after then the crotch and finally the head and shoulders tear off. Now a giant Tina balloon she begins to float towards the ceiling the loud music vibrating the giant clear suit causing her to cum when she hears Shaun come up the driveway park hes car and comes inside and then walks into the bedroom.
Shaun not noticing that Tina is a giant balloon at this moment walks over to the stereo and turns it off and calls out to Tina.
Shaun:Tina? Tina where are you?
Tina breathing heavily : Up here.
Shaun looks up at the giant Tina balloon the purple transparent suit leaving very little to hes imagination.
Shaun:Starting the fun without me?
Tina:I thought you weren't getting back till later.
Shaun:Steve let me off early.
Tina Oh you want to have a little fun with me?
Shaun:in a second i'm still stuck in the suit.
Tina:Oh you can get that off by filling the inside of the suit up with water i read it off the back of the tank.
Shaun:When did you know how to read danish?
Tina:When i learned to use google translate.
Shaun:Fair enough.
Shaun proceeds into the bathroom grabs the shower head of it's stand and starts filling the inside of the suit with water.
Shaun:AAAAAH shit it's cold.
It didn't take long for Shaun to fill up the suit and get himself out of it pulling hes arms out then pulling hes legs. He quickly dries himself off and runs in the bedroom where the Tina balloon is patiently waiting for him he grabs her from the ceiling putting her on the bed and laying on her the suit squeaking when he does.
Tina:No wonder you loved it so much nothing feels like this.
Shaun quietly laughs:Now what should i do with my big balloon girl? i got an idea but first some music.
he grabs the remote for the stereo from the bedside table and turns it on as he begins to make out with hes big balloon girl I was made for loving you by kiss begins to play.

End of Chapter Three
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Default Re: Liquor,latex & v8's Chapter three:Wear your catsuit to work day
Writers note: this is the first time i decided to add music to the story and i would like some feedback on it the idea is for the reader to listen to the music as they read either on YouTube,spotify,ect and i hope you liked it.

Thanks for reading.
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Default Re: Liquor,latex & v8's Chapter three:Wear your catsuit to work day
I must say that Shaun and Tina has a good taste of music.
You being austalian, how about Jimmy Barnes?
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Default Re: Liquor,latex & v8's Chapter three:Wear your catsuit to work day
Oh you didn't notice it.
That little easter egg in chapter one,

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