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Post across the sand
So originally this was going to be posted in one post, but as I added onto it I realized the forum software wouldn't quite like it. I'll be publishing a chapter every couple days or so. Here's the first two chapters to get things moving. I hope you enjoy!
Across the Sand
By sonarloon
Chapter 1
As the early morning sunlight peaked through the window and dimly illuminated the room there was a movement from underneath the bedsheets. Katie opened her eyes and stretched for a long time and sighed, an early morning routine she always performed. It was always one of several ways to start a day out right.
For several minutes she lay there, not really moving, still with her eyes open, thinking and debating about what to do today until she got out of bed, folding the blanket and neatly making up the bed, her mind made up, starting off with her usual morning activities.
First she stretched this way and that for a while, waking up her muscles and preparing herself physically. Then came the 5 minute hair brushing. Then came the solid 2 minute toothbrush. As she put down the toothbrush Katie looked out the tiny bathroom window at the already bright sunlight and the world outside. "Today's a great day for beach sand between my toes" Katie thought half to herself and headed for the shower. The ice cold water that greeted her at first wasn't enough to spoil her mood but it did help get her fully awakened.
As the water took two centuries to warm up to her preferred temp she backed away into the furthest corner possible, returning under the showerhead when it was decent enough for the task. First she started off by washing her hair and proceeded to her face, continuing further down to her throat. A few seconds later part of her hand met, lightly, her left breast. She noticed a very light tingling even despite the warm water raining down upon her soft young skin.
Katie decided then and there that a few more minutes in the shower wouldn't hurt so she stood up a little straighter and prepared herself for complete and total bliss. She took both already stiff nipples between her thumbs and index fingers and gave a light squeeze. It felt good but still wasn't quite good enough for her purpose. Letting go she took both breasts in her hands and squeezed, allowing her left hand to find it's way to it's destination. She spread her legs apart to ease the first finger in. Another soon joined it. Followed by a third and tentatively a fourth as she stroked herself. She fondled herself in all the right ways she loved while stroking herself, making perfect rhythm everywhere it really mattered most. She blew lightly onto her breasts, unable to suck her own nipples. As her breath registered on her breasts it felt like a million volts of electricity coursing through her upright body. She found and massaged her clit rhythmically, causing her moans to increase in pitch slightly. She caught her breath, staring at the slight steam filled shower.
She could feel it. About 20 minutes of stroking and pleasing herself later and she still hadn't cum. She could usually cum twice within the time she was devoting to herself this morning but today was different. The pressure inside her was almost explosive. It began with her panting, leading down to her aching breasts, spiraling down to her privates. Her thighs were quivering and she nearly lost her balance several times. She knew when her vision began to blur that it was almost time but she wasn't even there yet. She backed up, tried the showerhead method but only brought her very slightly closer, still not a bang quite yet. Her last resort was to face the wall, allow two fingers deep inside and humped the wall and her hand for what seemed like not more than a decade, although in reality it wasn't more than 5 minutes and she eventually came to a halt. "This isn't working" Katie half exclaimed as she shut off the water and stepped out of the shower, only slightly lightheaded and almost bumping a corner. She sighed to herself in frustration and dried herself off, then set out to pick out some clothing.
Before Katie went into her closet she took one more glance out the window to gage the weather and her mind was set. Because Katie didn't quite get the explosive orgasm she was trying for, she wanted to tease hell out of as many people as possible. She selected and put on a black tight dress that hugged and showed her toned body off just right, ending just short of her kneecaps. The rest was easy enough for her mind to decide almost on instinct and without question. She pulled down her carry bag and packed the essentials sunscreen, extra clothing, a beach towel, an on the go phone charger, her small handbag and extra footwear.
She prepared herself for the day ahead and put several "One more thing" in her handbag as she did. It was about 9 AM when she was finally at her front door and locking it. Her phone made a sound that she knew belonged to her security system. She turned to face the nearest camera and flashed it her brightest smile she could manage. "Hi babe," She whispered smiling a little brighter still. Katie knew that she would come back to view the footage later and half wondered what her own reaction would be.
Chapter 2
Turning away from the camera and towards her red painted 2015 Subaru WRX she fished the keyfob from her bag and climbed inside, shutting the door and fastening her seat belt. Although she loved playing with and teasing men, playing with death didn't really suit her. She was always safe after one car accident, minor as it was.
As it always happened, the car started right up with no problems and Katie was well on her way to start off her Saturday. "So hungry," Katie whispered to no one in particular. "Just like the men will be for me when I'm done..."
Indeed. Albeit very loyal to those who deserve her love, Katie is quite a tease when she wants to be, which is usually most days out of the year.
Katie parked her car at a mom n pop diner which she knew served amazing breakfast. Another way to help get her day moving in the right direction after her attempts in the shower didn't succeed. The intense stairs and whistles as she exited her car were of no surprise to her. After all, that was her agenda for the entirety of today. She smiled and walked into the restaurant.
The place was quite busy and she knew she'd be waiting a while. Still, that didn't stop her from helping an old man in a wheelchair by holding the door open for him as he passed, thanking her with a smile. She held it open for a young woman and her two children, finally allowing it to close with a prolonged squeak and a thud when they were inside. Katie was signaled to a waiting table and she seated herself down onto the comfortable booth.
The woman tending to her did a double take when she saw Katie without distraction. The waitress found it hard to speak. "Whah what are yuh you hav ving to drink?"
"Hmm. How about sweet tea please" Katie smiled bright as the waitress nodded and walked away, smiling herself. When she was gone, Katie took the time to look over the small-ish menu. The place didn't have a lot of options to choose from by most people's standards, but what they did offer Katie absolutely loved. And so did 100 other people, judging by how full the place was. She noticed a couple changes here and there since her last visit, not overly many this place was family owned and run, after all. New for today's visit was some great looking country fried steak and eggs and she was set, placing and folding the menu on the table in front of her.
A pretty young redhead stopped dead in her tracks, waving a friendly hello when she regained her senses. Katie recognized her as a high-school friend and she smiled, standing up to give her a brief embrace. They spoke for a few minutes, catching up on each other's lives.
