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Default ON THE AIR with Kimber - a Blowgirls serial
Been a while, but I'm back with a new way of presenting a story. Lack of feedback and new everyday obligations put my writing on the back burner, but I haven't abandoned anything completely. However, seeing Youtubers switching to Patreon and OnlyFans (which I agree might be a good idea) made me consider what content I'd pay to keep watching, which in turn inspired me to think up what kind of show I would make myself. Since I don't really have the prerequisites I had to settle for describing it, and the episodic format would suit smaller installments well.
So I thought I'd be posting new segments every few days, just like the protagonists - and just like them I might be able to work in suggestions, if any. Or at least get some hints from them.
But before I get ahead of myself, here's the first installment. Hope you'll like it, and if you feel there's not quite enough balloons at the start don't worry - every new production needs some time to pick up the pace! I believe there'll be more than enough further on.

with Kimber

Episode 1

You know how I said I found a way to scratch Kimmy’s performing itch? It actually wasn’t too hard, given her work history. But it led to a number of episodes that might interest some of you, in case you haven’t seen them already. And if you have, at least you don’t know the behind-the-scenes scoop. So here it is.

After Kim understandably nixed broadcasting her saxophone practice, I asked the obvious question again.
“So what would you like to do?”
She looked thoughtful. “Dunno. But you know that leftover feeling? Kinda had that working with Jack. No reruns of that, please.”
Her newscaster ex had sometimes let her sit in as a prop girl, adding some comedy to his coverage - usually by holding up signs with comments not written by her. The one time she’d scored a point was by replacing the inflation demonstration with an actual balloon, blowing it to pop in the studio. Since it happened to be a personal interest of his, he’d apparently had some trouble staying professional. Served that two-timer right.
That gave me an in on how to present her without encroaching on Kriss and Alex’s schtick – they could keep covering actual music and yet be an entirely separate act.
“Why not try his game and beat him at it? You could present and comment on entertainment news.”
“I suck at writing.”
“But I have some experience. I’d be happy to help with the scripts. Do all of them if you want, love.”
“Isn’t that too much work, Cherry darling?”
“Since the only work I do these days is PR for them I’m pretty free”, I shrugged. ”Only fair I do the same for you.”
Kim’s eyes grew moist. “Oh, I would love that, Cheryl. Maybe not as much as I love you but I would…”
I kissed her cheek. “Love you beyond reason, Kimmy-coo. Let me show you…”
So the actual planning had to wait for a bit. But there was no hurry.

By the way - I realize some of you have never heard me describe it before, so this is the setting: A relatively affluent gated community outside Las Vegas, or more precisely a two-story mini-mansion with a pair of single floor wings flanking the majority of the back yard. A pool house and a carport containing a red Chevy '57 and a green 30' brontosaurus, currently deflated. A recording studio in the basement with far more brass instruments than can be healthy, a musical prodigy and her wife (yours truly) plus the most recent additions - Kimberly and Alexis, our dearest friends and lifemates. (Would be more than that if polygamy was legal – though we have the rings if not the paperwork.)
I admit our living arrangements are a bit unconventional, but to us it feels completely natural. A household of four is pretty ordinary even if those usually involve kids instead of two more lovers. And with so much love to go around, I wouldn't have it any other way.
With Kriss’ (you might have heard of Crystal Mackenzie – that’s her) accumulated capital we're comfortably well off, though any amount of cash will run dry if not replenished and some extra ad revenues wouldn't be amiss - especially if it made Kim feel like she was doing her part. The dance lessons she held for local kids were as much for fun as the slight income boost.
Since she had loads of stage and camgirl experience a show like this hopefully wouldn't be too taxing, and judging by her enthusiasm she could live with the effort.

Kriss and Lex were about as eager. The latter in particular couldn't wait to watch her spouse perform again.
"Gonna be so cool!" she said. "And no pandering to kinky requests."
"Sadly", Kim smiled. "Guess we'll just have to anticipate them."
My own wife was about to fly off the handle with excitement. "I know just where to film it!"
"We all do, Krissie", I sighed. The spare guest room upstairs wasn't exactly in use.
She wasn't deterred, though. "Can we start turning it into a studio?"
"Isn't one enough for the house?"
"You know what I mean, Chel. Something we won't have to rebuild every time." Kriss grew thoughtful. "Redecorate, sure, but you get my drift."
“Speaking of redecorating”, Lexi said while looking Kim over, “what kinda look are you planning for?”
The blonde smiled evasively. “Oh, you know, just your everyday, run-of-the-mill, super fab TV presenter.”
Alex pressed on. “Like a newscaster or talkshow host? Gonna wear a suit?” she asked hopefully.
“Sometimes”, Kim promised. “Wanna do a lot of outfits.”
Kriss pretended to reach for a wallet. “We could set up a wardrobe budget! Or just say fuck that noise and charge everything to me. Can’t wait to see it!”
“I’ll buy second-hand stuff”, Kim said, embracing her. “But nothing grody.”
“Unless we want to do a grody episode”, I said. “Could be fun having you look a mess for once. A pretty one, of course.”
“Oo! Let’s!” Then she turned back to Kriss. “Hey, Mrs. Producer - I hear a casting couch is customary at times like this.”
My wife nodded. “Practically mandatory.”
“So whatcha say we find one?”
“What about MeToo?” I said.
“You’ll get yours later”, Kriss promised as she left with the aspiring actress.
“Gotcha covered, baby”, Alex whispered and pulled me into her arms.
“Mmm. So what part do you want, Miss Riley?”
“Thought I’d provide some oral support.”
The kiss backed up her words nicely.
“I have an idea”, I told her. “You rattle off every look you want to see her in and I’ll find ways to work them in.”
“That’d be awesome. Gonna have to give that some thought.”
Alex loves ladies in uniforms, so her input would only make it easier to think up themes. However, that was for the future.
“Any more…spontaneous ideas?”
“Yeah. Come with me.”
She led me to their bedroom and began kissing me for real, her hands starting to unbutton my pants. Good call.
“Help me get these off.”
As I stripped (pretty urgently, I admit) Lexi fiddled with something from the nightstand drawer. She turned and I saw she’d fitted a valve to what appeared to be a dark pink twenty-four-inch balloon. Her eyes met mine with a challenge as she started to blow it up, indicating the bed with a nod.
I knew what to do and got down on all fours atop the mattress. Lex knelt behind me and slipped the expanding globe between my legs. My anticipation built with every loud, powerful breath as she hurried to make the loon large enough for action. The latex stretched out under my belly and I rested my breasts on it, feeling them lift and separate as the balloon grew below me. The caress of inflating rubber turned my nipples rock hard as they slid sideways and a throbbing further down screamed for immediate attention. By now Lexi had blown the loon into a huge pear shape and the slope towards her face was in the perfect position for my crotch. I rubbed against it and felt a surge of pleasure shoot through my whole body, an electricity far beyond the usual static.
I lowered myself carefully until it supported my entire weight and began thrusting in time with her breaths. The steady puffing ceased as she broke off to speak.
“That’s it, Chellie, fuck it good…”
Then the heavy exhales resumed and the colorful balloon grew tighter against my skin and privates. I glanced down to admire its raspberry sheen reflecting every light in the room and felt the thrill of uncertainty - the half scary, half exciting anticipation of a pop. I wanted to get while the getting was good and started humping it as violently as I dared, each bouncy, creaky impact bringing me closer to a wonderful climax. The angle of the loon told me it had grown a neck but I couldn’t see how big or tight it was, only delight in the rubbery sensation. Flashes of light were playing inside my head as the internal pressure built towards the point of no return and with a loud bang the makeshift sex toy exploded under me and sent me crashing to the bed before I was done. I whined in disappointment but in an instant Lexi’s hand was in the sweet and wet spot, lifting me back into place as she swiftly rolled onto the mattress to finish the job by mouth. Her magnificent lips wrapped around my clit and sucked me right back to where I’d been when the latex had given up and with my butt in a firm grip she went on to lick and kiss me all over the edge, the rubber shards stuck to my body falling off as I twitched in ecstasy.
When she was sure I’d had all I could take she scooched back until we ended up face to face. Her grin was so triumphant and full of love it was impossible to not kiss her for a full minute or more. If possible, the smile only grew wider.
I smiled back. “You sure know how to blow. My mind and anything else.”
“Nice to be appreciated.”
“Same for you?”
She closed her eyes and shuddered. “No time.”
I lowered myself to kiss and thrust against her, delivering what was so sorely needed. It wasn’t long before Lexi too had been thoroughly satisfied, sending her warm breath into my ear along with whispered sweet nothings.
“So what now?” she asked as we lay cuddling.
“We’ll just have to wait and see if she got the job.

