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Default Re: How did you discover your fetish?
I discovered my fetish in my teens. Before that I was only a looner but I remember once getting a big beach ball and I enjoyed that. And also my raft

I still prefer balloons over inflatables as I'm a popper, and I mostly use islands, chairs or swim rings when I play with loons so I don't get hurt when I sitpop. But the ocational big unicorn, pelican or whale have found their way past my playtime

And regarding to to fetishes, that tie in. For me that is smoking - it began when I was a child and a man cigpopped a loon.
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Default Re: How did you discover your fetish?
When I was around nine or ten (late 70s) in primary school we'd go to an annual easter carnival every year as a school excursion. The carnival generally had joyrides, animal pavilions, comedy and music concerts, company booths demonstrating their various wares (from cars to hifis, home furnishings, and etc), and the part I would always look forward to .... the showbag pavilion! Inside this particular pavilion they'd usually have a number of props and decorations to brighten up the space. In one afternoon I saw a glossy PVC (beach ball plastic type) lifesize inflatable batman, the same with a eight or nine foot tall inflatable pen / pencil (I remember squeezing it - it was very thin plastic) and the item that fired the spark, an 84 inch inflatable army green baseball bat with the yellow M*A*S*H letters. This particular stall was selling a MASH showbag, so they had a few dozen of these HUGE bats blown up. I rmember reaching out trying to grab a few, but my teacher pulled me back together with the other students. I was a very, very, very agitated nine year old kid that arvo. I remembered all I wanted to do is take some home, and to bed that night. This is what i recall as being the first time of ever having a boner. Eventually in my early teens, and my parents beeing good practicing catholics, I was told about all that "you'll go blind" bull. My mother being the curious type would pick up very quickly that I would be attracted to certain things like balloons and beach balls, so I saw very few of those things as a kid.

So pretty much my only real choice for getting off during my early teenage years was blowing up garbage bags; which thankfully were made of the shiny material. Because my father worked in the hospitality industry, they were the larger size liners using some kind of stretchy see through black plastic. They felt so good that the lack of balloons and inflatable baseball bats didn't really bother me that much.

If there is another so call spin off fetish. During a short time during the 80s (well at least in Australia) Coke was offered in larger three litre PET plastic bottles. What I think I understand about plastic molding (someone correct me if I'm wrong), a certain mold takes an exact period of time to form. Any longer, the plastic will get TOO THIN and will then eventually melt completely away - this is generally called an OVERMOULD. If the plastic has been in the mould forming process to short the resulting item will not have moulded properly as both the shape and size would be deformed, as some of the PVC petals would still be in their original form. This conversly is an undermould.

During the eighties, Coke bottles were made of a much softer plastic, with the very thin and soft black bottoms. Particularly during 1985 to 1988, the bottles we got were if not everytime, were almost the overmoulded type. When they were finished, and there wasn't any damage from being squashed or any pressure implosion; I'd drop these huge (almost balloon type) Coke bottles down my trackers, and gently claw the huge rounded section at the top, and black plastic portion at the bottom. The black polypropylene again was very very thin and measured around 12 by 12 cm (the perfect size for clawing my hand). It would instantly expand and get much softer from my body heat. I would rapidly crash into a huge libido for several minutes, then pretty much explode, this for me was absolute euphoria. I guess if I could explain the viscosity of the black plastic bases, the general softness was of a fresh bread roll, the type if you'd squeeze, they'd be flatter than a pancake. Damn shame they don't make these anymore.
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Default Re: How did you discover your fetish?
I discovered my fetish for Intlatables at a young age, My brother had an Inflatable Turtle swim ring which was left blown up down in the enterance hall in my parents house. I started to boink it and it felt great.

I learnt to swim in a pair of Splashappy Dual chamber Armbands and loved wearing them in bed after a Swim Session. Playing with the armbands bought me great fun and they were (And still are) a security blanket when sleeping. It must be the tight vinyl squeezing my upper arms that excites me and makes me feel safe. back in 2005 I bought a pair of Bema Armbands Size 1 and begun to experiment blowing the armbands up on different parts of my body. I then discovered the sensation of using the armbands about half full on my cock pushing it into the tight part of the air chambers opposite the flat part for the armpit, squeezing the air chambers to increase the pressure and then to thrust the armband up and down. It was amazing and one of the best cumming experiences growing up.

From then on and even now I am hooked on Swim Armbands and other pool toys.
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Default Re: How did you discover your fetish?
The first time i discovered that i like balloons and inflatabes was all the way back in kindergarden when i was five years old.
There was a swing with a red inflatable plastic buy and swinging on it between my legs felt really good.
Later as I got odler and learned to swim in the lokal pool. There was a tractor inner tube there and sitting on the wet rubber felt really good and I discovered that i really like floating on inflatable stuff especialy if they are made of rubber.
Up trough my childhood i was always fasinated by inflatable toys and balloons and when ever i could get some i played with it.
As we become teenagers you know what happens to us boys.. We start getting those wet dreams, but mine was about leing on a big balloon and floating off
I started fantasicing more and more about that and one day i saw that our lokal grossery shop sold big balloons in a bag with tree balloons and I bought one.
As I got home i inflated one and lied down on it. It felt soo good and I was hooked.
There was something about that rubbery feeling that really felt good.
I began fantasicing about how it must feel to wear a suit made of rubber, but It was first in my adult years i got to discover that and I have grown a huge fetish for that too.
I kept experimenting with balloons and inflatabes and some experiments turned out great and some did not work.
I have been writing about the best balloon experiences here on this site.
My all time favorite is floating on a GL1200 balloon.
I am 44 now and I still love to experiment with balloons so who knows what new discoverys i will make with balloons over the next years.
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