Katie noted a baby-bump and the girl smiled wide. This was her first child, though raising one wasn't an unfamiliar concept she helped run a daycare with her parents. They eventually found the subject of there respective relationship statuses and Katie squeed at her friend having found the one. Because of her insecurities the girl was sure of herself she'd never find a guy that would stick around to see the end of time with her.
When Caitlyn finally arrived at her story of her abusive cheating husband the girl about lost it. It was 45 seconds later when she finally regained her train of thought. A tear ran down her face as she placed an arm around Katie. Katie responded in kind and smiled, signaling that all was well in the end. She paid special attention to highlight her comeback to the world and the girl nearly jumped for joy. The girl had to go, though not before giving Katie her social media handle and what'sapp ID. She seated herself as the girl turned and waved a final goodbye.
"Damn it Caitlyn, girl" A middle aged man said from behind a booth, carrying a single cup for her and setting it down gently onto the table in front of her. "Every time I see you, you always look. I can't even find the" He stammered over his w for a second, "word to describe you."
"Aw, Tommy. No need" She smiled up at him as there eyes met. Mr. Thomas Garwood was her favourite, not because how much her teasing worked, but because of his upbringing and his struggles with life. Although considerably older, he always turned to her for life advice that burned deep for both. Both were born to abusive fathers, had been divorced, him twice, and above all, both loved being creative. It was there way of destressing the world away, even if only for 10 minutes.
They had originally met at a free for all concert hall, where many people gathered to have jam sessions, some from around the world. Katie was only 17 at the time, even still she didn't have any clue how valuable this man would become to her, years later. As she played her sax and Thomas his piano they began to realise how similar and in-tune they were with each other, picking up bits and queues from each other. Others joined in, but Katie and Tommy hardly cared or could barely hear them. What seemed like only 30 seconds later they both stopped playing to look at each other for real for the first time.
"That was simply amazing," Thomas thought half to himself.
"Far better than symphonic and that's tough to beat," Katie replied.
They both smiled with glowing eyes and shook hands, then started off anew. Ever since then it became customary for Katie and Tommy to head down to the old concert hall and destress themselves and tune out there realities for a while.
They weren't boyfriend girlfriend material, though they always had each other. This is just where the great big wheel of life landed for the both of them. Thomas had recently moved into town after his last divorce to give his now ex wife the house she clearly didn't deserve. Although Caitlyn didn't know the full extent of what transpired, she did know a third man was involved, neither did she pressure him to tell the story.
"The usual?" Thomas asked, regaining his composure. Katie informed him she'd be changing it up from her usual Tuna club sandwich with 3 extra scoops of tuna and a helping of crackers, to the new offering in the menu. Tommy walked away to fill in her order. As he was checking on other patrons a few minutes later, he finally stopped at Katie's booth and took a seat across from her. She put her phone away as he made himself comfortable.
"I seldom see you looking this amazing. I mean you always look amazing but today you look. Different" He wondered, not sure how to word himself. Caitlyn smiled and laughed softly to herself.
"Just gonna take a walk on the beach. Get some fresh air, maybe tan, more than likely jump in, not sure. Been a while since I've done that." Tommy's face hinted at envy when she said beach. True, he was a die-hard musician but his true hobby was drift boat-fishing. If he wasn't working mornings in the restaurant he was usually somewhere on a boat or somewhere playing music, sometimes even both.
"Been a while since I's been out on the boat. Wish I could change that but these damn legal fees" He stopped suddenly, looking down and continued half to himself "Won't pay themselves."
Katie instantly regretted her choice of words and wasn't sure what to do, almost feeling heartbroken. She quickly got up and hugged Tommy tightly in her arms. He smiled at her as there eyes met and she ran her finger along the back of his head. They sat back down a few seconds later, though Tommy was needed by other patrons. He rose to tend to them and was gone. Just then her phone beeped from within her handbag. She reached for it and realised it was a text message as she unlocked it.
She had two missed texts, the most recent being a video sent to her by the world's most hilarious uncle known to mankind that had her laughing loud enough the entire state could hear her. Even nearby tables kept staring as she laughed. She allowed a few people to see the video and they too, couldn't contain themselves. It's popularity soon exploded the moment the stranger received it on her own mobile. Entire rooms of people gathered to see the video and soon the restaurant was full of joy and laughter. She was too weak to type a response so she just filmed her and the closest group laughing and talking happily sending it as a reply.
What a way to start a day off, indeed.
The second one was a message from her brother and was more interesting a potential addon that could work perfectly with her Subaru. She played the video. It turned out to be an exhaust addon that sounded rather impressive. It definitely wasn't mustang material but it was extremely unique in it's own way, perhaps even slightly better suited for her. "I waaaaant" Came the reply.
Several minutes later her food was ready to eat country fried steak and eggs, some amazing home fries and just because, an English muffin. She took the first bite and savored it a while, even though there was still plenty more to eat. She couldn't quite decide which was the best and eventually just decided all of it. She finished her main course and resumed her progress on the muffin and home fries. Within a few minutes everything was gone and all that remained was the empty plate and her mostly empty cup.
A very contented-looking Katie greeted the cashier at the front of the diner. She paid the tab and left, not before waving goodbye to Tommy. The intense stairs and dropped jaws were again no surprise to her as she exited the restaurant and entered her car, starting it up to begin her driving.
The sunroof was opened and so were the windows as Katie slipped the car into first gear. She could hardly wait. She did know she'd walk lazily, almost tauntingly down the beach, feeling the hot soft sand on her bare feet, she just didn't know quite what else she would do to gain even more attention. A few minutes of steady driving and a near orgasm later the car was parked at her destination and she shut off the engine. Katie unfastened her seatbelt and grabbed her carry bag, looking for something. The thing she was looking for was located and Katie climbed out of the car, closing and locking the car and placing the keyfob in the carry bag. When she was in full view there were even more stunned people around. She smiled and started walking to the seashore.
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Default Re: across the sand
You write well, man. But, will there be balloons and or inflatables?
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Smile Re: across the sand
I believe you will be very pleasantly surprised
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Default Re: across the sand
Here's another chapter. Enjoy!
