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Default Re: The magic balloon ride
Chapter six
Several hours later i was awaked by a strange feeling by my ankels. It was like they where tied together
I looked down and saw that the neck of the my new body shaped balloon was atached to my ankels.
As I reached down to remove it something strange happent
The neck of the balloon slided up over my hands and real quik. Much quiker than i could pull my arms out. I was trapped.
The uninflated balloon slided further and further up on my nacked body. Its arms slided on my arms and its legs slided onto my legs.
The neck of the balloon finaly slided in place on my neck with a snap
As soon as it happenent the balloon that now had transformed into a suit gave me a rubber feeling that was a tousand times stronger than any thing i had ever experienced. Even the blue inflatable latex the beautyfull lady gave me did not have souch a strong rubber feeling.
I could not do anything as the suit forced me to stand up and walk to my living room. It was a lot stronger than me. And the rubber feeling made me totaly dosile.
Like a robot i walked to my living room where my GL1200 balloon was waiting for me.
The suit forced me to step over the balloon and as soon as I did that the balloon started lifting me from the floor.
We floated out of the balcony door and up in the air.
As I floated higher something strange happent. The neck of the balloon suit slided further up on my head.
As it slided over my mouth and nose i got really scarred of being strangulated, but I was still able to breahe normaly all though the air had a very very strong rubber odor.
Finaly the suit and balloon seemed to merge together becoming one.
We rose higher and higher, but the strong rubber feeling and smell made me totaly dosile. I was almost in a stade of trance of pure enjoyment.
I was now at the edge of space still rising and I could see trough the clear area in front of my eyes that i was picking up speed as I was rising.
I passed the moon as I was going faster and faster.
Even in the cold of space i still was able to breahe and I still had the warm rubbey feeling on my body.
Suddently a rotating bright area came in front of me and it was like the balloon knew the direction becauce it steared directly towards it.
The rotating area grew larger and larger as I got closer. It was so beautyfull.
As the balloon and me got into the rotating area it was like we where sucked in.
We accelereted to an unimagialy speed. It was like we where going trough a tunnel of rotating light and colors.
Suddently we where spitted out and in front of me was an alian planet.
As we desended trough the atmospere we where greated by balloon beings.
They showed me around in their alian world
They told me that the atmospere was a heavy gas that their balloon like houses where able to float in.
I was approached by a female balloon being and I recontnized her as the one that joined me in the balloon clustrer yesterday.
She told me that if i wanted i could live there as her husband and a life time here was about 15 minuts on Earth.
I lived a full life as a balloon being and as it neared the end the GL1200 balloon waited for me.
I said goodbye and stepped over the balloon and we floated back to the rotating light and roushed trough it at unimagialy speed
We where spitted out and floated back to Earth..
As we desended i could see my home town and my house.
I floated in trough the balcony door and touched gently down
The balloon separated from the suit for the first time in what felt like a life time, but when i looked at the whats i had only been gone for an hour.
Then the hood opened and the suit started to slide off and I was able to step out of it.
As I did it went back to look like a body shaped balloon that had nerver been inflated.
I went to the living room to get the balloon.
As I bend down over it to pick it up it lifted me from the ground instead so i was lying on my stomach on it.
It started to float towards the balcony door, but I said NO. and steared it into the bed room and landed on the bed.
I took the clip of the balloon's neck and deflated it. It also went back to the shape like an unused balloon.
I putted it in the closet, but I knew that it soon wants to go out on a new adventure
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