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Default Bed Side Stories excerpt
Here's something unusual from me - a male/female balloon scene, told in a different voice than usual. Wanted to experiment a bit and use a more 'natural' flow of language. The whole story has three segments, but this is the loon focused one. And to get the context, the usual narrator is sick in bed and her friends take turns telling HER stories for once...
Let's jump right in, shall we?

A jaunty knock told me I was in for some more evening entertainment.
This time Kim entered, wearing her middle eastern silks. (If you haven’t guessed, we have a set each. A one-person seraglio is pretty pointless.)
“You better tonight, Cherry-darling?”
She sat down at the edge of the bed and I had to move my legs to make room.
“I have a story too, but I’m afraid it might turn you on.” Her special lady must have warned her.
“At this point it can’t make anything worse.”
“Did I ever tell you about the first time I used balloons in bed?”
“Not in detail.”
“About time then. It was back before our theatre days, so I came there prepared.”
That I did know. She had professed knowing about the fetish first-hand at the audition.
“Tell me, oh muse.”
“I will tell and amuse, I hope. I was dating this guy Rob, one of the nicest fellas I’ve met. Or fellated.”
“Setting the tone nicely, I see.” Homer she ain’t.
“You bet. We spent every night together, his place or mine. Regular relationship.”
“As opposed to this?”
“More mainstream, at least. But you know I’ve never been afraid of trying new stuff in bed and I’d either told him or just made it obvious. Same difference. So one day - must have been a Saturday, was mid-weekend - he hinted there was something he really liked but might sound weird.”
“Been there before?”
“I’d heard kinks admitted, but none so cautiously. So I was a bit, whatchoo call it…”
“Works for me. Thought it could be something real freaky. But he said it was nothing bad real quickly so I got curious. And he told me about being far from alone and that there were a lot of websites. That perked me right up because I really wanted to see examples, whatever it was.”
“Without hearing what?”
“Hey, surprises are fun. And Rob was almost too nervous to speak. Wrong time to tease. I wanted it over with so we could get back to the fun. Or on with it. So I said why don’t you show me some.
He must have picked a good example beforehand because he knew just what to bring up. It was a colorful site with plenty of pics and videos - nothing drab or sleazy.”
“So what did you think?”
“I caught on at once. It was pretty clear what it was all about - think it even said something about ‘balloon fetish’. Almost laughed though - not in a bad way, but any laugh would’ve been bad, doncha think?”
“God yes. You’d have popped his ego.”
“Good thing I didn’t, then. I just gasped and smiled and said ‘Look at all the pretty balloons! And pretty balloon babes!’ “
I smiled. Kim’s long since mastered good-natured teasing and I wondered how hard that had made her guy.
“He asked if I thought it strange and I gave a couple examples of what I’d been afraid it would be. Made balloons seem normal, I told him. Rob said he was far from alone and I glanced at the screen like ‘duh’. ‘So whaddya like about them?’ I asked. He said how shiny and bouncy they are and how exciting it is not knowing when they’re gonna pop. And watching them being blown up.”
I could make an educated guess at what my lifemate had said, and it turned out almost verbatim when she went on:
“‘I know you like it when I blow for sure.’ And so do I. Blowjobs are so fun.”
A thought escaped me. “Would love watching you suck cock.”
“I love that you like to watch. Love when you do. And get off while doing it.”
“You are gonna try turning me on, aren’t you?”
“Hey, you started. Anyhoo, appropriately enough Rob was swallowing - but out of nervosity, I suppose. He said he sure would like seeing me blow up one of those. So I asked if he had a stash or if we were going shopping.”
“You realize that attitude could kill someone with a weak heart?” I’d frequently been exposed to it myself and was happy I didn’t have one.
“It’s just how I am, boss. Take me or leave me.”
“Literally, in your case.”
She laughed. “Too true! Robbie of course had a small collection around. I picked one out and stretched it just to see how he’d react. You would have thought I was pulling on his privates from the face he made. Then I just...blew it up.”
Kim smiled, evidently at the memory.
“His eyes went so wide! I got to thinking of all the balloons I’d blown up for parties in high school and wondered if someone had been watching like that. Hoped for it. Got all warm and fuzzy inside.”
Which in Kim-speak equals hot n’ bothered. “What about him?”
“Of course I kept looking at his pants and they seemed about to burst. So I finished and tied it off and asked if he wanted to hump it right away.”
“You would.”
“Yeah”, she nodded happily, “but he said he liked watching girls play with them even more. And I said in that case I like’em big and took the largest one I could find. It was dark red, by the way. With one thing and the other we ended up back in bed and all our clothes came off and Rob was as hard as I’d ever seen him.
‘Shall I?’ I said and he just nodded and when the first breath went in I saw him grab himself. Was hard not to grin but I kept blowing as he started stroking. Don’t you just love when they jack off watching you?”
I hadn’t had that happen too often but I was with Robbie on this one. Watching Kim inflate balloons is awesome because she has such fun and looks so fine doing it - even when made near-unrecognizable for her now defunct camshows. But live ones could be had at a word - with the added bonus of her natural charms.
I imagined the scene she described, her nude body kneeling with legs spread wide on the mattress as she forced breath after breath into the huge balloon. I’ve seen her taken (and had her myself) doing just that and I bet nothing on the example site would even come close.
“I wasn’t even done when he came in his hand and all over the bed, jizzing the place up good. Even hit the balloon. Hard to miss I guess - it was a twenty-four.”