Chapter 3
Katie walked about on the soft sand a little longer than was necessary but couldn't decide if she was doing this because there were few vacant areas left, or if she enjoyed the attention she was receiving. She found a decent area not too far from the bathrooms and set down her bag. In the distance she could make out the distinct shapes of large luxury and charter boats bobbing and moving along in the water, churning up water in there wake. The back of a fisherman was turned to her on the shoreline about 10 paces from the water. He looked to be fighting some large beast but it remained yet to be seen by Katie. There was quite a curious crowd gathered around him, cheering him on as well as a group of what Katie knew were seasoned fisherman giving him on-the-fly ideas to subdue the capture at the end of his line into submission before it broke free.
Her thoughts turned to the time she and Thomas went for a mini-getaway on his small boat. Although uneventful for the most part, that was also the day he had fulfilled a lifelong dream. Katie looked out at the blue water, enjoying the quiet and Tommy's company when all the sudden there was the sound of his line and bate being pulled away. He immediately stood up and got into a better position and started reeling, trying to get a feel for what he had at the end of his line. He adjusted the drag as the creature started to really put up a fight for it's life.
"This feels heavy, very heavy" He grunted, trying to respond back to it's efforts. He let the animal win that particular bout of tug of war, but soon he was back in control. He reeled for a while, desperate to see what he was fighting with. Tommy was still semi-new to fishing but he was aware, that for best capture the best thing to do is let the animal run and flop around. It only worked when there wasn't a rocky bottom it can swim to, though. "It's diving" He said, trying his best to keep up with the creature.
The war between fish and human continued like this for another 5 minutes until Tommy finally had it within sight. "A kingfish!" He exclaimed. Katie knew it, and she grabbed his phone to take a picture of it. She opted for a video instead and started filming the battle's end. When it was close to the boat Tommy lifted the enormous kingfish out of the water, hitting it hard enough to stun it for a look. "This thing is amazing," Tommy managed, panting just a little bit, holding the 44 inch sea-creature carefully. "I'm super glad you came along Katie girl" Tommy confessed as the creature began to squirm. Thomas released the hook and gingerly prepared to release it back into the ocean. "Thanks for the memory, buddy" He told it, gently placing it into the water. The creature instantly sprang to life and was gone the moment Thomas let go of it.
As the sound of a distant foghorn rang out bringing her back to the present, she turned back to her bag and unzipped it, produced and unfolded her beach towel, laying it neatly across the sand. She applied sunscreen as the people around her watched. The thing she was looking for was then produced and the bag closed, setting it on her beach towel. She turned to face the water and, after stretching, posing and swaying this way and that, began walking slowly, deliberately so.
She uncupped her left hand, holding something between her thumb and index finger. Some people saw it and nervously backed away a little, others gathered with curious interest. She just smiled and brought it closer to her face, breathing in the sweet pleasant aroma of fresh latex, knowing only to herself of what was to come. She rocked and gyrated her hips as she put it to her lips and blew the first breath into the soon to be beautiful red 36 inch balloon, taking in even more of the smell of the latex and the salty air. She continued her seductive walk while many people watched with various states of mind. In the back of her mind she kept wondering how many other things she could inflate without even touching them. As the balloon began to expand she adjusted her grip on the semi-flat neck. At this rate the balloon was still very uninflated and she knew she still had a long way to go, not that she couldn't inflate this thing on her own. Her next breath came in time with the next wave crashing and filled it rather impressively, feeling the latex expanding in front of her.
Her next big inhale came when silence, disturbed only by the seagulls and general murmur of people, dominated her ears. She took a breath large enough to cause the fabric of her dress to creek, feeling it starting to squeeze her body more in return. She slowed down her inhale when she saw the large ripples in the water as the next wave began to crash against the shoreline. Woomf came the wave and her exhale, almost matching the wave's violence. Once again she held it out long enough to last until the ocean went quiet, quiet only disturbed by the sounds of a distant seagull and a passing boat. The balloon was about the size of a small beachball and the latex was still very squishy as she placed her hand on it. The squeaking rubber caused a passerby to stop in her tracks. She turned around to meet Katie dead in the eye. They both smiled and the stranger joined her, if for no other reason to see how big the balloon would get.
Crash came the next wave, woosh came Katie's breath filling the balloon with even more of her breath as the sun shined bright down upon both girls and the balloon. The stranger smiled up at Katie with curious eyes. "How big does that get?"
Katie released the rest of her breath into the balloon that was still inside her, twisted the neck and released it from her mouth. Katie knew the exact answer to that question, but she always enjoyed a bit of mystery and fun. "I have no idea. Want to find out?"
The stranger grew only slightly nervous as she untwisted and put the balloon's neck back up to her lips only losing a soft puff of air and began to blow into the balloon. Katie swayed her hips a little with each step causing the balloon to sway in turn, drawing even more attention to herself. Again she couldn't quite decide if it was the attention that she loved, or if it was the way the soft fabric of her dress felt against her body, most notably at her thighs. "Could you like. Give me a rough estimate?" Came the stranger's nerve filled reply. Katie shrugged her shoulders. Part of her was really loving this game she was playing with this innocent stranger, smiling up at her and drawing in her next breath big enough to almost cause her right breast to come free of her bra, another part was thinking of being honest with her. Not able to make up her mind she blew forcefully into the balloon, the wooshing sound causing more of a disturbance to the near silence. Katie only very slightly shivered with the effort, filling the balloon another 3 inches or so when her breath finally ran out. The stranger was transfixed on her and the balloon. She couldn't, didn't dare look away now she had to find out how big this already enormous balloon got, already it was about 24 inches.
Katie loved the way latex felt against her body. She couldn't deny that fact as she reached both arms around the other side of the balloon, trusting her lip grip to not fail her, producing latex squeaks all the while. The girl following her blushed bright red and tried to cover her face but Katie batted her hand away, placing it on the balloon. Katie quickly reached her hand to her lips and removed the neck, twisting it off to give her time to whisper "This feels amazing, right?" To the stranger as she pushed the balloon into her. Both girl's cleavage could be seen through the balloon, there breasts pressed flat into the shiny red latex. This only earned a nod from the stranger as Katie continued walking, replacing the neck to her mouth, coming to an abrupt halt and removing it.
