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Default Greetings from cold Alberta!!!
Hi everyone!
I'm from Calgary, Alberta!
I've been "lurking" on this forum for a long time but thought it was high time to join up and introduce myself.
I followed the old Champagne and Balloons forum since 1997 or so. Shortly after that I joined the BalloonBuddies e-mail list. Those 2 resources gave me a huge sense of who I was and it was incredibly refreshing learning that I wasn't alone on this 'ol rock orbiting a star.
I'm a male, married, heterosexual and a non-popper (although I do use balloons as targets on the rifle and handgun ranges).
I love giant balloons, TufTex balloons of all sizes and Punchballs (I have thousands).
(EDIT) I should add I love pooltoys and beachballs, too. My favorites being the classic 6 panel 48" beachballs. Some of my most prized possessions are my Intex Wet Set 48" Classic beachballs from the 90's. I wish I'd have bought more of them.
Looking forward to chatting with anyone and everyone., about balloons or life in general.
I embrace all Looners. Male, female, whatever your race/color or sexual preference is.
Hope to chat soon!

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