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Old 11-11-2018, 11:48 PM
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Default Storytime - By CuteBalloon84
Hi all,

I want to share an experience that happened to me in the Summer. Please note do not try this unless you are very confident about yourself and your fetish.

July 2018

I travelled to a foreign country in Europe for a business meeting. When I am on these trips I usually go for a balloon experience and some fun. I feel safe as I am not in my own country and can do whatever I want because I most likely will never return for another visit.

It was Monday and my meeting was at 10 AM, I could not get balloons of my mind and got quite horny just by the thought of all the fun I could have. I was there for 3 days and only had a quick meeting in the morning. I went to my meeting and left at 11AM. I took the metro to the city centre and immediately was googling for party supply stores in the area. There are a total of three I figured out quickly on my ride.

I called all of them to find out where I could get Giant Balloons and possibly some helium balloons. Lately I have been very much into helium but its not always easy to acquire. I brought extra clothes in my backpack, I like to wear wide clothes when I am looning or visit a store.

For starters to conceal my huge boner and secondly to be able to stuff balloons down my pants quickly. I called with a local store and they had everything I wanted that day, the guy on the phone was very friendly. They stocked several sizes of giant balloons and could quickly supply helium balloons on the go. I ordered 24 standard size helium balloons and two giant balloons with helium (120 cms). The guy on the phone took my order and I could sense this was a normal order for them and it was unique.

I visited a restaurant and swapped my clothes in the toilet, drank some coffee and moved on. By this time I had a raging boner from all the fantasies and fun that was going to take place. I gently rubbed it as I walked away through my pocket. I walked for about 15 mins to the store it was quite far from the city centre. As I approached I saw bundles of balloons floating outside of the store, they were mixed colours and larger than average balloons quite round with a small neck. The store had three larger windows that were stocked with misc party items such as clothes, banners and such.

My boner immediately shot to attention when I came closer and my heart started to race as always. I still always become quite nervous upon doing these things. I entered the store and was confronted with the store clerk, it was a boy that was about 23/24 years old, dark brown hair, glasses and a cute smile. He greeted me and I greeted him back. I blushed slightly and smiled nervously at him.

I browsed the store looking for balloons and quickly found the aisle in the center of the store. I felt he was looking at me the whole time while I was doing this. I took out one bag standard balloons in assorted colours, one bag of zeppelins and 10 bags of giant balloons that were 60 cms or so. Each bag had 5 balloons in it. Then I reached up and went for the real giant balloons they stocked only 120cms giant round balloons in red, pink, orange, black and blue.

I snatched 10 of them in total and was carrying quite a load in my arms when I turned and went for the counter. I dropped everything on the counter and the boy looked at it and gave me a smirk. I had black pants on that were two sizes too large for me with no underwear. My boner was sitting high and comfortable leaking pre-cum.

During the whole experience I felt an urge to get off quickly, It became unbearable even to resist my urges. When I walked in I had one hand in my pocket to stroke my penis softly. When I walked to the counter I went as close as I could and pressed my penis against the glass.

The boy started to ring up all my balloons and packed them in a plasti bag for me, We made some small talk briefly and I asked him about the helium balloons. He went to the back to fetch them he came back with the most beautiful balloons, 24 round balloons in assorted colours with white strings. These balloons were a bit larger than average, on top of that he had two giant balloons one yellow and one red. These were about 100-120 cms in diameter.

I watched in awe at him carrying them to the front, he came to me and handed me the strings in my left hand. He smiled briefly at me and I became quite shy blushing back at him. He glared at me holding this huge bundle of balloons. My boner was now killing me completely, as he ran up the total I took some of the balloons, opened my pants and stuffed them in. This was quite the sight to see and made a lot of noise.

He looked at me and went flush red, I was standing there with about 10 balloons in my pants surrounding my hard-on. I took the strings of my pants and closed it tight. He began laughing and said nothing about it, He gave me the total sum for the balloons, I walked and pressed against the counter to be able to make a payment by card. The balloons in my pants made a squeking noise as I put my weight into them. I made the payment and he ripped off the ticket. He stared at me looking interested in what I was up to. He then came around the counter and walked towards me.

I turned away from the counter and I was standing there in full glory with 10 balloons in my pants, while he walked towards me to admire me in my state. He just laughed at me while handing me the plastic bag and looked at me in disbelief. I took some more balloons and shoved them under my shirt while he was looking at me. He enjoyed the sight of me looking stupid and laughed at me while I was shoving balloons under my shirt. Like 8 balloons still floated above me and I looked like a giant blow up doll. The thought turned me on obviously embarrased as well but also super excited and my penis acknowledged that fact. It felt divine down there and I came in my pants releasing an enermous amount of cum, I moaned infront of him shooting my cum in my pants over the balloons, my penis twitched like crazy finally getting the release it needed. My face went fully red while i stared at him, he knew that I was cumming and looked at me amazed. I reached down and rubbed the balloons pushing them against my twitching cock moaning even louder now. He turned away and went for the phone. I quickly made my exit.

I looked to the side to see the mirror and I looked absolutely ridicilous. My pants and shirt both were pilling out with balloons while the two giant balloons were floating above my head. He smiled wide and shaked his head looking at me with the phone in his hand. I rushed to leave as I knew this wasnt good at all.

