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Default The magic balloon ride
This is a little story about my biggest dream of how to use a balloon.
Hope you like it.
I looked around on the internet and suddently i came across a webside called Magic Balloons.
I had to check it out.
The site claimed that you just had to write your inner most looner desire on it and they would send you the balloons to match it.
Not really taking it that serious i i wrote : Floating on a GL1200 balloon and ordered 100 balloons since the they where really cheap on this webside.
The next day was my first day in my summer holiday and I thought that i would sleep in, but I was awaked when it suddently rang on my door.
I got up and opened it and there was no one there, just a brown anonumos parcel.
I took the parcel into my living room and opened it.
There was bag full of GL1200 balloons clibs and one peice of paper.
I took the peice of paper up and red it. The only thing that was on it was: Dear Scuba as ordered 100 magic GL1200 balloons.
How to use: Go to the lake, inflate the balloon, step over the balloon, wade into the lake and make a whish. ( Works best if you are nacked on the balloon)
Well i opened the bag and notised that the balloons had a mush stronger rubber smell than usual. Not thinking more about it i packed two of the new balloons and my other gear and drove to the lake.
Getting there i inflated one of the balloons and besides a mutch stronger rubber smell there was nothing unusual about it.
A bit disapointed i suddently thought of what the letter said: Works best if you are nacked.
I tore of my breifs and stepped over the balloon and waded into the lake.
As I started floating i padled out to the middle of the lake. The balloon really had a strong rubber smell and since both ends of the balloon was forced up towards my head the smell drove me almost crazy. Other than that it did not feel any defriend.
Well i was out on the middle of the lake and the letter said make your whish and it would come true, so i did. I whished that the balloon would float up in the air with me on it.
Suddently the rubbery feeling of the balloon increaced a hundred times and the balloon started to lift out of the water with me on it.
I rose higher and higher og up in the air, but I still felt perfectly balanced on the balloon.
Wondering where the balloon would take me i just surrendered to it and we floated higher and higher.
The rubbery feeling in my croch was almost unbarreble and suddently it enveloped my whole body. It felt like wearing one of my latex suits, but a hundred times stronger. I was litteraly in heaven.
We floated up to a cloud and the balloon landed on it. A beautyfull woman aproached me and afsked if i was satisfied with their balloon. She was only wearing a short latex dress.
I said yes it had exeeded my wildest dreams.
She was really happy about that and asked if she could get on the balloon with me. I said sure and she stepped over the balloon and sat down over me.
Since my dick was really stif from all the exitement it went right up in her pussy, but she did not mind at all. It just made her really horny.
She started working her self up and down on me and while she did that the balloon lifted up from the cloud again.
The feeling was so intence that we both got a huge orgasm and after that we gently landed on the cloud again.
She thanked me for the ride and stepped off me. She then said that since she had such a good time on the balloon she had another gift for me. I just had to wait on the balloon. Well since i could not walk on the cloud like she did I did not really had a choise and well the balloon felt soo danm good to sit on so i did not really mind.
She came back with a bag and told me to hold on to it and not to open it untill i get home.
She then kissed me goodbye and I floated off.
I shouted will i ever see you again and she shouted just go out nacked on the balloon and you will float up to me.
I floated back to the lake and landed gently on the water and a gust of wind pushed me and the balloon to the point where i started my jouney.
I gave the balloon a kiss to thank it for the ride and defleted it and the balloon went back to its original shape again, like it had newer been inflated . I then drove home thinking what was in the bag she gave me..
When i got home i opened the bag. Inthere there was a blue latex catsuit and a letter.
I examed the catsuit closer and notised that the only entry point was a zipper across the chest of the suit and it had gloves feets and a hood with only eye and nose openings attached to it. It also had a walve with a small gas canister on it. The suit had the same much stronger rubber smell like the balloon.
I took the letter and red it :
Dear Scuba
You have now done a journey on one of our magic balloons. I want to tank you for taking me along and give you this suit.
If you take the suit on and open the walve the journey will be as permanent as you whis.
