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Smile Re: Most peices after the bang
Hi there,

I just love it when a balloon explodes into lots and lots of tiny shreds. It is so super cool when that happens

I even now and then try to count the pieces - even though some always show up long after. It is not always the biggest balloons that make the most shreds - sometimes an 11" balloon will burst into almost 500 shreds and a 24" only into maybe just 3. Like the others who have replied to this thread I am pretty sure that balloons pop into the most shreds when they are popped by being 'overstressed, whether it is by being sat on, hugged or blown up until they pop. Of course it also depend on how strong the balloon is, but I think it has even more to do with the balloon being kind of evenly strong all over - leaving no particular weak spot to first give in. This way the entire balloon will be at its limit when it finally goes bang

Another thing I find really cool is when the far end of the balloon ends up in sort of a squid with lots of tiny arms (if this makes any sense). Sometimes also the mouthpiece ends up this way (and the rest of the balloon in small pieces all over the room). Do other have similar feelings about this?

I know it may sound ridiculous to some, but blowing up a balloon until it pops feels even cooler when it explodes into lots and lots of tiny shreds - not to mention how brave I feel by daring to do it! Counting the shreds kind of enhances these feelings. I don't do this every time though. Most times I just enjoy blowing up the balloon bigger and bigger until it pops. It as incredibly exciting to me, and I feel so brave when it pops with a really loud bang.
It never stops to amaze me that something that earlier almost scared me to death, has become such a pleasure that I can hardly get enough of it.

Thank you for reading my posting
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Old 04-01-2018, 03:08 AM
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Default Re: Most peices after the bang
Hi Susie:

Yes I too enjoy when a balloon bursts into shreds. I got some cheap terrible smelling polka dot balloons from a dollar store and recently B2Ped one of them. It got much bigger than rated size and put up a good fight but when it finally gave way there was no piece bigger than a few millimeters, should have taken a picture. I usually pop them inside a large plastic bag for easy cleanup but even then am still finding little shreds here and there weeks later.

I know what you mean about the "squid with tiny arms"! Almost artistic.

I remember the first time B2Ping a balloon and being surprised by how it shredded - previously I had pin or sit popped them and they'd just pop into a few pieces.

I like watching the slow motion videos of balloons bursting into shreds. Fascinating, as Mr. Spock would say.
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Old 05-01-2018, 12:43 AM
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Default Re: Most peices after the bang
I think it was my second intentional blow to pop (first was with a generic 11" from a church). It was a lime green Tuf-Tex 17 inch. About three years ago in December 2014.

I pre-stretched it and even inflated it up to about 15" a few times to stretch the latex. When it finally popped, it was probably at 20-21" and that fucker was loud! It took me thirty minutes to find most of the tiny shreds of latex, and I still found them around my room for a while.
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