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Talking The prom part 3
Third part of my new story. In case you're wondering: part 2 is in the same thread as part one. I just figured I'd split them now because it's getting way longer than I expected it to be. Sorry if there might be any mistakes in the timeline or anything, but I absolutely don't have a plan for the story. I'm just typing as it comes to mind. I have a lot of free time this coming weekend and week I think. So I will probably do some more parts. Hope you enjoy!


We arrived at Franzi's place, unloaded the balloons and a couple of small items we bought along the day.
"Let's go into the living room, my parents are gone for the weekend. I'm just gonna get my laptop. Do you want me to get you anything to drink? I feel like having a little bit of wine."
Oh yes. A bit of wine or a beer or anything to calm my nerves would be good.
"Yeah, do you have some beer? If not wine is fine with me, too."
Franzi went to fetch her laptop and the drinks and I was left sitting in the living room with 8 tightly inflated balloons and two uninflated 17" balloons on the table in front of me. I just went on my phone and browsed through Facebook and Instagram to distract me a bit.
After a while Franzi returned with her laptop and put it down on the table and went into the kitchen to get the wine. I noticed that she changed out of her pants and sweater into some tight leggins and a top that showed quite a bit of her cleavage.
She came back with the vine, sat right next to me and turned on her laptop.
"So, what else is on our to do list? Do you wanna get right to it?"
"Sure, the sooner we start the faster we're done.", I answered.
So we went through all the other open tasks like our idea for the arrangement of the tables, which kind of drinks we would like to offer (since we're in Germany we're all allowed to drink beer and wine at 16 years old and liquor at 18 years old). There was some other stuff on our agenda too, but that was mostly just some small part of the whole night, so we went through it quite fast. While we were talking we were both drinking a bit of wine and had some snacks. We were laughing a lot and had a lot of fun planning and chatting and just enjoying each other's company.
"So that's it then. Everything done mostly. For the rest we will have to wait for the next meeting on Tuesday to see what the others think of it.", Franzi said and closed her laptop.
She sat on the couch with cross legged, the glass of wine in her hands and she took the red 14" balloon to cuddle to. The alcohol started to show some effects on me by now and I finally worked up the courage to ask what the stuff in the store was all about.
"Franzi, I have to ask you something.."
"Yeah, what is it?".
"What was all that about back in the store? You know about my fetish. You're the only person that knows. And I think I explained it to you very well, so you should have known how that would make me feel..".
"So how did it make you feel?".
"Oh come on now. You know that I like it when girls blow up balloons. And when they pop them. Especially when they're as hot as Emily or you.".
"Okay, so then it made you feel just like I wanted you to feel.", she said with a smirk on her face.
"What do you mean?", I was so confused by that. We were best friends for such a long time and SHE always made it clear that it would be like that for like forever. So where did that come from now?
"You see, I was really bored a couple of weeks ago and I somehow thought of you and your fetish. And yeah, you explained it really well, but I've never seen it in action. So I went exploring. I just googled and looked at a lot of different sites, forums and also watched a few videos. And it's weird, but watching those made me a bit horny. I decided to get some balloons and just play with them and explore this stuff. So I searched the house for balloons because I knew that we had to have some, cause you know how excessively my mom likes to decorate for birthdays and such. So I found a leftover package of I believe 12 inch balloons with happy birthday prints on them. My parents were out of town again so I took the package up into my room and.. Well just blew a few up."
"Wow. That sounds great, what did you do with them?" I realized that I was getting really horny thinking about her and balloons. I never thought about Franzi in any sexual way before. Sure she's really good looking and has a nice body, but like I said. We were just best friends.
"Well, blowing them up and just having them sit there wasn't doing much for me. Even just touching them or anything. So I remembered some blog post of one guy who wrote about "poppers" and "non poppers". So I figured that just the feeling of having a balloon around me wasn't that exciting. Maybe I needed them to pop. That's what the girls in the videos did at least. I was waring those leggings right here and I thought that sit popping was the most fun looking way. So I took the first balloon and sat on it. It was ages ago that I did pop a balloon like that I think, we usually just pop them with a pin or knife after a bit when we had a party. So I wasn't prepared how much they could resist and I had to bounce quite a bit on the balloons to pop them. But that was a lot of fun actually! And it made me horny again.. So I started to experiment a bit more in the following weeks and discovered that I liked sit pops and blow to pops the most. They're just the most exciting! And also the loudest methods."
That must have been a dream. My best friend just told me that she became a looner. Or at least fond of balloons. Because of me, kinda.
"Oh.. O.. Okay.", I gathered all my courage and asked the one question that I had in mind all the while she was talking.
"Would you maybe like to explore some more? Maybe a more experienced looner could... Show you some stuff?"
"Oh I would love that. Do you know someone?"
She was teasing again. I really liked that and I was getting even hornier than I already was.
Without warning I pinched the balloon she was holding and popped it popped with a loud BANG.
She jumped and unfortunately (or should I say luckily) Spilled some wine over her top.
"Holy shit, I didn't expect that!"
She put the glass down and looked at the stain.
"Well, I'm glad I didn't put anything more special on for you. I figured that the balloons alone would do. Guess I will have to take this off now..."
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Default Re: The prom part 3
I like the new part. Thank you.
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