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Default Underinflating, or Overly Cautious?
So as a non popper, I obviously avoid popping balloons at all cost, this being said I also love extremely big balloons

I typically have a lot of 17" and 24" balloons lying around my house. When I inflate them to the "max" they still seem way smaller than what I see online. Am I just underinflating the balloons?

Does anyone else have this issue? Appreciate any thoughts! I've also learned that Tuftex 24" are my new hands down favorite (especially for stuffing!)
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Default Re: Underinflating, or Overly Cautious?
Tuftex gets bigger with multiple inflations. Try reinflating the balloon a couple of times.

Another way to do this is to inflate the balloon until it gets tight. Let it sit for a few hours and it will get softer as the latex expands. Add some more air and make it tight again. Let it sit. Repeat. If you are confident in your skills at judging "enough", the balloon will get gradually larger. It is a fun game.

Also, some colors seem to get bigger than others. I find that crystal magenta and clear get huge.

This is more dangerous for non poppers, but older Tuftex can get larger than fresh ones.

Finally, if all that fails, hold the balloon at arms length in front of you. Then take a photo close to the balloon with a wide angle lens. That is another way to make balloons seem larger. LOL.
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