She turned to face the girl and handed her the balloon, wordlessly so. She very carefully took the neck, taking in it's scent and blushing even brighter than Katie thought possible, quickly placing the neck in her mouth and blowing hard. Katie had this slight and exciting suspicion about the girl inflating the balloon but it could also just be pure nerves. She drew in her next breath and the girl relaxed, releasing it into the balloon as they both walked together. Katie ran a finger along the balloon as the girl drew in another breath and Katie thought she could see the hairs on her arms and her neck rising. This didn't take Katie by surprise as she continued following the girl blowing up the balloon. By this point she couldn't really see much of her, hidden behind the shiny latex of the balloon rapidly expanding in front of them both. All she could see was her long blue dyed hair, the slight breeze causing it to hide some of her face and come in contact with the balloon here and there. The girl stopped suddenly, releasing the neck and handing it back to Caitlyn. She was disappointed but didn't want the other girl to see it so she just accepted the offered balloon causing it to make hollow squeaks as she put it back to her lips, blowing in a few breaths and savoring the other girl's taste.
By this point it appeared the people were either dead or really fixed on both girls. Very little could be heard apart from the ocean waves as they blew up this giant air filled balloon. Katie believed she sensed why the girl stopped as the balloon was already at rated size but the pressure told her she could continue. The girl slowed down but Katie hardly noticed. She put both arms flat against the balloon and squeezed very hard, causing deep latex squeaks and pronouncing her cleavage even more. A young guy that Katie guessed was in his early 20s whimpered and she juuust had to wink at him, causing him to scramble a little quicker than he really should have. She got extremely suggestive with it, vaguely resembling a hump. Big mistake. There was that feeling again, almost like she had never really escaped the shower. But this time she noticed something a little different as the girl ran up from behind her, plucked the neck from her mouth and stood there, holding it tight to contain the air trapped inside.
Katie stood there panting quietly, not from exhaustion far from it. There was a need built up inside her that hadn't been met all morning, right here, for everyone to see. And so Katie knew exactly what to do to fulfill it. She took the mouthpiece back into her mouth, blowing gently. The girl squirmed, whimpering "Please don't pop that? It's going to be very loud." Katie hardly heard the girl as she continued walking, swaying and gyrating her body, aiding her in her quest. The girl ran off in what could be described as utter terror as the one inflating it blew a giant breath of air into it causing a deep creek.
As the slight pressure change registered so did the one inside Katie. She humped it, causing several people to scramble off. As one guy got out a phone she turned around and walked in the other direction. Even though you couldn't see most of her through the balloon Katie didn't want people to film her wild escapades. She increased both her inflation and walking pace as she blew up the balloon. Her legs were shaky, and she was beginning to see stars dancing in her vision. She could feel her fluids dripping down her thighs and she knew that when her breath was shaky and her fingers were trembling, this would be all over. The pressure was beginning to become too much to handle as she put one last breath into the...
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Default Re: across the sand
Great stuff!
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Default Re: across the sand
Chapter 4
Katie came too on a beach towel. Panic spread over her at first as her mind raced, trying to remember where she was. The sounds of the ocean were the first thing she registered. She lay there, in complete and total bliss as another wave crashed and a flock of seagulls cried out. She opened her eyes to a contented crowd gathering all around her. The girl she was with was also there, smiling herself. She stood up as people cheered. The beach towel she recognized as her own and she sighed with relief. The stranger ran right over to her and wrapped her up tight, lifting Katie off her feet, kissing her on the cheek. Katie responded in kind by squeezing the taller girl tight.
"Your my hero," The girl whispered through the still cheering crowd. "Truth is I didn't even know how big that was going to get. But when I saw you pushing it I knew it was going to be loud." Katie smiled brightly as the girl set her down.
"I've always been afraid of loud noises and. Em..." The girl stopped.
"Balloons?" Katie continued.
"Y yes b" She stopped again.
"It's ok girl" Katie whispered in her ear. "Could I maybe try to help you out with that?" The girl shivered in Katie's arms. That alone was a silent promise of more balloon play.
"I don't really know," The girl stuttered and blushed bright. "I mean you. Put on one hell of a, show. If um, you know what um, I mean."
Katie smiled, listening to her newfound friend describing the events that took place. They both eventually sat down on her large beach towel.
"And so when you rocked your hip into it, I figured I'd stop you before things went south. So that's why I quickly ran up behind you to take the balloon from you." Katie sensed there was something else but let the girl continue.
"You stopped for like a second and went back at it again. You sent several guys diving for cover when you full on humped it" she laughed. "Then some dude tried to get out his phone and record you. I think you noticed him because you started walking faster. He tried to keep his camera trained but I kept him distracted, eventually he just gave up and left. Right as he turned around and started walking is when I heard the biggest boom of my life. The balloon broke apart in so many tiny tiny pieces it practically made a blanket for you for just a split second before it all fell to the ground. And so that's where you, sort of staggered and fell to your knees."
"I did?" Katie wasn't sure if she was amused or horrified at this point.
"Yeah. You were about to fall fully onto the ground but I caught you." She leaned in to whisper "I don't think the balloon was the only thing that went boom" And promptly blushed.
"So you carried me here?" Katie was really curious to know how she ended up back here.
"Something like that yeah. I saw you settle in when you first got here so I knew right about where you were. There were soooo many people following me, asking me questions about you. You were out for a bit, I'd say, um, 2 minutes?"
Katie was blushing down to her roots, and struggled to keep it hidden. This was not the beach trip she was expecting, and she did not come prepared to give several dozen people adult entertainment. She wasn't even aware she had it in her!
Finally not being able to withstand her own personal humiliation any more she broke out in to nervous giggles and turned away for a few seconds, regaining her composure with a semi-satisfied sigh.
"I should probably be going now, or else I'll probably end up getting into more trouble" She winked and started to get up.
She was momentarily distracted when bystanders bombarded her with questions, mostly "Are you ok?" "Do you need medical assistance?" She spoke with them a while as they all started to head off to their respective chairs and towels or into the water. After a while of this it was just Katie and the long haired girl again.
