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Default A great tool for balloon finding
A friend of mine got me into using Facebook Marketplace. I had never looked at it before.
Last weekend I searched for Balloon Garland's and found one close to my house advertised for $5
Absolutely stoked I sent a message and on the way home from work that night I picked it up, around 40 balloons in total.
Have also searched Free Balloons and found some that way, not that I have been able to get them yet, but it is a great utility!

Thought I would put it out there for other people in case people hadn't thought of it before!

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Default Re: A great tool for balloon finding
We have a buy/sell website called Kijiji that works great for that. I've bought plenty of used balloon garlands for cheap (some with 24", 36" and punchballs attached to them!). I've also bought printed balloons left over from promotions and Intex Wet Set classic 48" beach balls for dirt cheap from locals. Lots of times long discontinued floaties appear on there when people clean out their garages.
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