“I don’t blame him. Did you?”
“Oh hell no, made me even hornier. He was like ‘Aw shit, baby! Sorry! Couldn't help're just so goddamn hot!’ but I just grinned and finished blowing the whole thing up and tied it off. I cupped him and knew he wasn’t up for more yet. ‘It's cool. But I guess I won't be getting any fun out of this just now.’ He agreed. ‘Guess not. Any other part you want?’ I had a couple of ideas, but a new and fun one took charge. ‘Well, since you wanted us to try balloons in bed I might actually do that’, I said.”
I’d been waiting for this. I was real curious how she’d gone about it.
“I turned it upright and gave it a good lick. Hugged it. Pretended it was the biggest cock in the world and all mine to play with. Might have moaned a bit too.”
“If you didn’t you should have.”
“Pretty sure I did. And that Rob did. Then I figured out what to do. I straddled the neck and pressed my tits against the rest. It was nice and bouncy and didn’t pop and was real good between the legs. I felt I could work with that so I made myself comfy.”
I knew what that meant. “Hope he got a good view.”
“Oh, I made sure of that. And that he could join in if he felt like it. Would have been awesome between him and the loon, like one big Kim sandwich.”
“Sounds yummy. Did he take you up on it?”
“Didn’t even take me. For some reason he just whined and from the way he stroked you’d thought he was trying to start a fire. So I talked to the balloon instead: ‘I hope you won't pop before me. I kinda need to.’ Didn’t really get an answer, just a squeak or two. But it was real nice thrusting my hips against that blown-up rubber.”
I’d been thinking of my own experiences with the blonde and this was the time to hit her back.
“I love blowing ‘em up under you”, I whispered. “See you wrap your arms around ‘em and crank up the grinding, pumping and gyrating your ass, knowing you’re supported by nothing but my captured breath…”
“Now you’re turning me on”, she whined. “So bringing loons for our next date night.”
“You’re on. As long as I can have a Kim sandwich.”
I almost had to tell her to go on but she collected herself.
“Not knowing if it would burst added something, just like Rob's groans and whimpers. He was really trying to jerk some life back into his deflated dick and I wanted to help so I turned these on him.”
She demonstrated a truly smoldering glance.
“‘Like fucking a really fat dude’, I told him. Not that I ever had but I thought he’d like the comparison.”
“Did he?”
“Think so but it was pretty hard to tell. Was getting real close myself and used my fingers to finish before the balloon would give up. I remember I was sure it would pop from my full weight but didn’t care, because busy coming. But it didn’t. I asked if it was what he’d had in mind. He said it was better. Then I turned to the balloon again.”
“What did you say? ‘Was it good for you too?’”
"Nope. ‘No offense, but the bed's too small for the three of us. Sorry.’
I took a pencil from the nightstand and jabbed it hard but it was sturdier than I thought. But on the second try it exploded - the pieces went flying all over the room. I wasn’t gonna clean those up but I took a large one that had stayed and wrapped it around his shaft. He’d gotten a semi and it was nice stroking it with that rubber.”
“That’s a fave”, I said. “Knowing it’s going somewhere and helping it along.”
Kim’s eyes and smile gleamed mischievously. “Isn’t it? I told him I wanted to blow him now and took him in my mouth. And whaddya know, just like that he grew stiff and hard between my lips. Just like a balloon. But this time I blew to pop. Took a while but I didn’t mind because, you know, love to suck. Don’t think I’ve ever been so appreciated while doing it though. And hey, got myself off too.”
“What else is new?”
She paid me no mind. “Was more of a trickle than a firehose but you know the ammo capacity of those. Made no difference in reaction. And he took me out to dinner that night.”
“Very romantic.”
“If you can call Applebee’s that. But it gave me another opportunity!”
“They handed out balloons, didn’t they.”
“Why, Ms. Silvers - aren’t we being suspicious? Yeah, they did. I tried looking sexy sucking the helium out but do you know it’s kinda hard talking dirty in that voice?”
I tried keeping it in but had to snort and chortle before I could banish the scene from my mind. Then I imagined a record of chipmunk pickup lines and lost it completely. I told Kim and she too broke down.
“Yeah, more funny than sexy. But he could probably use a rest. I blew it back up like five times on the way home. When we got to bed I filled it all the way and made him hump it until his cock was at least as stiff. Kept it in my mouth all the time for effect. The balloon, that is. Thought he’d jump me and fuck my brains out but he made love to me instead, for the longest time. I came at least twice. Real sweet guy. And I was the world’s best girlfriend that night. I know because he told me so.”
There was nothing but pride and joy in her smile and it was contagious.
“Aww. But I’m not sorry it didn’t last because that’d mean no Kimmy-coo here and now.”
“Me neither. And we split as friends. Have nothing but good memories of him. My first looner. Then there was Jack, of course, but I met him through the show and he was upfront about his interest from the get-go. All the breath I wasted on blowing up balloons for him...shameful really.”
“You couldn’t know he’d turn out to be a cheating a-hole.”
“Yah, I guess. Was no shame in doing it, that’s for sure. But I still prefer doing it for Lex and you and Kriss because I know it’s forever. Speaking of that, your pillow’s going limp.”
She went up to the top of the bed and expertly pulled the plug out with her teeth. Then she blew into the valve and I felt my head lift with her breath, just like it had when Kriss did the honors.
Real soon it was perfectly cushioned, neither too soft or too firm.
“That’s fine.”
She stopped at once and stoppered the nozzle.
“Had to blow something for you.”
“You’re hopeless and I love that.”
She gave me a half pleading, half accusing look. “Sure I can’t blow you better? Lexi said she could.”
“You’re not talking about the same thing.”
“‘Course not. But I wanna try my way.”

