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Default Looner and balloon fetish history?
Hi, it is me again well I was thinking yesterday about if there is something like a web page or file where you can read about the beginnings of the balloon fetish, you know something like a Looner history, something like when all it started, who created the “Looner” name, what kinds of balloons existed before, who was the first studio who made films for balloon fetish, etc.
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Default Re: Looner and balloon fetish history?
Balloon buddies was one of the very early forums I think. It’s origins were in a postal community initially.
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Old 10-12-2018, 09:19 PM
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Default Re: Looner and balloon fetish history?

If you want a good history, then these links will be of interest to all of you. In no specific order of preference:

1) For a very basic overview, Wikipedia is an okay place to start:

2) For a very basic history of the psychology of the fetish, then this link is worth a quick read of:

3) This is a very old page, from probably around the late-1990's or very early 2000's. It's short-and-sweet, but still may be worth a look:

4) If you want a good, more detailed overview (and aren't easily shocked), then this link is helpful:

5) This article is from February 2002, but it's useful:

6) This is a more medical/psychological/psychosexual history of the kink, from December 2015, but if you want a more challenging insight, it's worth some time pouring over this:

7) Katherine Gates' book DEVIANT DESRIES: A TOUR OF THE EROTIC EDGE is also worth buying, but it covers all manner of other fetishes and kinks along with a detailed chapter on Looners. She's: "a free-range anthropologist, curator, and freelance writer based in New York's Hudson Valley. A graduate of Yale University, she was the founder of Gates of Heck, an artists' book publisher collaborating with Annie Sprinkle and Art Spiegelman, among others.", which should give you some idea of her pedigree!

Important: The book can be bought online, and is a full-colour, large-sized paperback book, but be aware, this will contain photos and imagery of an adult nature (full nudity, male and female; depictions of genitalia; depictions of fetishes you may personally not want to know about, or that may offend or cause distress), and as such, you need to be aware of this! DO NOT BUY IT if you are easily offended, or would be worried about having to explain why you have it. In some countries, the book may breach the law, because of the content - written and graphics - so please be really clear about what it is you are buying! The ISBN Number is: 978-1-57687-844-6, and will cost you about £25 GBP, $35 USD, or about 30 Euros approximately.

Finally, the best article, though, is one that doesn't seem to be available anymore. I still have it, as a Microsoft Word document. I think it may have come from Chipple's old Balloon Fetish site, from the very early-days of the Internet, before the Internet went mainstream. However, it's 25-pages long, written by an actual Looner, and is absolutely the best thing I've ever read on the topic, that wasn't formerly published.

If anyone knows where/how I can upload it, safely (preferably, with some kind of password, so that only people who the password can download it), then reply to this post in this thread, and I will do so.

Alternatively, if the host of this site, Vicci, is happy for me to send it to her, she is then welcome to find a way to let people from this site to download it, that's fine with me.

Apologies this was such a long post, but I hope it's been of some use to you all.
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