It was pretty obvious she had - not that there’d ever been the shadow of a doubt. Later that night I asked Kriss what Kim had done to prove her bona fides.
“She got a bag of elevens, tore the corner off with her teeth and spat it out, looking wicked as hell.”
I could imagine. After all, I’d seen her do it.
“Then she blew one up nice and quick. Thought she was going for a btp but she stopped at the last moment. Tied it, tossed it, batted it away with her face tongue-first.”
The imaginary visuals made me feel like I’d missed out and I put a finger against her lips.
“Hold that thought. Maybe you’d better show me.”
With a grin she was off to fetch some loons of her own while I touched myself just a little to get in the proper mood. Didn’t have time for much more anyway.
Kriss bit the bag open in imitation of the other blonde, not quite hitting devilish but nailing adorably eager. She pulled out a yellow balloon and let it dangle from her mouth while nonchalantly tossing the bag aside. A quick inhale later she began filling it with air straight from her lungs - and did she ever do a good job. The latex expanded rapidly with each powerful exhale and I anticipated her stopping right at the end like she said Kim did, but she went too fast, overshot, and burst the loon all over the bed and me. She didn’t even have the decency to look embarrassed.
“Let me try that again.”
She picked out another yellow one and inflated it almost as swiftly, but this time slowed down when the neck started stretching out. Another breath filled it up and she tied it off, grabbed it by the knot and ran it all over my bare breasts with playful, deliberate flicks at the nipples.
“I see these can be blown up some more.”
The inflection told me she was still impersonating Kim and cool, sensual breaths soon showed she was right. She licked, kissed and blew again as I grew stiffer and stiffer at the front.
“Wonder if this is as big as they can get?” Some sucking and puffing proved that yes, it was.
“Guess so. Shame. Ah well, still got these!”
Kriss took a handful of balloons and let them trickle between her fingers onto my belly. She lifted one with her lips and blew in a big breath before grabbing it to support. After adding some more air she compared the size with my tits.
“And still room for more!” She demonstrated by inflating it to the limit and put it aside with the first. The pair was much too big to ever be mistaken for boobs.
Then she dragged a third one down my tummy and onwards, letting it rest right on top of my clit. Her face followed along and once she saw how wet I was she gently pushed the balloon inside me until only the neck remained. She wrapped her mouth around it and blew, instantly making me writhe from the sudden pressure. It was nice. Kriss puffed harder and as the loon took shape it slid right out. My whine was almost as disappointed as her pout, but she recovered quickly with a new idea.
“Maybe it’d stay in if I blew it up in your ass.”
That was a Kim comment if I ever heard one, but not even she had tried that. Yet.
“Or maybe I should fill it and try putting it in neck first.”
That, she had tried. Without much success but it had been nice nonetheless.
“Or maybe not. After all, I’m here to show how well I can…blow.”
She sat up and finished inflating the balloon, then did another, and yet another. Her skill and speed were inspiring, made me want to join in to help her transform the rest of the crumpled heap into shiny, gaudy globes as fast as possible. I reflected on the difference between the flaccid pouches and their inflated comrades and how little it took to make the change. Instant festivity – just add air.
And that was just what Kriss was doing. I lay transfixed, watching her cheeks puff out over and over as she blew. The whooshing sound was music to my ears, telling me she was well on her way to be done and move on to me. Her breasts were perking up in anticipation and I reached up to flick the tips with my thumbs, nearly making my lover lose her grip on the loon. A brief moan interrupted the powerful exhales, but almost at once she was back to diminishing the dwindling pile of uninflated loons.
She looked so professional blowing and knotting with hardly a pause I considered renting her out as a perambulatory pump. It would be so cool watching her walk around and inflate any decorations the customer had cared to lay out, putting them neatly in place before moving on to the next. I would pocket the cash and pay her in sex – she could earn unlimited fucks that way if she wasn’t getting it already. I’d started imagining how I’d dress her for the job - maybe like something a bellhop would wear, in fern green with lots of brass buttons and matching trouser stripes – when she finished the final red balloon and let it fall onto my chest.
“All done with these”, Kriss teased, “but I don’t think I’m done blowing.”
She gently pushed my thighs apart and went back down, leaving me with nothing to hold but her captured breath. Then she began to lick, suck - and yes, blow – on my most sensitive parts, building the pressure inside me as well. I squeezed a balloon hard with each arm, the tight rubber pressing against my body increasing the absolute thrill and their creaking protests adding to the tension. Kriss kept lapping away in a frenzy as my legs started twitching and trashing about and a sudden involuntary jerk made the left balloon explode against my skin. I picked up another without hesitation and hugged it just as closely, not giving a damn what might happen to it. Amazingly it lasted longer than I did and my coming was louder than its predecessor had been. My mate waited patiently for me to catch my breath, but as she said nothing I had to prompt her.
“And what did she do then?”
I got a smile and a shrug. “Not much, just let me take her.”
That deserved a grin in return. “Sounds like my cue.”
I threw Kriss onto her knees and put all the loons that would fit under her. Then I got out a handy strapon so I could doggy her mercilessly over the blown-up spheres. She gasped and groaned and shrieked as I plowed her as hard as I could, hard enough to make the balloons she was bouncing on burst. She reached out for new ones to replace their popped brethren and I leaned forward to hug her close, adding my weight to hers and exploding all the inflated latex below almost at once. Kriss gave such a sexy yell I became desperate to finish her too and picked up the pace, thrusting and thrusting until I heard the best noise in all the world.
I rolled off to let her recover, but it wasn’t long until she spoke as casually and off-handed as if I had just entered the room.
“So what did you and Lex do?”
I got out the required things and showed her - with as much accuracy as I could. Except Kriss came while I was still blowing up the balloon and so she got double value from the exercise. Didn’t mind that at all, especially since she popped even more intensely when I blew her. I would have licked her for a triple if I hadn’t been so intent on copying Lexi’s act.
I told her what would go next but she went a bit off-script and flipped me over to repeat the pounding I had given her. There were enough balloons left to prop me up when she started, but none at all when we were done. They’d been a worthy sacrifice for that pleasure.
I lay back and let relaxation wash over me. “If that’s what she did I take it you were satisfied with her audition.”
Kriss chuckled. “Oh hell yes. Think the couch gonna need cleaning.”
So would the bed, but one night of sleeping among rubber pieces wouldn’t kill us. It never had before at least.
“But acting aside - if you’re gonna be directing again, maybe you’d better practice a bit on me?”
Well, since she asked I told her the first thing that came to mind. “Fuck me again, but face to face this time.”
Her obedient leer was just what I’d expected. “I think I know how to do that.”
And wow, does she ever.


