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Default Party Store Girlfriend (Part 4)

DAY 3: After two days of exposure to Jen’s incredible oral sex skills, and devious imagination, I told Jen she didn’t have to do any more. She had more than repaid her bet. She looked at me incredulously, and told me she lost fair and square, and that I would receive my full seven day reward. She told me she loves being creative, and loves pleasing (and teasing) me. I told her I loved her, and her incredible attitude. Then, she flashed her devious smile, and told me, “Besides you’re not going to believe what I have in store for you today.” I kissed her, and left for work, shaking my head, believing this girl was way too good to be true.

My cell phone was silent all day long, no teasing text messages. I got home, and Jen was dressed modestly in a blouse and skirt, cooking our supper. What a change from the last two days. We had supper at the dinner table like we were the All American couple. After supper, I looked at her, and said, “So you have something crazy planned for me tonight.” She said, “Uh-huh,” as she cleared the supper dishes off the table. I wasn’t sure what was up, as she was playing her role of the All-American housewife. She asked if I would do the dishes, while she got things ready. She casually mentioned to stay out of the bedroom, till she invited me in.

I finished the dishes, and sat in my recliner for a few minutes. Jen casually yelled for me to use the bathroom, and then report to her in the bedroom. The “use the bathroom” is our code for, you’re getting tied up, and you’re not going anywhere for awhile. I did my business and thoroughly cleaned myself up for her. After all her face was gonna be buried in my crotch for an hour. I walked into the bedroom, and was greeted by Jen wearing a black and white striped sports bra that her boobs were absolutely busting out of, and black yoga pants, with clear patches which show off her calves. The yoga pants hugged every curve of her lower body. My mouth fell open! I’m not much of a lingerie guy, but Jen looked like a cross between an aerobics instructor and a dominatrix. She smiled a shy smile at me, and said, “You like?” I told her I loved how she looked in that outfit.

Jen’s outfit completely distracted me from what was on the bed. She told me she “borrowed” it from a local BDSM club. For lack of a better word, it was an inflatable sleepsack. We had seen one of these before while watching porn together. She told me she remembered how hard my cock got watching that scene. She told me she spent the afternoon at a local dungeon learning the ins and outs of the sleepsack. I also noticed the air compressor in the corner of the bedroom with various hoses coming out of it. She suddenly got a stern look on her face, and said, “Climb in.” I shimmied my way into the sack which held my feet and legs together. She attached a collar around my neck which ensures there was at least a 1-inch gap between the collar and my neck (not a choking hazard). It had internal sleeves, and she told me to put my arms in. Once I did, she turned on the compressor, and the internal sleeves inflated holding my arms in place. I was already helpless. She reached through a hole at the crotch level, and pulled my cock and balls out. She also slid a vibrator in between my ass cheeks just to keep things interesting. She zipped up the zipper. She smiled at me, as she secured a padlock from the zipper tab to the collar. She showed me the key all the way out of the bedroom door, as she placed it elsewhere in the apartment.

She asked me if I was ready, and I told her to go for it. She turned the compressor on, and my inflatable prison began inflating. My arms in the inflated internal sleeve were already completely useless. She turned off the compressor, and asked if I were comfy. I told her I loved her. She returned my sentiment, and began securing my inflatable cocoon to the corners of the bed. As she loves to do, she told me to struggle. I was extremely comfortable, but couldn’t move a muscle. I wasn’t blindfolded, so I could see what she was up to. She then began a lecture that she agreed to provide one hour of oral daily for a week, but it said nothing about me also providing oral for her. I knew exactly where this was heading. I told her, I would love to please her, as best I could given my situation. I didn’t even get the last words out when she lowered her pussy over my face. I stuck my tongue out to do what I could to please her. I heard the familiar sound of Jen setting her phone for one hour. For the next hour I was completely helpless in a 69 position.
She Ooooohed and Aaaaaahed as I did my best to please her. She was doing a lot of teasing, and built me up to one huge orgasm, that left me bucking as best I could in the sleepsack. When the hour was up, my face, goatee, and moustache were covered with her juices. She took a pic of my face after an hour for our “personal” collection. She then climbed on top of me, and told me she’d never made love to the Michelin Man before. I laughed. She started rubbing her pussy on my cock. She cupped her boobs while sitting on top of me. My cock was stirring, and as soon as it was ready, she lowered her pussy onto my cock. She smiled at me while she rode me slowly, on top of the sleepsack. I had no choice in the matter, so I went along for the ride. She loves riding me cowgirl, cause she can control the action, and it’s not a position I cum easily in. She took me on this long, slow ride, and teased me, telling me there was nothing I could do to stop her. I agreed, and just lay there enjoying her ride. After her 4th orgasm, she asked if I was OK. I was getting close. She stopped, and flashed me a devious smile. I asked her to please not stop. She responded, ”ooooooooh, you’re greedy!” She continued her ride even slower than before. All I could do was lay there with my mouth open. Every time I was close, she stopped momentarily, or slowed down. Her pussy was literally milking me. She smirked at me, and told me she could ride like this all night. From inside her sports bra, she pulled out a 16-inch balloon. She told me when the balloon popped, I would be allowed to cum. She put it in her mouth and started inflating it (no hands) while she rode me ever so slowly.

Have you ever been in a situation where you were completely helpless, told to do something, want to do it, but have no power to do what you’ve been told? That was exactly where I was…………………….

MORE FEEDBACK!! It's always welcome.
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Default Re: Party Store Girlfriend (Part 4)
Very good story and very well written.
I must admit i like your other ones better because i only love balloons.
This inflatable bag is less my thing ,but that is just my personal interest
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Default Re: Party Store Girlfriend (Part 4)
Excellent story!
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