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Old 14-02-2018, 11:36 PM
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Default Re: Happy Valentine's Day!
Dude loonverersity can i come to your hosue and help you pop those or bounce on them? please? lol is your gf gonna try some hot new moves . that picture is my dream
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Old 16-02-2018, 10:19 AM
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Default Re: Happy Valentine's Day!
The reality is pretty sad in the end actually lol! Had to work through lunch so by the time I got home i had about 2 mins cleaning up! Given an hour it would have been loads of sit pops, stomping the mylars and i even had a lighter lined up to pop the smaller ones, but in reality it was a pretty frantic pin/foot pop that was over real quick.

That said on the same night i blew these up, i started making something AMAZING! Got a 55” cattex clear heart (which are notoriously vulnerable to esrly pops) but repeatedly inflated it, jumped on it to make it shape up right and deflating, and i managed over about 3 hours to fill it with 30 peach coloured 12” balloons! No pops, just plain sailing. It really was beautiful (i’m going to recreate it next month and I’ll share pix) but basically i had finishdd, and was doing the usual counting down a few more seconds of adding air, and it was this really beautiful really heart shaped masterpiece, crammed full of these peach balloons which looked professionally cool. Then Kaboom! Just before I was about to stop adding air, deafening bang and all of these peach balloons exploded outward around the room. Really really wanted to sit pop that one, but alas, too soon!

If i need to clear the house out not in such a rush, i wish there was a rent a looner service to come get the fun out of it instead of me! Felt a bit of a waste, but there is plenty more where they came from!
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