"So um. I'm gonna go now. Wanna join?"
"I think so? Sure, I guess" The girl started off a little nervously. "Where too?"
"Doesn't really matter. Before anything else, what's your name?"
"Desiree," The girl replied.
"Hi, dezzi. I'm Caitlyn but I like to be called Katie. Unless we're very close call me Katie and..." She bore her teeth in a playful smile "You better pin me down hard if you don't. Come on, let's go" She said, dusting off the towel and folding it up neatly in the bag.
Before Katie placed the towel in the bag and closed it Desiree couldn't help notice at least one other balloon in there. "Does she always carry balloons around like that?" She wondered as the two of them began to walk towards the parking lot. As they arrived at her Subaru she turned to face her. She set the bag down on the roof.
"right. Wanna meet somewhere?" Katie asked. She wasn't sure if the other girl had a car of her own.
"I walked here, maybe for a change of clothing?" She nodded and opened the trunk, placing the bag inside.
"Your welcome to come with" Katie reminded her as she unlocked the car.
"You already told me that, silly girl." Desiree picked Katie up and hugged her tight again. Somewhere in the back of her mind Katie thought she felt the distant feeling of love for this woman but wasn't sure she wanted to jump that cliff just yet. They were very much still strangers, after all. As the slightly smaller girl was set down she laughed and opened the car door. Desiree took in her ride and whistled.
Her companion went around the length of the car to climb into the driver's seat. Katie shut the door and started up the car as Desiree made herself comfortable. She was a long legged girl, in a rather tiny car for her size. She slipped the car into first gear and all four windows were rolled down. Desiree lead the way to her place. Caitlyn could tell that she had something on her mind as they rode along a long stretch of road. She rolled up the windows.
"You ok?" Caitlyn asked softly. She couldn't really look at her fully but she had a feeling Desiree needed to get something off her mind and fast.
"Just so many new things, all in one day" she began, unsure how to start. "I've never been around a girl like you. So brave and." She blushed hard. "Pretty?"
If she wasn't driving, Katie would have the blushing passenger tight in her arms reassuringly. As it was she couldn't do more than blush a little herself. "Your so sweeet. Thank you?"
"Uh get ready to turn left," Came the reply. "House is wait, can you drop me off uh here? I uh don't think my house is um..." She stopped suddenly. "Presentable." she managed after some internal debate.
"You sure?" I can just drive into your driveway and you can walk there. You ok?"
She couldn't really say or do anything more than nod. Desiree pointed at a small white house that looked no different as compared to the other surrounding houses and Katie parked the car.
"M, can you wait here? I need to change be back real quick promise" and she was gone. Katie applied her foot to the brake pedal and shut down the car's engine and began the waiting game.
After 5 minutes she started getting bored and withdrew her phone. She checked social media but that didn't really keep her interest for too long. The bubbly group text conversation regarding the mornings hilarious video was still on going and she couldn't help but laugh at some of the replies. Finally the day and her mood was set right, but still no Desiree. Katie took the time to fire off a few emails and pay some bills online. What else was she to do?
Finally 10 minutes later the front door opened and out stepped Desiree dressed casual navy blue shirt and shorts with matching sunglasses. Her hair was tied back and Katie could get a good view of her face for the first time since their balloon inflation on the beach. She opened the car door and climbed in as the car was started.
"If you don't mind I'd kinda like a change of clothing myself" Katie spoke as they drove along. The passenger nodded to signal she didn't mind. A few minutes of steady driving later, they arrived at Katie's house. Although both houses weren't much larger or smaller, Katie noticed the dark-eyed girl absolutely amazed as she parked the car and powered down the engine.
"Come on, I'll show you around if you'd like" Katie chirped as she exited the car. There was the sound of two car doors closing shut.
"Oh nice you've got security?" Desiree asked, pointing at the semi-visible camera above the door.
Katie smiled and waved at it. "Won't take chances. Ex husband wouldn't leave me alone until he was caught red-handed." She unlocked the door with her phone (since it was in her hand anyway) and both girls walked into the entryway. The door locked behind them with a click.
The first thing that caught the newcomers eye was in place of a recliner was a rather large bright blue ball. It took most of the center of the living room and there was only one other large couch. She tried keeping her eyes off it but it was of no use. She thought it was nothing more than her mind playing terrible timed tricks but she swore upon her life she could make out the smell of latex. She dismissed that and zoned in on the monitor up on the wall. It seemed to be playing live feed of the cameras outside. Currently she could see the entire driveway and around the side of the house. There were smaller camera icons that showed capture previews that updated themselves every so often.
"I'll be right back," Katie announced. "I'm going for a change. My mission for today is done and now it's time for Katie to relax and enjoy her weekend." She smiled to herself, amused. She patted her guest on the shoulder, catching a strand of her hair. She let it go and made her way to her bedroom.
As Katie closed the door with a click she thought this was her chance. She just couldn't take it any more. She walked over, looking around. Her hip bumped it first. She allowed her hand to run along it's smooth though slightly cold surface, earning very quiet squeaks from the inflatable as she did. Desiree stood at 5 foot 11 inches, and the ball was about up to her stomach, which she found rather impressive. Her only exercise ball was about 85 centimeters but this one was clearly larger. She pressed a finger onto it. It was squishy yet very firm with juuuust the perfect amount of resistance for Desiree's taste and she lost it at that point. She had to feel it supporting her. And so turning around she spread her legs and sat down on top. Heaven.
Once she got comfortable she just sat there, taking it all in. Feeling the ball bulge and yield nicely to her weight in every place she wanted to feel it most. She bounced gently. She could feel the ball almost trying to turn her on. She gyrated her hips in big circles. At that precise moment too, she heard what sounded like a door opening. Desiree quickly scrambled off, almost falling. It wasn't very graceful, though. Because she was mid-bounce she had a bit more momentum than she expected and so she found herself on unprepared feet, eventually falling to land on all fours.
