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Old 01-10-2017, 09:26 AM
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Default First beachball experiences
I was never into beachballs (or inflatables) but I always wanted to give them a try.

Luckily I got some promotional beachballs some days ago.
Very small ones only 8" of diameter, but that doesn't matter, they were for free and good enough for a test.

I inflated the first one by mouth as tight as I could and the tight material didn't feel bad.

Them I sat down on it.
It felt quite hard and, of course, not that bouncy, stretchy and elastic than a balloon.
Because of that and the small size sitting on it wasn't cozy.

Next I tried heatstretching.
I gave the ball some extra blows so it was as tight as I could blow it, then I heated it up carefully with a hairdryer.
Instantly I could see the material stretch.
I blew it tight again and repeated two or three times.
Then, to keep its shape as round es possible, I squeezed it and heated up just the spots that weren't as stretched as the rest.

The increase in size was quite impressive, I managed to nearly double the diameter.

After that the beachball felt much nicer, not that "clumsy" or "heavy" anymore (I think you know what I mean) because the stertching made the material thinner.

Then I pressed the beachball against my body, hugged it strongly which felt quite nice.

I carefully sad down on it on my bed, I thought it would pop, but it could carry my whole weight.
It felt alright but not that cozy as sitting on a balloon.
From time to time I added some more blows to make the ball tight again.

After a bit of humping the beachball got a small hole on the opposite side of the valve.

I put my finger on it and bounced my butt hardly onto the ball which made it pop.

I summary I can say that beachballs are ok, but to make them really nice, it needs heatstretching.
But heatstretching is good fun, next time I will try to stretch the balls as much as possible.
I'm curious how big they will get, how they will feel and what they can take...
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Old 01-10-2017, 10:17 AM
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Default Re: First beachball experiences
I’m into what I’d like to call old school inflatables.... (rings, dinghies, beach balls etc) but I’d say it was beach balls where it all really began for me. I used to love inflating them underneath my clothing as tight as I could. One of my favourite items I owned was a 48inch shiny valentines heart which I’d inflate underneath a baggy nylon zip up cagoule until I could hardly breath... or move
Items in my collection got bigger as I could afford them, but then once I started work and the world became my oyster and all those things I ever wanted to buy back then like the Intex Wet Set Orca Whale I could buy to my heart’s content.

Nowadays I’m heavily into big, giant purpose made inflatables (I’m not into the furry scene though). I’ve got stuff you can wear from adult sizedswim vests, to inflatable suits. I love large stuff you can climb on top of, crawl around in. I’ve many 10 and 12 foot beach balls which are my favourite items now. As they are- they are too big to fully inflate in a room, but pull them through and inflate them inside a few swim rings to clinch and contain them you can then easily climb on top and ride them.
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Old 18-08-2018, 12:35 AM
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Default Re: First beachball experiences
Got a beach ball from a car boot sale when I was 10/11, I humped it until I orgasmed and nearly fainted. That young I had no idea what happened.
I felt so guilty afterwards and felt like I was a bad person. Until I grew up and realised it was an innocent fetish.
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