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Old 25-07-2018, 08:27 PM
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Default Inner tubes
Anyone in to car & truck inner tubes. I love them, especially ones that have had a lot of use and been repaired :-)
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Old 26-07-2018, 01:37 AM
Bubble Boy :-P
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Default Re: Inner tubes
Interesting you bring that up....
I recently bought a bunch of geo donuts & they reminded me of how I was obsessed with
over inflated tires when I was very young. I loved how over inflated wheels were depicted in cartoons when I was growing up as big, donut shaped balloons; usually blown up to bursting point, or popped with a needle as the old gag goes

When I was about five I went with my dad to a friend's auto garage to buy a part for our old Buick. There was an old inner tube on top of a pile of old tires & I asked my dad if I could have it. He asked his friend & he said sure. I brought it home & played with it for a good week, just as if it were a regular inflatable. I remember getting road grime stains all over my clothes & stuff. After about a week the tube was kind of flat so I asked my dad if we could fill it up somehow. We took it to the gas station & after my dad gassed up the Buick he proceeded to fill the inner tube.
I watched that thing swell, & swell, & stunned fascination.
It was like a balloon!
"Here ya go!" He says
I fell in love with that thing.
I had so much fun with my big, black donut balloon. mom happened.
She got tired of the road grime stains getting on everything, including me. When I wasn't looking she threw into the back the waiting teeth of our vicious dalmatian.
I still remember when he stank his teeth into it & it burst like a balloon
He then mauled what was left.
I ran to my room screaming & probably cried for a good three hours

Ahhh, memories
Maybe I'll order one on Ebay for kicks
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Old 26-07-2018, 06:10 AM
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Default Re: Inner tubes
When i was a kid our lokal indoor pool had one. I think it was an old truck inner tube as it was kind of big.
All us kids loved it and it was always a battle to get on it
But once on it, it felt really nice and rubbery and I guess that it was there my obsession with floating on latex balloons started..
Later in my life i got hold of one i got from a lokal tire center. It was not as big.
I used that one as a seat when i played with my 2,5 m2 kite before i got my trapez for it, trying the lines to it.
The kite is not big enough to lift me, but it still has quite a pull in strong wind (if i want to fly i use my 12 m2 kite, but that is another story).
But still the inflated inner tube being pressed against my bag by the pull of the kite felt really good.
I eventualy had to toss the inner tube becauce it ripped and I had to move to another appartement.
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Old 26-07-2018, 09:53 PM
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Default Re: Inner tubes
It started for me, many moons ago when I went to get a tire fixed. Someone was there with a punctured wheelbarrow tube that had quite a few repairs on it already. They inflated it on an airline and it just bulged out unevenly all over like an old balloon. I was totally transfixed seeing it inflate and hoping it wouldn't burst. I don't know what eventually became of it, but I never heard it pop. Some time later I visited another tire repair dept. and upon seeing their large scrap pile outside, asked if I could have some tubes. They said I could, no problem and I took loads of them home. Most were OK and the majority of the others were repairable. I had so much fun with them :-)
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Old 21-08-2018, 04:42 AM
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Default Re: Inner tubes
Yes I love inner tubes they are soft and rubbery. I love to hump on them seeing the rubber flex under me
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