If you just wanna go for a shorter ride just use one of the balloons.
Well since then i had done a lot of trips on the balloons, but I had not had the courrege to climb into the suit and open the walve.

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Default Re: The magic balloon ride
Chapter two
The suit
It had been a while since i first did my magic balloon ride and the bag with the blue latex suit that the beautyfull lady gave me had been just been lieing in my clothet.
The urge to have a closer look a the suit was getting bigger each day and finaly i could not resist taking it out of the bag and have another look at it.
I layed the suit on my bed and it looked like it was perfactly made to my size. I just had to try it on. Just to see how well it fits me, nothing else i thought
I opened the zipper and went to pick my bottle of lupe, but when i felt the inside of the suit it was already luped inside.
The rubber smell was getting stronger and stronger. It was like the suit begged my to climb into it.
I started putting my legs into the suit and as I got my feets into the feets of the suit something strange happened.
The suit started working it self up on my body up to my arms and it was like it invited me to put my arms into its arms, so i did and they slided in place by them self..
Already the suit felt amazing to wear and the rubber smell was almost unbeareble, but it was like it begged me to go all the way and pull the hood over my head and I simply could not resist it so i pulled it over my head and it slided down over it by it self.
I closed the zipper and then it happened.
The rubber smell overwelmed me and it was like the rubber feeling increased a hundred times. It got so intence that i passed out on my bed.
I don't know how long it went untill i came to, but I stood up and looked in my clothet mirror and to my amazement nobody looked back, but when i looked down on my self i could still see me in my blue suit. I was invissible to any other bud my self..
I walked a bit around in my appartement and ended out on my balcony
Without thinking about it i reached down and opened the small gas canister on the suit and the gas rushed in between the two layers of the suit really fast.
I thought oh shit what have i done, but it was too late. I could not close it again.
The pressure in the suit got bigger and bigger and the rubber feeling increased a hundred times more.
Then it happened. I was beginning to feel lighter and ligher. How could it bee. The suit had not inflated that big, but still i was already beginning to float.
I came to the conclution that the gas in the canister was not helium but something much more powerfull.
Suddently my feets left the ground and I floated upwards. I got a little scarred, but the suit felt so good that i soon just began to enjoy it.
I rose higher and higher and I could see my home town disapear below me
I went up through the clouds and all the sudden a big passenger airplane flew by.
At that point i must had ben at last ten kilometers up in the air and still rising, but I was still able to breathe like i was at ground level. I also still had a nice warm Rubber feeling in the suit.
I was living out my dream of floating in a balloon suit, floating higher and higher
I was now so far from the ground that the sky was beginning to turn black, but I was still able to breathe like i was on the ground and I still had that nice really intence rubber feeling in the suit. It actually increased the higher i went to the point that i got the hardest boner i ewer had in my life.
The suits response to it was amazing it made a condom like area around my dick and started masaging it up and down while wibrating. It was like the suit absorbed the cum becauce i did not get greacy down there
The result came in a spetacular orgasm. I simply exploded and kept cuming and cuming.
I don't know how long it lasted, but I was totaly exausted aftrerwards and I fell asleep.
When i woke up i felt i had enough. Telepatily i afsked the suit if i could come down to the ground again and it gently floated back to my balcony and landed.
The gas was sucked back into the canister and I was able to unzip the suit
When i pulled the hood over my head and let it hang down on my back the suit began to slide off by it self.
I stepped out of it and picked it up.
Then something amazing happened.
The emty suit gave me a hug and lifted me from the ground., then it gently sat me down and folded together and went into the bag.
I lied on the bed and fell asleep
When i woke up i looked in the clothet and the bag was still there with the suit in it just waiting for another trip.

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Bubble Boy :-P
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Default Re: The magic balloon ride
Wow, scuba....just wow
Beautiful story....absolutely beautiful.
Pretty much my both my fantasies.
Just your describing the balloon smells with the anticipation of floating & meeting the girl in the clouds. Then blowing up in the suit & floating up to the edge of space...wonderful.