Katie saw it. Desiree knew she saw her. She hoped that Katie would think she'd just tripped badly, but secretly they both knew. With the ball still rolling around there was no mistaking it this time. Desiree felt extremely cornered. Her only secret was just seconds away from being exposed to this stranger she barely knew herself. Even though most would consider it a dead giveaway, Desiree didn't feel like taking chances at throwing potential false judgments about her newfound friend. She would think the orgasm would be enough to call her a looner but she didn't dare do it. Not this fast.
Desiree found herself being lifted to her feet and being turned to face her shorter brown-eyed hostess. She couldn't process the thousands upon thousands of things going through her mind all at once. It all just sounded and felt like total noise. Katie smiled warmly, hugging her friend clearly in distress. This would take some persuasion but Katie decided something mutual and innocent would have to do.
"It's ok girl" Katie whispered. "Your fine." Katie lead the way out to her car and the front door was quickly shut and locked. Katie had also gone for casual attire, also blue matching shirt with slightly faded knee length shorts. She paid attention to ensure her footwear went nicely with the rest of her outfit. She left her carry bag in favour of her handbag and would get around to putting everything that was in it away when she returned home later on.
Katie unlocked the car door with her keyfob and Desiree entered through the passenger's door, closing it as Katie made her way to the driver's door. Katie climbed in and started up the car. Both girls fastened there respective seatbelts and the car was slipped into first gear. Katie thought she'd hit the mall, see how Desiree liked shopping and various things, maybe get something to eat along the way.
"Wanna hit the mall?" Katie asked while driving, gently lowering her foot into the clutch and shifting the car into second gear.
"Sounds fun, I'd love to!" Came the reply.
The Subaru blended in with the afternoon traffic on the highway as Katie turned up the radio a little. Her companion's smile and her own at recognizing the catchy tune as "Life is a highway" prompted her to turn it up a little more. Katie's love for singing became evident right then and there. They shared a laugh as the next stanza began and they both new it would be a great day.
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Default Re: across the sand
Here's a couple more chapters. Enjoy!
Chapter 5
They were in high spirits when they finally found a parking space in the crowded parking lot. Katie was the last one out and she locked the car when she heard the passenger's door shut. The car locked with a series of beeps and Katie put the keyfob in her small pocket. For once Katie saw Desiree take a major lead as they walked to the mall. She wasn't trying to get away far from it. Anybody could tell she was happy as could be. "Slowpoke" She said as they reached the automatic doors to enter the mall.
Desiree found a phone accessory booth and looked around a little. "My phone's case is cracked" She explained. She found a defend-master case to fit her phone and purchased it, making her the first purchase of the trip. She weighed the case in her outstretched hands. "Wow this thing's a lot heavier but if it works then I'll get used to it." Katie helped her uninstall the old one and replace it with the new one and headed off to where ever they decided was next.
They were in a clothing store, casually browsing and making selections. The trip seemed to be going nicely but it was still far too early to make judgments about the rest. They were a few aisles apart when Katie signaled her companion over.
Katie was holding up a black dress that looked like it would fit Desiree nicely. "If you haven't worn one of these I think I might have to change that." Both girls were shown to individual fitting rooms to try out there clothing. Although she had her doubts, as Desiree slipped on the dress that seemed custom designed just for her, they were nowhere to be found. Even though she loved the woman she saw in the mirror she wasn't sure she'd keep it. Luxuries like this were hard to come by, even though the price was only in the double digits. She snapped a picture of herself just in case and tried out her other clothing she had picked out. It was nothing to really write home about just some jeans, a few shirts of varying styles, and a skirt she didn't much care for. She emerged just as she heard Katie calling from the hallway.
"Anything you like?" Katie asked brightly, pointing at her clothing she had in her hands. She nodded, then both girls went through the store again and put back the clothing they felt didn't suit themselves. Although she kept the jeans and casual attire, when she passed the aisle where Katie had found the dress Desiree panicked. She didn't quite know how she was going to make this work. Sure, she had some cash saved up, but there would be bills that needed paying and work had been slow. Desiree did nothing as they went past the aisle completely and arrived at the checkout counter. Katie went first, then pulled Desiree beside her. There was no escape in sight and she flinched, not sure what to expect.
"This one's from me girly." She whispered into her slightly-trembling friend's ear. She took her clothing and put it with hers. Desiree went to protest but the cashier had already accepted Katie's debit card. She said nothing and they walked out of the store into the bustling mall.
A few stops and purchases later, Katie had found a jewelry display, pressing her nose up to the glass window, to get a better view. The taller girl didn't dare tempt herself by looking as she already knew how expensive this could get. As if to persuade her Katie signaled her closer and asked if she found anything of interest. She pretended to give it some thought then shook her head. They started walking and Desiree sighed to herself. That was really close.
"Ice cream!" Katie shouted happily, and pulled her friend along to the vender selling ice cream in various flavors and styles. "This I can afford" She thought to herself as they were next in line. They sat at a (wobbly) table to enjoy some great quality" ice cream. Both girls looked very content but Katie noted an odd twinge of nervousness in her friend's actions. Had she done something wrong? She'd let it go for now.
Katie couldn't remember icecream that tasted this good since her childhood days. She savored every taste as if it were her last. When she went to put another spoonful of icecream in her mouth her head registered that funny feeling known as a brainfreeze. Katie dropped the spoon into the cup and waited it out.
"Brainfreeze?" Her taller companion asked softly.

"Ow. Yeah. I have to pace myself it's so good. Yours?"
The girl nodded as Katie recovered, picking up the plastic spoon.
They were seated in the comfortable seats of the movie theater 30 minutes later. The film was well under way and Katie's laugh was always the brightest when something made her laugh. They both seemed to enjoy the film. There was one jumpscare that made Katie turn to look at her friend. The face she saw for just a split second was about the most adorable thing Katie had ever witnessed. This was so far turning out to be one of Desiree's greatest outings, but she wasn't sure how to tell Katie about her life situation. The film was a great distraction very much needed.
Both girls were in a crowded diner for dinner this time. Katie was rather hungry after that amazing film that still had her occasionally bursting out into loud fits of laughter. Then she remembered the video and thought she'd show Desiree. Both girls couldn't breathe and were bright red in the face for ages. It was several minutes before they could keep a straight face. One would occasionally chuckle, and from then on the bets were off.