There are balloons in the other parts too, but more incidential. Hope you liked the departure in style and content!
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Default Re: Bed Side Stories excerpt
The first experience with a kink is always so exciting. Everything is new and fresh. ^^
Makes me remember my first contact with it, although it was with an inflatable and not loons.

But it is strange how the first time is always described as being especially good. I bet most of us are romanticizing it, because how can you be good at it if you don't have any experience and don't really know what you are doing? ^^
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Default Re: Bed Side Stories excerpt
Excellent, really good
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Default Re: Bed Side Stories excerpt
Thank you!
As for first times being described as especially good it is as you say probably romanticizing combined with the intense excitement of a new experience. But as you say, it usually gets even better over time, and in this particular example it's not even close to being represented as the pinnacle of loon sex.
But because of the many fresh impressions a first time is well suited for description!

Should you want to read the whole thing it can be found at:
Skip to the last page of the first part if you want to get to the balloon stuff - it kinda starts there.

Here's the cover pic too. No blowing on it - another kinda-first!

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Default Re: Bed Side Stories excerpt
You know, I couldn't help but have some cliché oriental music playing in my head while reading that xD

What happened with the doll balloon reminded me of all the failed attempts I had when trying to take a loon into bed for cuddles at night...
Lost some pretty neat ones that way, luckily our inflatables don't suffer the same fate. ^^
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Default Re: Bed Side Stories excerpt
Hey sorry but, i cant read your stories, the web is down. Could you look at it please?
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Default Re: Bed Side Stories excerpt
Yep, the domain I was loaned/gifted expired and I haven't located a suitable replacement yet. (Most free alternatives have restrictions on x-rated content.)
Any suggestions? I could of course upload to a storage site, which would suffice as a temporary solution.
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Default Re: Bed Side Stories excerpt
Some people in other forums, upload their stories to google drive, then share the folder's link or the individual links to the archives. Google drive also lets you read online without need to download the archive.What do you think?

EDit:You could also use Dropbox, the people from MSF-EMPORIUM in DeviantArt use it to upload their artbooks and comics.

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