If you feel Kriss and Lex get sidelined from here on, don’t worry. We kept doing stuff like this and so much more all through that period – just not in relation to what I’m about to tell. You can safely insert lots of playing with them pretty much anywhere you might imagine.
I’m lucky that way.
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Default Re: ON THE AIR with Kimber - a Blowgirls serial
Episode 2

The rest was mostly formalia. Setting up a channel would be easy – especially since I was already running one for Kriss. The hard part was really just thinking up a name. We hadn’t gone through many before we agreed 'On the Air' should be part of it.
“On the Air with Kimber”, the soon-to-be hostess said. “I wanna use my real name but Kim’s too short and… too common. And Kimberly takes too long to say.”
I nodded. “Fine by me. I take it you want to live up to the title?”
“It’s what I’m used to, boss”, Kim stated. “And gotta keep you in practice too!”
After three years of thinking up ways to put blowing into acts I could probably handle it on a smaller scale. And if I couldn’t she’d still be on the air, albeit less literally.
Kriss was growing more restless by the minute. “About that studio…”
“All right, all right. Guess it’s time for that.”
So we set about the practicals the very next day. A neutral backdrop was easy to install, but that was just the first step. We got ourselves a desk that looked suitably newsroom-worthy and set up a couple of spotlights that were hell to adjust properly, though we got it sorta right in the end. Then I had to sit and talk nonsense while Kim got her camera settings the way she wanted them. All in all a pretty boring afternoon, but a necessary part of the setup. The set dressing would be more interesting.
With the furniture sorted Kriss proved she’d once again been more eager than reflective. "So what's usually in the picture?"
I gave it some thought. "Well, something that hints at the world outside. Maybe not a map or a skyline."
"A globe then? Inflatable, of course."
"Could work."
It didn't take much shopping around to find a nice one – fifteen inches in diameter with a holder in imitation wood, to flatter that flimsy thing.
The actual print wasn't garish at all - mainly light blue oceans and green continents with about the same saturation. The valve was located at the North Pole and Kim began to inflate the miniature planet about five seconds after unboxing it, leaving the assembly of the stand to me.
I was finished long before she was, but that may in part be because the blonde got a bit overzealous. She blew it up until it almost burst - at least that's how it looked. It was completely spherical, as opposed to the slightly angular look often seen on smaller and cheaper geographical toys.
"Easy there", I said. "We don't want any earth-shattering kabooms."
The inflatress looked up with a playful pout. "Ree got to blow up the world."
"She blew to pop by accident", I reminded her. "It'd take conscious effort to make that one go blooey."
Kim gave a grin that showed just how aware she was of that, then forced one last breath in on general principle. The globe didn't break, but was now absolutely rock hard without the slightest sign of a crease. At a glance you couldn't tell it was merely an educational beach ball - it looked like it was cast in hard plastic, just like the stand. She kissed the full-blown inflatable and put it in place. It wouldn't spin freely but that was hardly the idea - a small twist brought the local hemisphere into view and that was it.
"How's it look?"
Once in place you could tell right away it was far too big for the purpose.
"To be honest, more like a schoolroom than a studio."
"Oh! I could do the strict teacher routine!"
We didn't rule that out but decided to keep it for later. Naturally Kim would have to reinflate the globe in character, though that was a minor issue compared to redecorating the desk.
In the end we settled for a tray to hold papers and an old-fashioned telephone. Goes without saying it wasn't connected - I'm not even sure that could be done these days. Anyway, it brought a vintage newsroom to mind and that was all we were going for as a start.
Other props were a different matter. Sure, we had lots and lots of balloons for all kinds of fun but we would maybe have to invest in more uniformly themed ones depending on the subject. Kriss had a box and a half of assorted inflatables that’d been sent over by Puffco, purveyors of all kinds of blow ups and occasional collaborators. As in, she’d appeared in a few of their advertisements. The freebies were for personal use, in case she could think of something to recommend them. And she had put in some nice words for some of the poolside furniture and floats, but not mentioned exactly what they’d been used for.

As for clothes, I found Kim looting her wardrobe for useful stuff. She had already amassed an impressive heap, each addition accompanied by a delighted gasp of discovery. I decided this was as good a time as any for the caveat I'd already decided on.
"Just one thing, though. No overdoing you-know-what."
"I-do-not", she said, looking far too innocent.
"The things you insist on wearing for my benefit."
"Oh, these?" Kim said, turning around to reveal she'd spent the last five seconds hooking on a really nice bow tie. Damn her.
"Yes. Exactly. Just because I love that look doesn't mean it's commonplace."
Her mock disappointment was adorable. "Aww... Not even on real special occasions?"
"It'll be okay now and then, I guess. But not on a next-to-daily basis."
"Relax, Cherry. I'll save that for you."
Did I ever know it. I bring this up just to show you how Miss Swanson's mind works - if she finds out something tickles your fancy, she'll exploit it relentlessly. In a sweet way, of course. If it gets uncomfortable for real she stops at once.
And to her credit, I enjoyed her appropriation of my kink more than I'd like to admit. I just didn't want it to intrude on her soon-to-be-public appearances.
"Tell you what - you can wear one whenever it's motivated by the subject. Of the show", I added quickly.
She restored her more casual appearance except for the grin, which was downright devious. "That's gonna help my creativity for sure."

Speaking of that, if we were going for regular updates I needed to up my writing game. I jotted down some commentaries on current entertainment happenings and tried to inject a little humor where possible. The others helped out of course, but I had to lay the groundwork. Three scripts including the introductory one would have to do for a trial run.
If you don't know the setting you probably don't know the background either. Long story short, I landed a job at the Stone Theatre in New York which included overseeing the production of a variety show aimed at people who enjoy watching pretty girls blow into stuff - balloons, brass instruments, whatever. If you're reading this you're probably among those who understand that isn't as weird as it might sound.
Kim and Alex were two of 'Harley's Angels' - the troupe named after our boss - and together with eight other young ladies and owing to the success of the first show we had put on six productions over three years. Lexi had signed mainly as a musician and Kim as a dancer, but they - like the rest - had filled various roles through that period. And innumerable balloons.
The others were Betty, Carrie, Jo, Mandy, Nita, Riko, Sam and Tessa, so if those names pop up (since their acts are pretty much the only thing I can compare 'On the Air' with) they refer to former showgirls - each a blow-pro in her own right.
Also, I'd been estranged from Kriss for years but through some meddling from Riko we found each other again - and like some cheap erotica, the rest of the girls had also paired up over time and for the foreseeable future. The matches were so perfect I half suspected the whole operation had been an experiment for some cosmic force playing Cupid, or maybe love had truly been in the air. At any rate, I couldn't imagine a more pleasant work environment and if you wanted to see pretty women exercise their lungs and cheeks there was no finer place to go.