"Here you are, One garden salad." The food was finally here, being served by a young looking blonde-haired girl. Desiree's tiny looking meal was first, a standard garden salad with a soup who's name Katie couldn't remember to save her life to go with it. Katie's plate was next, a medium cooked cheese burger served on toasted garlic bread, with waffle fries. The waitress returned to refill both drinks and they began to eat. Katie dug into the fries and watched with curious interest as she noticed her friend trying to pace herself with Katie's progress. Katie wasn't really sure of herself, she rarely was ever correct when she made predictions but to her eyes, Desiree looked to have lived a troubled life. There was a certain uncertainty and uneasiness about her that sparked the curiosity deep within Katie as she continued to eat her food. She would look up and smile at Katie every other bite, so she figured she wasn't causing or fueling the problem.
Both girls sat in silence eating. Occasionally one would strike up small talk. Katie noted a contented sigh and posture in her dark-eyed friend about halfway through the meal. She had encouraged Desiree to try a bite of her fries and they both shared a childhood memory at that.
The waitress came by to refill Katie's drink. As she was doing this Katie noted the other drink was rather empty. She indicated the empty cup as the waitress finished and went to fetch a pitcher. As Desiree had her drink refilled she hoped with every fiber of her being that refills were free, but distantly she thought they weren't.
Desiree was just finishing up while Katie cleaned her hands. Both meals were a great success but Katie was really worried now. She thought she'd wait to ask her, but something really started to pang within the very heartstrings she reserved for people like Tommy. If her knowledge and friendship with him was any clue, it was going to have to be on Desiree's terms and not Katie's. She figured they would at least exchange phone numbers, juuuust in case.
"Redport?" Katie held her phone out, with a curious looking soft red glow coming from one end. Desiree pressed a few buttons and within seconds both had exchanged and saved each other's contact info. Then she smiled bright and Desiree took the hint to take her picture. Katie did the same and now they were set. The waitress came by with the receipt as they both stood up to leave.
They both thanked the waitress tending to them as they left the restaurant. The bags they carried rustled in time with there walking. They slipped outside with the crowd and found there car, placing the bags in the trunk. The engine roared to life as the two doors closed with a quiet thud each. Katie released the parking brake and began to back out of the parking lot. As they merged with the flow of traffic Desiree lead the way to her house for the second time that day. The sun was just beginning to set as the car came to a stop in front of Desiree's house.
Chapter 6
"Thank you so much for everything today" She said as Katie put the car in park. "I've had the time of my life today, with you. Honest. Katie felt honored and insanely happy as she said those words and she knew one more thing that would make her friend feel appreciated. She unlocked the trunk and they both got out of the car. Katie reached around for something all the way in the very back of the trunk. She knew it was around here somewhere until she found it. The bin where she kept a few large balloons. She opened it and produced a red one, just like the one she blew up earlier, closed it and stood back upright to turn and face her approaching friend. She was able to make it look like she was grabbing one of her bags so she didn't notice what Katie had really done.
Desiree accepted the offered bag and looked around for her other ones. The bags located, Katie closed the trunk. "It's been an amazing trip, Dezzi. I had so, so much fun today."
"So did I, said Desiree. "Best fun in a very long time, more than likely ever..."
There was that twinge again. It filled her dark blue eyes with nervousness and Katie just had to do something.
"Your own." Katie stated, extending the limp-balloon filled hand. She allowed the neck to fall between her index finger and thumb as Desiree almost burst out crying with joy. She very slowly moved a free hand to take it, as if expecting it to be some sort of terrible prank. When her hand bumped it she almost backed away startled, eventually taking the offered latex balloon.
"I don't always open up this much but." She blushed so hard she actually turned away and laughed nervously. Katie gave her a few seconds to regain her composure.
"But?" Katie really had to know. And now.
She turned to face Katie "I will always remember you by this balloon."
Katie's heart melted. It'd been a very long while since she'd registered that feeling and it took her completely by surprise. Maybe she was falling in love again? A tear ran down her face.
"I have many more if you ever want more," Katie finally managed. "Latex eventually degrades so it's best to use it while you can" She stated in her most professor like voice.
"This is true." Desiree admired the balloon. Never before had she seen a balloon like this one until this woman standing in her driveway inflated one to the point of no return, and now she was holding an uninflated replica in her hands. If nothing else, it would inspire her to inflate it to full size. They embraced tightly before they turned, Desiree towards her house, and Katie to her car. She climbed in and waited for Desiree to enter her house, releasing the parking brake when she was sure she was.
On the way home Katie felt oddly satisfied, greater than she could describe. The outing had been a success and the look on Desiree's face when she gave her a 36 inch balloon told her it was in far better hands than even her own. "I can always buy more," She thought to herself as she continued driving. She wondered if Dezzie had ever had access or contact with a balloon that size and wondered how she would react during inflation. How she so wished she could be the fly on her bedroom wall to answer that question.
As Katie arrived at her house her mind was racing. She shut off the car's engine and exited, locking the doors and unlocking the trunk. She walked around to the rear of the car, bending over to take out a couple uninflated balloons from the bin and finally stood up, bringing her belongings with her and shutting the trunk. When she stepped up onto her front porch her phone made a sound that she immediately recognized as belonging to her security system. She debated some things in her mind before selecting what she felt was the best one for the purpose. Turning to face the nearest camera she smiled, casually so, uttering only three words:
"Mission accomplished, babe."
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Default Re: across the sand
And finally the last chapter!
Chapter 7
Katie chuckled to herself at her first site of her giant blue ball she preferred using instead of the couch. The very thing that reaffirmed the sentiments Katie would have to verify but her mind was already drawing conclusions. And there it was yet again for the third time that day.
The first rush of air filled the balloon nicely. Desiree kept her eyes on it, checking for weak spots as she inflated this balloon. Her next measured breath inflated it another 7 inches or so. It was identical to the one Katie had unintentionally tortured her with. She unbuttoned her shorts and allowed them to fall to the floor. Her shirt and bra joined them. Soon enough all of her clothing lay at her feet as she continued inflating this big beautiful balloon. Already it was about 20 inches but it was still soft and squishy.
