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Old 29-09-2018, 09:42 AM
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Default Re: Is there anything you watch or fantisize while riding balloons?
Usually balloon movies. If I'm in the mood to pop some, watching girls pop them helps me get over the initial anxiety of popping them myself.

I like the idea of mimicking what the person in the video does though. My favorite kind of balloon movies are the ones where you're being instructed to pop balloons along with the model after all I might try it without explicit instructions sometime.
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Default Re: Is there anything you watch or fantisize while riding balloons?

Maybe I shouldn't answer this thread, because I only very rarely ride balloons. My thing is blowing them up until they pop. However I think that it might be ok to describe what goes on in my mind during my sessions, because this about thoughts and fantasies is also a general issue:

I very rarely watch movies or pictures during my sessions. Instead my 'movies' play out in my mind. My thoughts/fantasies are mostly about blowing up balloons for fun with a (fantasy) friend who also find it great to blow up balloons and make them go bang. I think of competing to make the biggest balloon, - constantly blowing a little bit more, until .... Other times I think of racing to make our balloons pop or actually anything I can imagine ending up with blowing up balloons until they pop.
My fantasies are almost entirely non-sexual and my fantasy friends are always other women. I think this has to do with my life long wish for a 'best friend forever' with whom I can share everything - even this 'my darkest secret' (my 'thing' with balloons).
Even though my fantasies are innocently plain, they still have a huge sexual impact. I don't really know why, because I am not bisexual in any way. I guess it is just so that blowing up balloons in private has this sexual effect on me.
If I at all watch something during my sessions it is simply myself in our big bedroom mirror, - sometimes pretending that my mirroring is my friend. It is a little crazy maybe, but nevertheless it is how it is.

Whenever my husband takes part in something with balloons (he is not into it, he just now and then goes along), it depends whether it is just blowing up balloons for fun or something sexual. Plain situations to quite some extend resembles my fantasies in my solo-sessions, him simply taking the place of my fantasy friend, but with the difference that I don't feel the sexual impact so much - instead I simply enjoy the plain excitement and anticipation. This is just as cool btw. These sessions sometimes end up as foreplay to ... well ..

When we have balloons in bed (which is not so often - but still enough) I concentrate mainly on my husband and the lovemaking, but blowing up a balloon during the 'act' definitely adds to the excitement for me.
It is very important to me to let my husband know - and feel - that it is him I love. Balloons are 'just' kind of a sex toy (even though a pretty unusual one).
I like balloons, but I love my husband. Of course thoughts about the balloons run through my mind in these situations as well, but they are more like 'normal' thoughts - how much more will it take, how loud will it be etc.

It wasn't so easy for me to write about this as I had thought - I am not really confident when it comes to describe such details I guess.

I cld have chosen to answer more briefly: During balloon play I watch myself in the mirror, and I fantasize about blowing up balloons together with the 'best friend forever' that I never had.
However I have the idea that some more detail would make thing easier to understand.

Thank you for reading my posting.

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Old 29-09-2018, 03:00 PM
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Default Re: Is there anything you watch or fantisize while riding balloons?

Your posts about thoughts and feelings are spot-on and easy to relate for me and probably most "phobic -> poppers converts". I too have always dreamed about having a "special" friend to share everything with (talking about phobic childhood experiences, transition to enjoying popping, and now playing with balloons and fireworks). I always wanted my special friend to be my wife or SO/GF. I was married for over 20 years and my wife knew and participated in balloons but I can't say she was my "special friend" as you describe. My SO/GF of over 4 years is really the same way. She participates some with balloons and fireworks but again not "special friend". I like noticing balloons in public and being able to talk and comment about them with my GF. Or text/email pictures, videos, (non-sexual) for playful teasing, etc. but it never works out like I hope it does. Of course, if we had our "special friend" who understood our "thing with balloons", it would be a different narrative.

As to fantasize during balloon play, I like to blow up some balloons; watch a few videos, go back to the balloons, pop some, BTP, end with a lot of loud balloon pops while fantasizing about scenarios with a "special friend"...just thinking about the dialog can be very stimulating. BTW, I don't ride balloons that much...but it can feel good and provide a different way to pop.
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Old 10-10-2018, 12:53 AM
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Default Re: Is there anything you watch or fantisize while riding balloons?
@scuba, If you like the feeling of flying with a kite, you'll definitely love paragliding and hang gliding even more. With the right conditions and thermals, you can float and fly in the air for hours. Just like you, I have always fantasized about flying like a bird when I was a kid and always wanted to experience what floating in the air was like. Paragliding and Hang Gliding made all of my dreams came true and you can really soar like a bird in the sky. I recommend you to watch the video "Weightless - Jean-Baptiste Chandelier" where you can see what you can accomplish as an experienced paraglider, there's simply no other way where you can truly experience floating and flying in the air.
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