I wondered whether this new endeavor would get as rave reviews. While not as brilliantly deadpan as Betty had been at times, I was sure Kim could keep a serious enough demeanor, and she duly reported for the first shoot in character. She'd dug up a white blouse and a pinstriped waistcoat, and even unbuttoned to the middle of her chest the ensemble looked pretty professional. A simple pearl necklace added to that impression.
"This is what I wore working with Jack", she explained.
"Surprised you didn't burn it", Lex said.
Kim made a half-indignant face. "What, waste perfectly good clothes over him?"
"Glad you didn't", her wife admitted. "Looks fab on you."
It did. The studio was rather bare at the moment, though, but that was just for contrast with what would come later.
"Now shoo, both of you!" Kim said. "Can't have your laughs and cheers mess up the soundtrack."
Even if that wouldn't be an issue, any superfluous personnel would just be in the way. We scored some huge and happy good-luck-hugs, though, and Lexi kissed me so deeply I nearly swooned.
"You're the best", she whispered. "Thanks for doing this for her."
"My absolute pleasure."
"Gonna give you a lot of that myself" the dark girl promised with a wink and a smile before taking Kriss' hand and firmly leading her out.
"Alone at last", Kim teased. "So where do we start?"
I brought out a half-empty bag of 12-inchers. "Let's do a dress rehearsal - I need to see if anything goes out of frame."
Kim obligingly took a yellow balloon and sat down to inflate it. It sprang to life and expanded in front of her, and as her cheeks grew round from the pressure I noticed she hadn't forgotten the old stage tricks. She'd put on some gloss that reflected the spotlights' glare and made the bulging parts of her face almost as shiny as the loon. The rest of the paintjob concealed any and all blemishes, making her skin look as smooth and flawless as the rubber.
The sight took me right back to her audition at The Stone, the first time I saw her. Her getting the job was more or less a given as I was taken with her from the start. She'd reminded me so much of Kriss, except being younger, more wanton and with better moves.
Having all the required qualities and being drop-dead-gorgeous to boot, the tall blonde made me wish like hell she wouldn't trip up on the most important test - being able to blow up an 18-incher until it burst. But she hadn't - justifying her claims of having dated a looner - and just like now I was mesmerized by the way her face kept switching between two equally beautiful shapes. It had been more than five years but I still remembered her reaction to the explosion.
"Oops, that was fast", she said. "Got anything bigger for me to blow?"
The way she delivered that line had sealed the deal completely.
"Maybe in the future, because the job's yours if you want it."
"Then let's shake on it, boss."
Her earnest gaze and smile as I grasped her hand had my heart thumping and I just knew I would love working with her. Little did I suspect how much closer we'd be collaborating in the future. (Lexi's audition had been impressive too, though she'd awed me more with her skills and attitude. The attraction came later, but with a vengeance.)
A pop brought me back to the present and Kim was eager to hear the verdict. Had she been a regular presenter the loon would have been slightly too big, but she was more than able to fill it as quickly as less skilled ladies would inflate a lesser balloon.
"Not bad, but would be even better if you scooched back half a foot or so."
"So what color would you like for your grand return?"
Her face took on a slightly vengeful expression.
"Gimme a green one. For a faithful recreation."
I hoped Jack would watch it at some point to see what he was missing out on. His loss, our gain. I picked out the requested loon and watched her stuff it down her shirt before taking her place at the desk.
I started the camera and gave her the “Ready when you are”, and when she hesitated I said “Action!” just to set things rolling. She drew a breath and began.
“Hello and welcome to On the Air. I’m Kimber and I’ll be your host and guide to things that might not make it into mainstream news.”
“Cut”, I said. “Hostess.”
“Doesn’t roll of the tongue”, she complained.
After another false start we cut that and settled for just “guide”. Surprisingly there were no further flubs.
"Here there’ll be no news to make you snooze, no political pundits, no bores arguing whose outlook is right. We won't cover financial stuff and the only inflation reports you'll be getting will look like this."
She pulled the balloon out of her cleavage with an absolutely straight face, then brought it to her lips and began to blow it up. And just like that, it was like being back at the theatre where she'd been driving the audience wild nightly by pretending what she was doing wasn't meant to be sexy at all. But naturally it was.
Kim puffed her cheeks out with every huge breath, steadily filling the green latex orb to the limit and beyond, and when it inevitably popped in her face she didn't even flinch but simply placed the broken rubber neck on the desk as proof of what had just transpired. Maybe needed since she went on as if nothing had happened.
"Instead, we'll focus on pop culture and other interesting tit...tidbits from all around the world. Today we'll talk about some other TV shows on the air right now, with far bigger budgets than this one."
Being a bit of a serial nerd, Kim had suggested most of the rest and delivered it with genuine interest. She's always had a great stage presence, and when she'd finished with noting that general trivia would be featured in future episodes and that people should "stick around - some revelations might blow your mind" I felt we might have a winning concept.
I shut off the camera and Kim rushed me with a huge, expectant grin.
"How was it?"
"Lovely", I said. "Let's watch."
"Wait just a sec", she said. "I get a kiss after every successful take, right?"
"Of course, kitten. Can't be stingier than Kriss, can I?"
She and Lex have a habit of always smooching after every duet - except during live shows, of course - and I'd always been a little envious of that excuse. Not that any was needed, but it's always nice to have something to look forward to.
So me and Kimmy started a tradition of our own then and there, and I hope it felt as rewarding for her as it did for me. It wasn't a cheap imitation either but a long and delicious one that had us both grinning and looking deeply into each other's eyes when done. With any luck there'd be a whole bunch of episodes the future.
Once in the living room we hooked up the TV and the blonde cuddled up against me, tense but excited. The show was all I could have hoped for but Kim seemed perturbed.
"My voice really sound like that?"
"It's a nice voice."
"Long as you like it, but I don't think I'll ever get used to hearing it outside my head."
"You're gonna have to because if this catches on there'll be a lot of talking."
"Talking is fine. It’s listening that does it."
I gave her a reassuring pat. "It’ll be fine. Let's show our better halves."

They were suitably impressed though Kriss pointed out the obvious.
"The studio's a bit drab."
"That's so we can add themed decorations."
"In keeping with our overall theme I hope you mean balloons."
I nodded. "Sure. Or inflatables. Or whatever fits."
My wife turned to Kim. "I hope you'll change outfits for every show too."
"Gonna use any uniforms?" Alex asked wistfully.
"Wait and see-ee", Kim smiled, running a finger down her lover's nose. I was certain she planned catering to her interests even more than mine.
"Speaking of that”, I said, “what are you wearing for show two?"
"You'll see in a minute. These two" - she indicated the late arrivals - "will have to wait."