The blue balloon Katie had between her lips was massive at 36 inches and growing still. She decided a btp wasn't what she was after and let a little air out, tying it off afterward. She set it down on the carpeted floor and stripped herself of all clothing. Gently she lay on top, grinding like she so desperately wanted to do at the beach. Her breasts bounced every time she ground against it, causing deep squeaks and bulging latex. She reached for a smaller balloon, running it down her body. Her sighs slowly began to turn into steady panting as she was very much aware that everything was fitting into place for a great finale.
She tied the balloon off as her last breath ran out. It was 36 inches perfect and ever shiny bright red. She bounced it on the floor in front of her, earning hollow doing sounds from the balloon. She ran her fingers along the balloon, enjoying the squeaks and groans from the smooth latex. Desiree indirectly took a suggestion from Katie, picking up the balloon off the floor and placed the balloon tightly in her arms and squeezed hard. Skin against latex without restriction felt amazing and nearly sent her over the edge. Now she saw why Katie wanted so badly to continue. She burrowed her face as flat into it as she could, letting the scent explode into her nose. Without too much more encouragement she pressed her breasts and crotch hard into the balloon. It'd been a while since she felt pleasure this indescribable. It felt just like electricity coursing through her, most strongest between her thighs and the aching in her breasts.
Katie was in a frantic lovemaking pace with her blue balloon still, stroking herself down below. Her head was burrowed into a 24 inch green she had inflated while riding her bigger balloon. She closed her eyes tightly and let her mind drift. Her hair now free it began to cascade down upon the 24 inch balloon as her frantic pace increased. The balloon's squeaking under the abuse matched the pitch of her moans as she brought herself so much closer, reaching another finger deep inside her. Just as she increased her pace she was very faintly aware of the slightest sound of a balloon popping and her chin bouncing off the balloon she was still riding.
Down on all fours almost like Katie had found her the balloon was trapped under her passionate humping. Before when she was vulnerable in this very position she was frightened to no end, now the memory absolutely floored her senses as she fantasized hard. This was most definitely going to be her best climax to date as she adjusted herself on her balloon. She made happy grunting sounds as she continued. She rubbed the balloon with her free hand while stroking her clit with the other a surefire way to get her off. Every time she pressed hard into the balloon below her, her small, perky breasts would bounce off the surface of the balloon, creating more squeaks. She very gently gyrated her hips and rocked back and forth, feeling the pleasure radiating deep into her tailbone.
Katie didn't have far to go now. Her thoughts continued to race until she wondered what fate had in store for the balloon she had given Desiree. She noticed almost the entirety of her nervous system was shaking, and her vision was uselessly blurry.
Desiree was directly on top of the balloon now, so that her crotch was rubbing the balloon with her head resting on the pillow on her bed. Her moans were muffled as a result but there was no stifling the pleasure she was feeling. All at once it happened. Her body tensed up and she could feel her vagina contracting, over and over. With every one brought even more pleasure that seemed to absolutely explode everywhere into her body. When the last of them had subsided she just lay there, still firmly supported by the balloon. She decided right then and there she would thank her newfound best friend for the greatest pleasure she had ever experienced.
Katie could feel it. This felt even greater than the two previous buildups combined. She was actually beginning to wonder if this was the end when the full force of her magnitude 10 orgasm finally hit her, causing her to pant in complete enjoyment as she felt it ripping violently through her. It was awesome, spectacular and violent, starting at her tailbone, radiating out to her pulsing vagina, shaking and weakening her legs, her thighs trembling to match her trembling voice. and finally, finally ending out at both her stiff peaks. Her toes curled inward as yet another wave hit her, causing her to release a long, prolonged grunt. She fell off the balloon onto the floor with a thud, too weak to move but feeling completely content. At that moment too, her phone dinged. She was far too weak to muster the strength to get up off the floor to answer it.
Desiree lay in pure bliss in her bed with the balloon lying next to her. She firmly believed that Katie knew, and she was ok with that. And so she reached for her phone on the nightstand and began the long thank you note. She erased and restarted half a dozen times before deciding on one.
When Katie was finally able to stand up and read the message she had received she discovered it was from Desiree. Caitlyn smiled warmly as she read:
"I just want to thank you so much for giving me the best gift ever. I'm taking good care of her, and so is she."
Caitlyn's heart did somersaults as she hurriedly sent a reply:
"Your welcome. I'm really glad that such a simple gift can mean so much to the right person. By the way," Katie sent her a picture of her somewhat oddly shaped blue 36 inch balloon. "Nuff said?"
%Desiree's reply was a bunch of smiling faces which was what she was hoping for. What she was not expecting was the picture of her red balloon, blown up properly and to rated size. That would be an image she'd treasure for a very long while. Katie replied:
"You did great. And you really meant it. These balloons are insanely tough so ride, bounce, whatever away, it can take everything you've got and more."
"I'm taking care of this one because it honestly means a lot to me. The riding was really just an unintended sideaffect."
Katie had to know, even though she already knew. "With totally desired sideaffects?"
Her reply to Katie was very simple but still did it's task; a simple wide grinning face.
"Your awesome. This entire day was awesome" Read Desiree's next message.
Katie felt she'd make her move now that she was in the open. "Welcome to the club, babe. You're not the only one."
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Default Re: across the sand
Please, this needs a sequel or something. This can't be the end.
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Default Re: across the sand
It's not. I've just been procrastinating something fierce on this series. The second installment is under way, but it's been a while since I've made any additions to it.
Instead, the thing that's front and center on the workbench is my take on a story written way way back when I was just a little kid called burgeoning desires. I've absolutely loved reading it, and the bits of horror mixed with passion have always intrigued me.
Me personally, I'll subject you to less horrifying material (sort of) in place of other things. Not a bad story at all either way, and I definitely recommend everyone who hasn't yet to go do so. You can find it on the wayback machine under one of the older balloon sites, I don't have a URL on hand.
The amusing thing about this story I'm working on is it was inspired by a friend way back in 2018. Well, I started it, got two paragraphs in and it just sat there until two months ago
Back on track, I'm hoping to have a lot more balloons, inflatables and sex in my stories. Because I've noticed how lacking a lot of them are.
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