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Old 14-04-2019, 06:54 PM
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Default Air mattress
Anybody else enjoy playing with an air mattress? I like to inflate them nice and firm flip them on their side and ride it. Feels amazing and they take one hell of a beating especially intex brand. Also alot of fun to ride balloons and other inflatables on them was curious if anybody else liked them as well.
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Old 14-04-2019, 09:49 PM
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Default Re: Air mattress
They’re alright for riding other inflatables on. I prefer the thinner pool floats with the built in pillow though. Especially when overinflated.
How big will it go? Only one way to find out...
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Old 27-04-2019, 02:32 PM
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Default Re: Air mattress
I have a whole thread about large air mattresses. I like to get more than two large people on them.

But my favorite inflatables to pop are the cheap, slim, single-chamber, one-person air mattresses. When you put a lot of weight on them the pillow keeps growing until it pops on either the top seam or the one between the mattress and the pillow. Usually the top seam.

It takes a lot of weight to do that. I'm almost 600 pounds and it's not enough. Sometimes they'll develop a leak when I get on them, but usually they'll just stretch and go soft, except for the pillow, which gets quite hard, but they'll recover almost completely when I get off. Somewhere in the 1000 pound range, though, maybe less, the pillow will just keep growing until it explodes. I haven't tested to see exactly how much weight it takes to do that. I've sat on these things with my partner, who is about 440 pounds, with a woman almost my size, I've been on it with a woman bigger than me, though we didn't both fit, and I've been on them with a pile of sand bags and weight plates. Even with way more than 1000 pounds on it, it can take as much as ten minutes for the pillow to reach its maximum size and explode.

I like to load the whole tube end but not put any weight on the pillow. It's shocking how big it gets, and it makes a lot of noise when it blows. Way more than a swim ring, and a swim ring makes more noise than a beach ball.

The translucent mats generally stretch more and hold more weight than the "econo mats", but the most I've ever stretched the pillow of an air mattress was one of those econo mats, and I did it by overinflating and folding the tube end (twice) and sitting by big butt on it until it was stretched, overinflating it some more, and repeating. Either they don't make them like they used to or I just got really lucky that one time, but I've never gotten another air mattress to stretch that much with just my own weight and overinflation. And BTW, when you stretch one of those econo mats that much, the color streaks. You get streaks of normal color separated by streaks of translucent.

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Old 29-04-2019, 02:22 AM
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Default Re: Air mattress
I like them. Given their shape, they're a lot easier to lie on, or lie beneath them, and hug them.

Though they're often made with smooth vinyl rather than textured vinyl which makes it harder to enjoy feeling them.

It can take a while for a proper "oh no, it's leaking!" feeling to happen when a valve opens or it gets punctured, because it's just got so much more air compared to a smaller swim ring or inflatable kickboard. Can be a good or bad thing, depending on the mood.

Also when around other people I can't easily keep them inflated and ready, so I have to opt for smaller toys.
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Old 29-04-2019, 03:08 AM
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Wink Re: Air mattress
i have a few air mattresses i use for camping and indoors i really like the big double high ones to lay on and i find sex is really good on them because of the bounce in it. when they puncture that just makes it more fun to ride lol
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Old 02-05-2019, 03:37 PM
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Default Re: Air mattress
Yes, I too like Air mattress
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Old 17-05-2019, 02:04 PM
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Default Re: Air mattress
Had some fun with an Intex econo mat this morning. I intended it would be a quick session so I overinflated it. I just intended to fold it twice and sit on it and pop it, but instead I loaded 450 pounds of weight plates on it and sat on it. I've never done that to an overinflated econo mat before, but then that's also far from the most weight I've put on them. I loaded the tube end and left the pillow to expand. The tubes were hard enough that I didn't bottom out right away, but as the pillow stretched I did eventually start to bottom out. The pillow popped after about six minutes. It was large, but I've gotten them much larger. Actually, an overinflated econo mat ususally just develops a leak pretty quickly with just my own weight on it, so I was happy to see it last as long and get as big as it did.

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