I love how the suit was waiting for you still when you awoke
You have a beautiful mind, scuba
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Default Re: The magic balloon ride
Thanks Bubble.
I am glad you like it.
It's a story that just wanna come out
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Bubble Boy :-P
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Default Re: The magic balloon ride
I more than like it, scuba
I love it ♡
I'm so glad you let that story out.
& I look forward to more of that special stuff if you have it
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Default Re: The magic balloon ride
Chapter tree
Ballon flight from home
This friday i got home after a long work week and I was looking forward to a relaxed weekend.
As soon as I opened the door to my appartement i was met by a really strong smell of rubber.
How strange i though, i could not remember having left any of my latex gear out.
As I got inside my big balcony door was wide open and one of the GL1200 balloons was sligtly bouncing on the living room floor. Looking inside my bedroom the closets where i keep all my balloons and latex clothe was open.
The balloon was stil bouncing on the living room floor like it was inviting me to take of my clothe and step over it.
Since the rubber smell already was making me in the mood, i took off all my clothe and stepped over the balloon.
The intence feeling of being in a rubber suit came imedialy and the balloon lifted me from the floor. I was now seated in the same position like if i had been floating on the lake.
I was not able to step off the balloon at this point since the balloon lifted more and more to the point where my feet was not touching the floor and I started floating out of the balcony door.
Since i live in a roof appartement and there is nothing but open sky over my balcony the balloon floated up over the roof with me
Totaly nacked on the balloon i floated higher and higher over my home town. There was nobody that notised us so i came to the conclution that like when i was wearing the suit, the balloon and I must somehow be invisible.
We rose higher and higher and the rubber feeling on my whole body grew more and more intence.
Far bellow i could see the country side and the clouds where just beside me.
I landet at a cloud and the beautyfull lady suddently came. She was wearing the same short latex dress only.
Without saying anything she gave me a kiss and stepped over the balloon.
She worked her way down to my croch and my boner.
Suddently and a bit hard the balloon lifted up again resulting my dick to go right up into her pussy.
I got a little startled, but she said don't worry about it she controled the balloon and she made it do it.
We rose higher and higher and she made the balloon bounce resulting her to bounce up and down over me. It gave us both a really huge orgasm.
We floated gently down to the cloud and she told me that she had been longin for me and it was her who had made the balloon waiting for me in my living room.
Well i did not really mind since i was still up inside her and I told her that anytime she wanted to she could just leave the balloon like that in my living room and I would come up to her.
She gave me a long kiss and stepped of the balloon.
By the way she said
Every time you use the suit i gave you, the things that you feel inside the suit will also be felt by me.
The time that the suit was making a condome like area around your dick was actually me doing it and it was my pussy your dick went into. That was why there was no greace in the suit. It felt wonderfull by the way and I can not wait untill you take the suit on again.
She kissed me again and I floated off and landed on my balcony.
Well i was not quite on the ground yet. I was still floating with my feet just out of reach of the floor
Then the balloon floated gently into my living room and touched down on the floor, but as I stood up and tried to step off it, it rose up under me and lifted me up to the ceeling. It did that a couble of times and I laughed and said very funny lady and the balloon touched down on the floor and I was able to step off it.
I took of the clip and the balloon went back to the same shape like it had nerver been inflated again.
Totaly exausted i went right to bed.

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Bubble Boy :-P
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Default Re: The magic balloon ride
One word: magic
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Default Re: The magic balloon ride
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Default Re: The magic balloon ride
Chapter four
When i got home from a stessfull day at work today i was met by an intence rubber smell as soon as I opened my door.
I looked into my bedroom and saw the blue suit on my bed just inviting me to climb into it.
I tore of all my clothe and stepped into the suit.
As soon as I got my feet into the feet of the suit it just climbed up my body and the arms slided right onto my arms.
I pulled the hood over my head and closed the zipper.
Imidialy i was overwelmed by the intence rubber feeling, but I was able to stumble out on my balcony and open the small blotte.