The star reported back to the studio in a blue blazer with rolled-up sleeves over an olive tee, 'dressy casual' if I ever saw it. She came straight up for a long hug.
"Cherry baby, can I be a bit difficult? There's something I really, really wanna try."
Funny enough, this didn't set of any alarm bells in my head. If it'd been Kriss, it would have.
"Sure, sweetie. What?"
She held me closer and lowered her voice.
"I wanna be all warm and fuzzy inside while we shoot. Help a girl out?"
I understood exactly what she meant and it ain't what most people would think. But if she could still keep her mind on the job it might make an interesting improvement. So I gave her a knowing grin.
"I'll try."
Then I kissed her once more, and not in a sweet or chaste way. She moaned as our tongues met and began to slow dance, my left hand caressing her neck while the right gripped and squeezed her buttock. I slid those fingers between her thighs and raised them just enough to make her gasp, then nuzzled her cheek.
"Something like that?"
"Ohh yeahh..." Kim sighed. "Not fair only porn stars get fluffers."
"Well, I'd be happy to be your..." - I blew into her ear, causing a shudder - "...puffer."
Her crotch rubbed against my hip. "Fuck yeah, Cherry, I'd love that!"
"Hope the viewers will too. Sure you can do your lines without panting?"
"How many times did I mess'em up on stage? I was even hotter most of those times."
"You were hot for sure. And still are."
There was a distinct glimmer in Kimmy's eyes which I hoped wouldn't be lost on camera. She adjusted her hair and clothes and sat down for an attempt. This time her papers were taken out of a brown paper bag.
"Today we have a mixed bag of reports..."
She went through the items in turn and even if you couldn't see any traces of our makeout session the results were clear. There was a certain low-key spark to her posture and gaze I found very, very appealing. Combined with the almost formal delivery it was interesting to watch. And mildly arousing, though that could just be an aftereffect. Kim hadn't been alone in appreciating that interlude.
Placing the last paper in the 'out' basket she announced it was all she had to tell for today. As if to prove it, she bunched up the opening of the bag, blew it full of air and slammed her palm against it with a loud bang before dropping the ruptured paper out of sight.
"Be sure to click like and subscribe if you've enjoyed yourself, and see you next time."

We previewed that part too and I'll be darned if Kimmy didn't have a point. The host being just a little hot under the collar worked wonders. And most people wouldn't even know she was.
Eager to finish the prepared scripts Kim rushed off to dress for the subject of 'professionalism'. I had researched a few incidents of entertainers making mistakes in both performances and demeanor. Not mean-spirited, just pointing out what not to do if you want to be taken seriously.
It wasn't long before our presenter returned looking the part of a real newscaster in a full suit - shirt and tie and all - while still retaining the playfully feminine face. Lexi would love that getup and I realized that was the reason she'd put it on before dropping by the music room for a prop. Talk about surprise visit.
She was still looking pleased with herself when she got back.
"I take it the outfit was properly appreciated?"
"More like improperly. By the way, if we hurry your services won't be needed."
I didn't feel like rushing the shoot, but since she'd be reading from a setting-justified cue card there wasn't any reason to not start at once. Kim began by stating that some might feel she wasn't professional enough but there were in fact worse offenders. She related the story of the starlet that only a week ago had been caught lip-syncing at a live performance.
“There's only way to describe that."
She quickly lifted the hidden trombone she'd retrieved earlier and blew the long, suddenly descending brass note usually connotating 'fail'. Then she stashed the instrument out of sight and told another such anecdote, ending it in the same manner.
Eventually she got to the very recent but well-publicized incident where up-and-coming artist Tod Guernica had insulted and assaulted an innocent bystander. We would edit in one of the many videos of his very public outburst. Kim admitted that she had personally been the cause of his ire (and could indeed be seen in the clip) but meeting Lexi's peace offering the way he had was definitely a no-no. Good thing her judo skills made sure he just ended up making an ass of himself.
"I'm really sorry about that installation", Kim told the world, "but it WAS an accident and I did my best to make amends. No call for that kind of language." His description of Lex would be bleeped out, of course.
"So, Mr. Guernica, I'd suggest you mind your manners in the future." She bent down for a final pickup. "Because that display was just..."
There'd be no need to dub in the 'Sad Trombone' sound since Kim played it herself. It was the one thing all the Angels had been keen to learn on that horn. She put it on the desk and bid the viewers goodbye with a smile and a reminder that professionalism isn't about appearance or content.

Kriss and Lex were duly taken with our efforts. They agreed it was well worth watching, even with the bare-bones setting. I had a counter for that tiny gripe.
"I'm gonna have to make a logo anyway. Could superimpose it in the corner."
"That would help. Maybe we should think of backgrounds while writing?"
It would be the theatre all over, finding excuses to work props in. But hell, I'd become pretty good at that over the years.
Kim was wedged securely in Lexi's lap. She hadn't changed after shooting and was reaping the benefits of an extra-snugly embrace.
"I'm all tense after all that" she complained playfully. "Gonna need at least three bedmates. One at a time or preferably all at once..."
"Hey", I said, "I've worked hard too and I definitely need three at once."
Lexi and Krissie said nothing. They just picked us up and carried us off, grinning like maniacs all the way.
I think we were all wearing that expression before the day was done.
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Default Re: ON THE AIR with Kimber - a Blowgirls serial
Episode 3

The next morning I set about making that logotype. I ended up with the title in big, puffy capitals and the name of the star in dainty letters below. I had Kim write it out herself and chose a font that approximated the style.

with Kimber

Not too shabby, I thought, and could always be changed later. I edited the vids and put it on top, which won Kriss' temporary approval. Kim watched the clips at least ten times each, asking how soon they could be posted almost as many times.
There was nothing to do but create a new channel with a description, post the first one and ask Kriss and Lex to plug the hell out of it in their next video. Which they filmed straight away, containing nothing but suggestions to watch the brand new thing. Since it went straight to all their subscribers it meant a lot of almost instant views and a clear majority of thumbs up.
By the time the second vid went up a couple days later she had more than three hundred followers of her own. Which meant the decoration Kriss had picked out might have to be postponed. We'd thrown around ideas about the history of in-flight entertainment (just as an excuse to dress Kimmy up as a stewardess) and it so happened that an inflatable plane was among the things in one of the big sample boxes Kriss had received from Puffco. It would make a nice backdrop, and we'd also leave the viewers hoping she'd demonstrate an authentic lifejacket. She would - but not until the very end and without any premature hints of its existence.
But the influx of fans meant we could make an extra episode in preparation for whenever she hit two thousand, and have her talk about the kerfuffle with the Y2K bug that failed to materialize. Because I immediately realized the prop potential.
I asked Kim to put on a nice dress while I took a trip to the party store, leaving the script for her to rehearse. When I returned she was all made up in a little black number and raring to go. A lovely scent hit my nostrils and I put in a reminder.
"You don't have to put on perfume for every shoot, you know."
"But I wanna! If I smell nice I feel so much better about myself." She suddenly looked worried. "Don't you like it?"
"I fucking love it, Kimmily. Absolutely love it. Damn near makes me dizzy. Just wanted to save you some effort."
"It's no problem at all."
She'd been the same at the theatre and some of the girls had teased her a bit, but no real complaints since she never, repeat never overdoes it. And if it helped her performances, so much the better. God knows they were amazing.
I pulled her close and inhaled deeply, shuddering with delight.
"You smell sooo good too", she sighed.
Praise from Caesar. "I try to, just for you."
"Is it weird having a thing for that?"
"No weirder than balloons, and that's not weird at all. And speaking of that..."
We went to the studio and put everything into place. I turned on the camera for Kim to address.
"Hey everyone, today's a real special day. I have more than two thousand subscribers now! Better mark it out so I won't forget it!"
She quickly picked up and inflated the golden foil balloons I'd bought - fat, bulging representations of the number 2 and the letter K. She stuck the glittering objects to the back wall with adhesive pads.
"There! And before anyone accuses me of overinflating my numbers, check them below. But do you know what was kinda overinflated?"
Kim took out a third balloon and set some kind of speed record blowing it into a 'Y' in the same style. She held it out behind her to the left of the others.
"That whole Y2K business."
A rundown of the fin-de-siecle (I didn't have Kim attempt to pronounce that, though) anxiety, panic and near-hysteria followed, ending with the statement that the computers might have been smarter than the humans all along since they could handle the transition just fine.
"So that was all that it was - a lot of hot air." She dug her nails into the letter and it popped, proving she had blown it real tight as well.
She did the like 'n subscribe bit and thanked the viewers again, stating she couldn't believe so many were watching already. Personally, I didn't think we'd have to wait long to post it.

