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Default forcing her to pop (a story based on a real dream I had)
I'm basing this on a lucid dream I had the other day. Its pretty much exactly what happened with a few tweaks here and there to make it better to read and more consistent (dreams, even lucid, can be quite random and unstable) this is NSFW and gets pretty intense so be warned. I'd never do this in real life, but in dreams I'm not harming anyone.

After realising I'm dreaming, I go into a house, wanting to pop some balloons with someone as its been a while. I see a pretty girl eating at a table and approach her, asking if she wants to play. She says she will after she's eaten. I know I'm on the clock and won't be dreaming forever, so don't want to waste time. I grab her wrist and drag her upstairs and into her room. I open her drawer, and expect there to be balloons inside. There's a couple of loose balloons, so i take one and hand it to her. She knows what I want. She nervous begins blowing as I watch, growing horny. When it's full she says she's scared and refuses to blow anymore. I push her onto the bed and hold the balloon against her lips, shaking her roughly until she blows. The balloon touches my face and I get nervous. I quickly remind myself its a dream and won't be that bad. I start humping her until the balloon explodes. I quickly grab another and make her blow. She begins to cry when she realises I'm going to make her pop it. I grind harder against her and suddenly climax.
I still make her finish off the balloon, simply curious as to how big it'll go now. It pops in a few more breaths. I kiss her, wondering if I can cum again. As soon as I press myself into her, it feels good. We kiss hard until I climax once more.
I quickly realise I can keep going with no cool down. I grab another balloon and blow it up in front of her. Then I shove it in her lap and begin bouncing. When it bursts, she climbs on top of me and wraps her legs around me. She begins moaning and I can't move. I struggle to get away but can't. The pressure eventually makes me cum again. When she's finished, she gets off me and thanks me for playing.
She makes a move to leave but I'm not done yet. I make her blow a balloon until it bursts in my pants. It gets tight and I suddenly begin cumming over and over. Everything goes dark but I can still feel the balloon and hear the girl panting into the balloon. Suddenly there's a loud bang and I wake up, covered in sweat and rock hard. Somehow I hadn't made a mess in my pants, although I almost did when filling in my dream diary.
How big will it go? Only one way to find out...
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Default Re: forcing her to pop (a story based on a real dream I had)
lovely story WildHeart, and a great suggestion for lucid dreaming
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Default Re: forcing her to pop (a story based on a real dream I had)
Great story, I wish I would have lucid dreams...that would be real exciting ��
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