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Old 26-07-2020, 04:23 PM
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Talking Scoreeee
So I noticed a new Carl's Jnr store opened up and they had balloons at their opening, I didn't get to go.
One of the stores is in a big restaurant and cinema complex. I went there tonight to see if they still used balloons thinking if they did I would go back near closing time and order food, then ask if I can have some. Great news, they still use them!
As I walked past, the staff were leaving for the night, I wound up the courage and asked one of the girls if I can take some.
"Sure" she said, "we will replace them tomorrow morning with new ones, you can take all of them if you want"
SO I got 4 groups of Yellow/Black/White helium filled Carl's Jnr printed balloons and off I went to my car. Excite about my find!
There was some string there where someone appeared have taken another lot so could have got 3 more.
On the way home I was thinking that I should call the manager and ask them if I can go by after they close each night and take the left overs and make a weekly donation to a charity of their choice or something. But Maybe they would think I am strange... Plus it would take the fun out of the find I guess.
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Old 26-07-2020, 11:38 PM
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Default Re: Scoreeee
I just scored a white 24" from a hardware store near my folks' ranch. Still tightly inflated but oxidized from the building's air conditioning. Has a Canada flag printed on it. Must have been left over from Canada Day.
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