Sure enough, it went up soon after the third video and we got busy with the next batch. To commemorate the fifth anniversary of the release of 'Frozen' Kim got dressed up in character as Elsa, wig and all. It was a deluxe costume so the likeness was really good, especially with the makeup emphasizing and exaggerating her eyes.
We agreed getting her into the mood couldn't involve touching the face, but blowing in her ears and along her neck was perfectly fine. I kinda enjoyed being her puffer, especially since I could grope and caress her breasts as much as I liked. Kim certainly enjoyed it, that's for sure.
Once on cam she talked about the huge success of that movie and how popular the soundtrack had been. Then she informed anyone who cared to listen that Elsa had originally been intended as a villain, just like in the original fairy tale. She also mentioned that the film's setting was heavily Norway-inspired, despite the tale's Danish roots.
"And I have some Swedish ancestry so I can confirm the Scandinavian vibes. What I don't have is ice powers so I can't build any snowmen for you. It's pretty hard in these climes anyway. But I've found a way around that!"
She took out a limp and dangling white object and held it up. "After all, I do have some command over air. Watch!"
With that she started to fill the flaccid pouch up with the same, using only her lungs and mouth.
The white latex swelled out impressively and began to take the shape of a three-foot snowman - a doll balloon with a generic-looking print. Or it would have been, if it had survived that far. The head resisted too much, leaving the body to pick up the slack - which it only could do to a point, at which it went BLAM and snapped back into Kim's face. She uttered a word the other Elsa wouldn't have been allowed to say.
Luckily there were spares but there was nothing for it but a full retake. That was the downside of the format - whenever something went wrong we would have to start over from the beginning.
This time the inflation was as impeccable as Kim's appearance. I was certain someone would have a minor heart attack from watching the gorgeous ice queen blow up such a nice balloon so much. Even with the risk of another pop she made it as big as it could possibly get, every deep puff adding to the tension. Kim looked the balloon over and was evidently not quite pleased since she blew in a final breath that made the rubber creak. She inspected it again with a satisfied nod and held it up for the camera.
"Not bad, huh? But snowmen are temporary things. They'll melt or fall over or get destroyed in other ways. So there's no use getting too attached to them - sooner or later you'll have to...let it go.
She released the balloon and it whizzed away out of frame. As she rounded off I mused that it would take a certain person to still feel cold after that. Stiff, perhaps, but not frozen stiff.
"As cosplays go, that was a pretty good one" I said, still holding Kim after the obligatory post-shooting kiss. That was one demand I would have made myself had she not beaten me to it.
"It's fun to dress up! You should too - you'd make a great Anna!" She made a gasp as if realizing new possibilities. "Let's get you the clothes and some six-foot snowmen to blow up together! I could even dig up Dancer!"
You know how I hate missed opportunities? I realized that was something we might have done for the 'AIRytales' production. But maybe just as well - we'd been skirting copyrights closely enough as it was. Carrie would have made an even better Anna, anyway. Or maybe Betty.
"Tempting", I said, not wanting to crush her dreams. "Let's save the reindeer for Christmas, though."

While Kim got changed I went into the music studio to borrow a rather important thing. Kriss and Lex were jamming away on a trumpet each and since I wasn't in a hurry I stopped to listen and steal a few cuddles when they were done. Both were dying to know how we were doing.
"Pretty good. Had our first clip for the blooper reel." I refused to tell what ahead of time. Would be funnier without knowing.
"I guess it's time for the scottish play?" Kriss said. "It's all ready for its closeup."
She indicated the bagpipes placed on a chair like the world's most expensive whoopie cushion. I picked it up with some hesitation.
"Still not sure this is a good idea."
"Come on, it'll be great for Saint Andy's day! Right, Lex?"
Alex nodded. "If there's a time, that'd be it."
My wife looked triumphant. "See? The Big Gal agrees!"
Lexi would back Kriss up to hell and beyond so there was no use arguing. The noise might scare sensitive viewers away, though.
I hugged and smooched them both before getting back to waiting for my piper. Even if I had nixed any actual playing, this could turn out so wrong.
At least Kim turned out pretty fine in her tartan skirt and waistcoat over a white blouse with a ribboned tam o' shanter at a jaunty angle on her head. While the instrument carried the actual, predominantly green Mackenzie pattern, those clothes were the more generic and red Royal Stewart. Clash of the clans indeed.
Anyway, the instrument went on the desk in a sad heap, drones sticking out every which way and the chanter peeking over the edge as if contemplating a jump. Kim sat down and I turned on the camera to let her introduce Scotland's national day and associated phenomena.
She talked about cultural oddities of that country - kilts, caber toss, haggis, Nessie and so on - but didn't comment on the accent except for making that joke about what Sean Connery said when his bookcase toppled over him: "I have only my shelf to blame".
And all along the obvious prop lay right in front of her. It would keep a certain clientele watching in the hopes it would be used. I was familiar with 'Chekov's gun', but 'Chekov's bagpipes' was probably unheard of.
At long last she seemed to notice it for the first time. "Let's not forget their affinity for the only inflatable instrument I know of. My dear friend" - I bit my lip - "Crystal Mackenzie has talked quite a bit about it on her channel, so check that out if you want to know more. This is actually hers, and I had to promise I wouldn't pop it before she let me borrow it."
She looked around sneakily. "Just between us I haven't the faintest how to play it, but felt I had to bring it up. Let's see if I can at least blow it up."
Kim pretended to be uncertain which tube was supposed to go into her mouth, and the hesitation was more amusing than I'd thought it would be. Then she stood up and bent forward to show a glimpse of her skirt-covered ass and invite speculation as to whether she wore anything beneath. Her lips wrapped around the proper place and with a whoosh the tartan pouch began to fill up. Another breath gave it more shape and on the third she had to steady it with her other hand. A realization struck me.
Oh god, she's making it look like giving it a blowjob...
There was no mistaking the pose and attitude. The fingers running over the tightening surface could be checking it for firmness but were equally appearing to help it grow harder. As the bag filled up the drones rose like the erections she hoped to be causing, but the shrill wheezing mixed with deep humming might put a damper on those.
When the pressure threatened to sound it for real she managed to let the air escape mostly through the blowstick, which was a relief. She caught the flagging pipes and placed them gently on the desk as she sat down herself.
“So happy Saint Andrew’s! Hope I haven’t offended – Scotland seems like a really nice country and I’d love to visit some day.”