Out on the street were a lot of people and traffic, they glanced at me in ridicule. I quickly took an alley trying to catch my senses of what just happened. I walked for a few minutes and stopped at a opening with a gate. My penis was erect again, I took out the balloons under my shirt they bobbed in the air above me. I opened my pants and took out all the balloons, my cum went over two balloons now floating above me with stains on them. Dropped my pants on the street and went for the yellow giant balloon. I pulled it down and rubbed my penis against it in the street.

It didnt take very long for me to release another load onto it. I let it go and it floated back up, pulled my pants up tied it and walked away. I walked for about 10 mins avoiding the main streets to my hotel. I entered the hotel with my balloons and everyone was looking at me. I quickly rushed through the lobby and up the stairs to my room.

I entered my room and let go off the balloons they bounced happily against the ceiling. I got completely naked and tied all the normal balloons to my body and crotch area. I took the giant balloons and attached one to the left table and one to the right table beside my bed. I crawled in my bed satisfied and pulled the blanket over me pushing the balloons down on top of me.

After enjoying myself for a while I fell asleep and woke up in the evening, I rode the balloons till I came all over them and went for a shower. I got dressed, took one balloon and shoved it in my underwear. Put on the same pants over it, tied it and pulled my shirt down over it. I walked out of my room and went out of the hotel.

I was really enjoying myself and the balloon in my pants felt really nice walking making my penis feel really good. I went to a nearby restaurant and quickly sat down to conceal the balloon under the table, had diner and went back to the hotel to sleep.
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Old 12-11-2018, 12:24 AM
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Default Re: Storytime - By CuteBalloon84
OH MY GOD! i cannot believe you actually did this... it's insane! you're so brave. i would NEVER do such thing.

Small question, what about your dignity? aren't you bothered by the fact that you are being ridiculed? i know you're probably never going back to said country but still, there is a minimum of self respect that i can't allow myself to cross.

(unless you're into such thing, in which case i totally understand; i just prefer to keep my fetish private.)
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Old 12-11-2018, 12:28 AM
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Default Re: Storytime - By CuteBalloon84
Yeah, my fetish will always be a private thing. But I guess if you’re into that, more power to ya?

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Default Re: Storytime - By CuteBalloon84
I wonder why the guy took the phone, was he calling the police? LOL "sir, there is a man having too much fun with balloons in my shop".
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Old 18-11-2018, 08:27 PM
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Default Re: Storytime - By CuteBalloon84
Originally Posted by 815balloon View Post
Or if you don't want to be arrested. With us here this would be a reason to go do jail - depending on if someone calls the police.

You had your fun - but didn't you even think of other people? I didn't want to see you like that for sure.
Yeah, I donít know what the laws are like there as far as indecent exposure. (I know a lot of places are more lax) but still, this doesnít seem like a good thing to be doing on any level.

Of course, I have my doubts that this even happened at all.
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Old 19-11-2018, 02:15 AM
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Default Re: Storytime - By CuteBalloon84
I’m the -last- person to kink-shame, but doing this in public could get you arrested. If ridicule in public was your goal, then you seem to have accomplished that.
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Old 28-12-2018, 10:45 AM
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Default Re: Storytime - By CuteBalloon84
I don't allow myself to judge you but did it really happen?
I can understand the excitement growing but I never would do it, above all for my own dignity and I don't dare to offend other people; in our privacy we can enjoy our fetish as free as possible; flirting with someone on public and involving balloons is surely allowed, but no over the limits.
I want to live surrounded of big and colorful balloons
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Old 29-12-2018, 02:24 PM
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Default Re: Storytime - By CuteBalloon84
I am definitely not proud of it, but yes sadly it happened. I have been ridiculed, laughed at, embarrassed etc. A lot of times. But I look for these things myself a lot. I am so unresistable horny for balloons and the fetish that sadly I do crazy and stupid things.

I have stopped with this though, I could no longer bare this embarrassment and exposure. The last time I was hired to do animal and figure balloons at a party as a clown. At first it went well and didnt really think about it, somewhere around the middle of the party I started shoving several in my boxers. No one noticed but I realized at that moment I was sick and needed help somehow.

At the end of that party my whole pants were bulging with balloons and the lady that hired me noticed. All the kids were long gone at this stage. She confronted me about it, pulled my pants back to see and things went nasty sadly.

This happened in August, since then I have not done it anymore in public. I have pushed the limit lots of times but I realize it is not normal and even absolutely crazy.

I am off age now...not a young lad anymore. If I want to do these things I do it in the comfort of my own home where I do not bother anyone with it and or expose myself to the public.

It is better this way...I apologize to the people I have somehow harmed with this. Although I doubt they will ever read this.

Kind Regards,

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Old 22-10-2019, 12:14 AM
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Default Re: Storytime - By CuteBalloon84
Dude your one horny MOFO

You sound like an interesting person, who is up for adventures.

Though I would be careful doing something like this do put you at risk of being in trouble & attracting the wrong kind of attention, for people to think of you in the wrong way. This could have a serious negative impact on your, which would affect travel & the jobs you could do. You don't need that stress in your life, so you really to control yourself in public places I'm not saying this to be an arsehole, but this is unexpected behavior thus not good for you.

As for doing crazy shit in public been there, done that, got away with it many times I went through a few years of heavy partying/drinking & drugs it was a huge amount of fun I don't regret it. However it was a covering up some serious trauma that I'm going through now, I have been told I'll never fully recover so I'm looking to live my life differently now. They is always a price to be paid for anything that live at the extreme edges, however I would rather live at the extremes that suffer being average.
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