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Default Re: Things that put you off
I am unsure why I am afraid of B2P anything more substantial than a Unique 16". I've held a TT24" and TT17" on many seperate occasions by the tied bit in my mouth and let my wife nail pop it. I cannot bring myself to actually B2P one though. Frame of mind I guess?
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Default Re: Things that put you off
Originally Posted by Black_Bear View Post
t I cant stand models who use 16" Uniques. Ugh. Their pop is so boring 9/10 times. I love seeing a Qtex or TT get huge and explode with a huge bang and into lots and lots of pieces.
I am sorry to say, but if I had a studio and was producing balloon content, I would have my models use 16" unique balloons. Because anyone can (blow to) pop them!
I guess stronger balloons can be used when they are smaller. No one is going to say they can't pop a 11" balloon. So for a 11"Q you will get a fight, because, well, you should be able to blow to pop a simple balloon right? But for bigger balloons, sizes people are not used to... It is much more easy to give up!

Why would a studio make their own problems by giving a model a balloon that is very hard (and violent) to pop? Only if it pays or sells better than easy balloons, like the U16, this would be a good strategy. And even then, I only would ask more experienced models to "try to pop this very strong balloon".
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