I returned the instrument before it could cause any damage. I do enjoy hearing it in certain circumstances and in skilled hands, but neither had been present.
We had coffee and a sneak peek at the day’s work. It wasn’t bad but the head of the snowman went outside the picture a couple of times – there was only so much space to angle it. Didn’t harm the segment overall. The accidental blow to pop was even funnier when you knew it was coming, since Kim was really making an effort to make a nice and striking inflation scene and the pop didn’t just harm the take but ruined it completely.
The presenter would need some time to get ready for the final shoot of the day so I went to prepare the backdrop. The inflatable plane was waiting to be blown up and I popped the valve open to do the honors. It had never been filled before, only unfolded for inspection, and still had that fresh PVC smell. As the air went into its body I pulled the wings to the sides to get an idea of how big it would get. It was intended as a toy for young passengers on vacation, and airlines stocking up on them could have their logo added to the tail. As ours was just a sample that part was plain, and the whole thing also lacked the obnoxious warning about how it wasn’t a flotational device in sixteen languages. Whenever I see a beachball with a panel full of text I sorta miss the days of personal responsibility.
Anyway, I had fun puffing away and watch the aircraft swell up with my breath. The wings were too thick to be aerodynamic but at least they had a fake jet engine each. Couldn’t help a brief chuckle at the thought of it now becoming a prop plane instead. I blew it tight enough to make Kim proud and then realized it would be difficult to hang. I had counted on being able to pull a thin string through a tiny hole I’d make in the seam, but only the tailfin had enough excess for that. If I tried it at the front I’d puncture the damned thing. So I made a loop around the nose and stapled the strings to the ceiling, then went to check through the viewfinder. It looked passable until a knot came undone and the plane took a nosedive.
I sighed and redid the hanging. I know a bit about how to use inflatables to make things stay up, but the opposite seemed more difficult at that moment.

My mood brightened a lot when Kim entered. She looked the part one hundred percent in her dark blue uniform jacket and skirt, white blouse and silk scarf. She even wore a little hat at an angle on her head. The name tag was the final touch – it even read ‘Kimberly’. The girls take their role play seriously.
“Welcome aboard Air Kimber”, she said. “Fasten your seatbelts, because we’re going to take a trip down the history of in-flight entertainment.”
I’d put together a rundown of early experimental movie shows, more technology demonstrations than actual features and how zeppelins like the Hindenburg might feature actual piano lounges. For a period food and drinks had to be enough to keep passengers occupied until moving pictures became more widely offered in the 1960’s. And so on. Nowadays safety measures are in place, but for a while the audiovisual equipment risked interfering with more vital systems, and since accidents have been linked to that it segued nicely into finishing with some tips on what to do in such cases. Kim gave some general advice before taking a very flat and very yellow life jacket from under the desk. She hung it around her neck, a single red tube angled carelessly outward and two handles in the same color jutting out at the bottom, and instructed the passengers to do the same when needed.
“To inflate it, pull on these cords.”
She gave them a yank and absolutely nothing happened. Disarming the vest had been the first thing we did.
The stewardess was unfazed. “Should that fail, the manual inflation tube can be used instead.”
She inhaled theatrically and blew into it, at once making it start to swell up and bulge out until it was so big her head was the only thing that could be seen above the air-filled flotation device.
Kim took the tube from her lips and gave the inflated material an approving squeeze.
"And if you aren't up to the task I'll stop by and do it for you. Part of the job."
I guessed it would actually be just that in an emergency, and if those circumstances wouldn't be so stressful it made for a pretty appealing thought. I know I love when she blows it up for me. (You didn’t think we keep one around on general principle, right?)
She said she hoped it wouldn’t be necessary and wished everyone happy landings before I turned off the recording. I deflated the vest for her since it would have been in the way for following hug.
“That was even better than Sam’s efforts.” One of our one-the-side jobs at the theatre had involved a tongue-in-cheek safety video, with Samantha landing the role.
“Well”, Kim said, “I’ve picked up a thing or two along the way.”
“Yeah, but you aren’t selling jackoff material anymore.”
“But it sorta is.” She giggled. "The world's first G-rated camshow."
"As long as you don't mind the consequences."
"I like the idea of still making guys blow their loads."
"I hope you'll have lady admirers doing the same. From personal experience I know at least one has."
"You mean to say you've jilled off thinking of me?"
I gave her a wry grin. "Maybe once or twice."
"Masturbating to fantasies of a co-worker, Ms. Silvers? How wonderfully inappropriate."
"Strictly off-hours. And I've told you before."
Her arms went up and around my neck. "Oh, you have. I just love hearing you say it."
"All right, Kimmy. You've helped me fall asleep more than once without knowing."
"Wish I could’ve helped you in person."
"Looking back now, so do I."
Kim stepped back, the picture of service with a smile. “So whaddya like – coffee, tea, or me?”
"I already had coffee. I don’t drink tea. Gonna put your money where your mouth is?"
"I've a better idea", she teased. "Why don't I put my mouth..."
And then there was no more teasing, just one blissful Cheryl who wished like hell it was bedtime because that treatment would have had me sleeping like a baby.
Though the seconds I got from Kriss that night had me out like a light in minutes, and what I dreamed isn't fit to print.
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Default Re: ON THE AIR with Kimber - a Blowgirls serial
Episode 4

I helped Lexi wash up after breakfast, mainly so I could have her all to myself for a bit. I grabbed her breasts from behind and felt them up but good, musing that no balloons could match that. She gave a happy sigh.
"Love starting the day like this."
"So. Do. I. God, how I love you, Lex."
She squeezed the breath right out of my lungs, and perhaps realizing it hurried to blow some fresh air back in.
"Love you, love you so much. And love what you're doing with Kim. Do you know how much happier she's been lately?"
A sudden alarm struck me. "Never realized she wasn't…"
"I said happier. She's over the moon with the new gig."
"So nice to hear. Making her happy is pretty damn high on the important-stuff-list."
"Keep this up and you can cross that one out permanently. She's even singing to herself."
Kim can't carry a tune worth a damn and pretty self-conscious about it so that was unexpected.
"Hope you don't me hogging her spare time."
"You kidding? The way I've kept Kriss from you?"
I realized we were both being silly. We had equal rights to them both, and they to us.
"The real question is if we fuck enough."
"Let's do something about that right now. Just to make sure..."
I don't think there'll ever be enough, but we settled on enough for the moment.

