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Default Re: Being a semi Popper ...
For me so far this community has been great and very welcoming. I personally am not on any three of the spectrums listed above. I think more than anything I am more of a looner lover than a looner myself. I like balloons and those that have met me know that I like to play with climb in balloons which is how I found this site. I am not a popper nor a non popper, as in, neither scares me nor excites me. The site of balloons or holding them does not turn me on. But just thinking of my wife playing with a balloon would excite me instantly. It wouldn't matter if she popped them or rode them. Just the aspect of her enjoying yourself, smiling and enjoying your turn-ons is the best endorphin, but sadly she has no interest in them. Doesn't stop me from dreaming about it though.

I believe that most fetishes are actually developed due to things we have experienced or lacked in our personal lives. It seems those that have a strong pull one way or another (popper or non popper) are those that likely developed their fetish at a young age or have been enjoying and bonding with their fetish for a longer time. And others have come to the fetish later in life, they seem to be less focused on one aspect. I am personally interested in seeing if this fetish developes stronger in me the more I chat with others about it, like I imagine it could.

So I guess to those that are a looner thru and thru and have been for a long time move slowly with others because if you push someone that is unsure of where they land on that spectrum you may be the negative impact that pushes them the opposite way.

So in the mean time share your positive stories and experiences cause you never know who's gonna read them and what impact that will have. Hopefully for the best.
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