The rubber feeling was now so intence that i almost passed out, but I felt my self lifting off, then i passed out
When i came to i was already floating high over the clouds, higher and higher.
The higher i got the more intence the rubber feeling got.
I was able to hold back for a while and just enjoy the fantatic wiew, seeing the curbe of the Earth and the sky getting darker and darker.
I was now at the edge of space and still ricing.
The higher i rose the more intence the rubber feeling got and I eventualy got a really hard boner.
Again the suit reacted by making a pussy like area around my dick.
This time the beautyfull lady kissed me though the suit and cuddled me in the suit.
I could now feel my dick getting masaged by her and I could not resist any more I had a huge orgasm.
I still floated upwards not wanting to come down to the earth again, but telepatily the lady said that i was not ready to be in the suit permanent so i gently floated back to my appartement.
I took the suit off and looked in my clothet. Meanwhile the suit packed it self in the bag.
I took out one of the magic balloons and looked at it.

Still nacked i inflated it and stepped over it. Nothing happened.
Standing with the balloon between my legs i whised hard that it would lift me.
Suddently it did. I did not even have time to react.
I floated out of my balcony door and up in the air really fast.
I floated around and enjoyed the balloon for a couble of hours and then landed at my balcony again.
It was really cool i had now got the control to make the balloon float to where i whised it to go.
Still it was not the last time that i was going to wisit the beautyfull lady
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Default Re: The magic balloon ride
Chapter five
Today something new happenent.
I was awaked by a squeaky noise from my living room. I just had to investigate it.
The door to the living room was hard to open, like something was blocking it. As soon as I got it open i found out why.
My GL1200 balloon had brought freinds. It was lying on the floor and over it my intire living room was filled with helium balloons in all sizes and colours.
I have a huge dobbelt door out to my balcony and it was vide open and outside there was even more balloons.
Standing there wearing only my briefs i was getting really exited and it was like the balloons senced that.
One of the balloons wrapped its string around my briefs and tore it off and the other balloons began to atach them self to my body, legs and arms
As more and more balloons did this i was unable to move.
The balloons was not only floating over me. Some of the balloons attached snugly on my nacked body, legs and arms. The rubbery feeling and smell of all the balloons was drivning me crazy.
Still more balloons attached them self to me and they pulled me out on the balcony. It was now like i was inside a cocoon of balloons.
Suddently my feets left the ground, but still more balloons atach them self to me and I floated off.
I could see my house disapear below me as the balloons took me higher and higher. It was scary but the feeling of all the balloons was at the same time very pleasureble and secure, so i just enjoyed it.
Far below me i could see my home town and as the sun came up it gave me a nice warm rubbery feeling inside my balloon cocoon.
I got over a lake andre the balloons desended down to the water and bounced a couble of times. It felt soo good and as we rose up from the lake again i could feel something happenent down by my cock.
One of the balloons, it must have been a Geo donut balloon had worked its way up to my cock and somehow my cock had found its way into the hole.
Each time i bounced up and down from the lake it massaged my cock untill i could not take it any more. I had a huge orgasm as we floated higher and higher again.
As this happenent it was like all the balloons got tighter to me like they where hugging me and I knew that it was the beautyfull lady that somehow did this.
One of the balloons in front of my chest and stomach transformed into a woman like body and its arms wrapped around me and I gave its head a kiss. It tasted nicely rubber like..
As I floated back to my house it was getting dark.
Over the balcony all the balloons detached from me and floated off, exept the woman like balloon i was lying on.
We floated into my living room and stopped a meter over the floor. I was not able to get of it since its arms and legs was still wrapped around me.
It made a wegina like hole around my dick and stared massaging it and again i had a huge orgasm untill i passed out from exaustion
As I came too it did again and again.
I don't know how many times we did that, but it was getting lighter as the balloon sank to the floor and unwrapped its arms from me and I was able to step of.
The balloon deflated and it now looked like a body shaped balloon that had not been inflated before.
Totaly exausted i picked it up and brought it to my bed room. As I got there i passed out on the bed with the balloon beside me and that was the end of that day.
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