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Challenged myself to see what I could write in a day, and here we are, I wrote it in about 2 hours.
As she heard the familiar sound of the keys turning the lock to open the front door, she just barely managed to contain her excitement.
Before she had time to react she noticed she was already mid pounce towards him as he barely even managed to set his keys down.
He caught her in his arms and thus started a minute long power struggle, consisting of both of them frantically kissing, caressing and nuzzling each other wherever they could reach.
With a growl, she reversed positions, ending up on top of him. Selecting a spot on his neck she bit down hard, barely even releasing a 10th of the heat they had been sending each other all day.
Taking his opportunity he reversed their positions. He yanked her into his arms hard and kissed her full on the lips as she registered the last half a second.
Panting and out of breath they both lay there on the carpeted entryway, suddenly realizing the curtains to the living room window were ajar enough for passers by to see the activity going on inside the house.
"You've got too much on," She breathed into his ear, sending chills down his spine. They both stood up as one and stripped each other. Within half a minute both sets of clothing lay in a pile next to the door.
He had just started staring at her gorgeous curves at which point she tackled him hard onto the floor, feeling his rock hard member shoot right between her thighs.
She sat up and grabbed hold of him, lining him up to her waiting canal. She rubbed the tip of it down her lips and between her thighs, rocking back and forth slightly.
She leaned back down over him and started kissing hard, feeling her wetness increasing and him hardening soon after.
Without warning he did it again, reversing their positions and ending up on top. Pinned by two strong arms and at least 80 pounds of weight she was trapped.
As much as she tried to free herself it was of no use. Fully secured, he smiled down as he felt his penis just below her vagina.
He reached down between them to guide himself into her. With a quick shove of his hips he was completely inside her.
Her breathing lit up the room as he sped up to his maximum speed and pinned her down hard, feeling her body shaking with every thrust. He knew that reaching down to grip her hips was a risky decision but he did it anyway.
He knew that if he didn't slow down and make her wait his load out it would be a bit of a disappointment. Suddenly getting an idea he stood up, picking her up with him and still fully inside her. Her legs wrapped around his naked waste as he walked, setting her down first on the kitchen counter and giving her a few thrusts and a few kisses to go along with it. The next stop was on the couch, where he added spanks that reverberated off the walls. She looked about two seconds from cumming at which point he lifted her up and carried her to their play room.
In here, although there was a four-poster bed, there was also all sorts of gear, from restraints to duel action straps to a recently inflated 44 inch balloon waiting for them.
In seeing it and knowing fully well he was about to place her onto it, she lit up and let out a little squeal. Instructing her to bend her knees and him doing the same they both rolled over onto the balloon with him on top with relative ease, low, loud squeaks of latex on skin filling the room as they did. It was here that he would finish inside her, speeding up to his maximum given the unstable support below them.
The sensations of him penetrating deep and hard weren't new to her, although the way the balloon forced her hips open allowing him deeper than she had ever taken him was. Even on the up strokes she was still being penetrated deep. Being thrown into a whirlwind of pleasure, she lasted maybe two minutes before her toes curled in and her vagina clamped down on him hard, her panting lighting up the room, the balloon's squeaks accompanying her.
He worked her through at least five more orgasms in much the same way, enjoying everything from her cute little kisses, to the rhythmical squeaking of the balloon under them to the way his rod felt pulsing hard inside her. At about the sixth orgasm he could take no more and he shot his load deep inside her. She felt his hot cum as she was hit by her orgasm, adding to her state of arousal.
At about the same time too, the balloon could also take no more. The boom as it popped underneath them seemed to thunder around time and space itself. She figured it was a possibility and was prepared to catch them both, more or less breaking there fall to a controlled thud onto the carpeted floor below as her orgasm continued assaulting her.
His head resting on her shoulder, still somehow inside her, he rocked gently back and forth as her orgasm wore off. She smiled sweetly at him, before kissing him one last time, passionately.
As they headed off towards the shower, he picked a latex shard off her back, showing it to her. For weeks they would find tiny remains of that balloon on the floor.
As luck would have it, she would give birth to a baby girl about 9 months later. The two of them would be his greatest accomplishment and what he would believe in for years to come.
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