The next show would be an interesting experiment in how fast we could produce material. We decided to shoot and post on the same day, for a special reason.
After rising early and taking care of certain things, we all sat down together in a heap of cushions dragged into the recording room and Kriss tore open the first of two bags. She let the multicolored contents spill to the floor and four hands reached in at once. If you're guessing it was a 100-pack of ten-inch balloons, you're right.
Then the blowing commenced. We huffed and puffed at a furious rate to be done as fast as possible, the filled globes piling up all around us. I was the only one not enough of a showoff to occasionally inflate two at once, but just like my lovers I made sure each and every one got enough air to grow into a beautiful pear shape. No use skimping on a free commodity.
Naturally we took frequent breaks to kiss and fondle and grope each other's boobs, pretending they weren't blown big or firm enough. Kriss pushing her breath through my top made my nipple stiff as a plastic valve, and her closing those lovely lips around it didn't help at all.
I had to retaliate of course, and since Kim so obviously wanted a piece of the action me and Lexi gave it to her at the same time. That made her blow so recklessly her current balloon exploded, and Kriss blew hers to pop on purpose to get our attention and some of the same.
Then we somehow managed getting back to business, but the giggling never quite stopped and neither did the brief smooches and licks. As the second bag was opened Lex complained her lips were aching so I kissed and blew them all better, being rewarded with a deep and wet one that made me tingle all over. You get the general idea of the goings-on.
Eventually we finished the operation and loaded all the surviving loons (accidents do happen) into the net we'd suspended from the ceiling and hoisted them out of sight. We'd definitely earned the ten-minute cuddle break.
Kim vanished to fix her appearance and the three of us made some final preparations, including cleaning up. When the blonde at long last reappeared she was painted like a woman but dressed like a girl - white babydoll dress with puffy sleeves, a necklace with garish plastic beads plus similar bracelets and a red ribbon in her hair. She looked helluva cute and there were a couple of "aaaw"'s at the sight. I might have made one myself.
No more time was wasted and we began the recording with Kim grinning almost inanely at whoever happened to be watching.
"Hi everyone? Guess what? Today's my birthday!"
And it really was. Kim blew a party horn straight at the camera, the paper tube inflating and unrolling for the duration of the happy toot.
Then she spoke of birthday traditions around the world and how some countries place greater emphasis on name days, probably harkening back to when natal dates weren't properly recorded. As a grand finale, Lexi brought in a birthday cake with the proper number of candles - 31 - and the conflagration temporarily made the camera go out of focus.
It soon returned though and Kim clapped her hands with glee, inhaled noisily and blew out every single candle with an enormous breath.
"I wish I had some balloons", she exclaimed and that was the cue for Kim and Alex to pull the strings to open the net. An absolute deluge of gaudy globes rained down and Kim's genuine joy was a sight to behold. She brought the broadcast to a smiling end, waving goodbye with an orange balloon, and then the celebrations could begin in earnest.
The cushions were rearranged for her comfort as she was due some congratulatory blowjobs, two lovers attending her tits at all times while the third got busy further below. Balloons covered the rest of her body or acted as leg rests, and her nails made short work of a few when the pleasure got intense enough. I gathered up as many loons as I could lift in both arms and let them rain down over the others, inflated rubber bouncing every which way as they struck shoulders, knees, heads and whatever else was sticking up. Pops and squeals filled the air as we went in for a grand finale which ended with shreds of broken balloons and Kim’s hair in an equal mess.

Satisfying the birthday girl was a sweet diversion that didn’t end in that room. She was pampered right through our shared dip in the hot tub and after lunch asked us to join her on the couch.
Kimmy's always been an avid Netflixer (and overall tv fan) so it came as no surprise when she announced there was something we just had to watch, preferably with her. Since I love cartoons I was willing to give this reboot a chance and it took exactly two episodes to realize I'd be stuck on the couch too. I had only vague memories of the original She-Ra, but this was something else entirely. Kriss and Lex joined in for the cuddles and stayed for the content. We had a lot of fun arguing about the subtext and Kim fangirled so hard over the antagonist I just knew some cosplay would be inevitable. She is after all a bit of a catgirl herself.
We didn’t binge it all in one go, of course – there was a show of our own to provide. Editing was quick work and uploading even simpler, so we had plenty of time to relax and await the reactions. They weren’t long in the coming.
The balloon drop proved popular with the viewers which was just as well, as it had been intended as a transition to having some in the studio at all times. It would look much better with some permanent decorations, even if they were frequently replaced. Because loons were indeed a great selling point.
"Wish you had blown some up" read one comment.
If he only knew.
But it was a bit of a missed opportunity, and I saw how it could be used to increase the number of loyal viewers.
"Kimmy honey, how do you feel about subscriber exclusives?"
"Do they involve tips?"
"'Fraid not, but more views mean more dough."
I took her grin as agreement. "Close enough. How much do you want me to take off?"
"The clothes stay in the picture. I thought you could do a blow to pop in each outfit."
"Oh, is that all?" She seemed almost disappointed.
"That's quite a lot. Remember that guy Charlie had to throw out while you did it on stage?"
"And I wasn't even done", she leered.
"Well, neither was he. Thankfully. But if people can't help touching themselves at a theatre, imagine what they'd do alone by the screen."
The laughter was real. "Don't have to imagine, boss! I've been told - frequently and at some length!"
"Well, this time I’ll be screening the comments.”
“Spoilsport. Oh! Should I go back and do blowpops in the previous getups?”
I actually thought it over. “Tempting, but no. You can always recycle them at some point. Would feel more consistent starting fresh.”

Kim accepted that argument and next show saw her wear a plain burgundy turtleneck with a thin gold chain as the only accessory apart from the small hoop earrings, and the scripted material was just a few spins on the week's entertainment news. However, there were a few balloons on sticks brightening the room and she also announced there'd be a new feature for subscribers…in which she very enthusiastically blew up a bright blue 12-incher until it absolutely exploded all over the room - we'd chosen a brand that shredded spectacularly.
I have to admit it was actually the third take, though. Seems you can take the camgirl out of the teasing, but not vice versa. The first balloon was bright red and got inflated so suggestively I half expected her to start fondling it, and that’s not even mentioning the looks she kept shooting the camera. All that was missing were waggling eyebrows.
I let her finish just to see where she would go from there – “I love having them pop in my face” hadn’t been unthinkable, but she went with “Make sure to pop by next time” which wasn’t bad at all. She still had to clean up the rubber fragments and try again.
“Remember they won’t be tipping.”
“Well, they should. Got some prime puffing right here!”
She picked out a pink balloon and tossed the bag aside. Still a suggestive hue, but not outright provocative. Neither was her manner. This time she just cast some aside glances while blowing, cheeks bulging nicely with every exhale as the latex grew an impressive neck and eventually burst in a shower of shards.
“Make sure to pop next time”, Kim said, caught herself and cussed.
I offered some comfort. “It’s ok, the color clashed with the top anyway.”
It wasn’t a lie, as she could see for herself when I plucked some pieces off her chest and sleeves.
“Once more from the top, third time’s the charm and all. Skip the smolder, just blow quickly – and like you don’t expect it to explode.”
Say what you want, but she can take direction. The inflation was swift, casual and happy and after the aforementioned detonation she delivered the line just right - with a charming smile to boot.
And whaddya know, it did turn out real good for the numbers.
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Default Re: ON THE AIR with Kimber - a Blowgirls serial
Episode 5

It had been nearly a month and Kim had been very good about leaving my preferences the heck alone. I supposed she might be saving up for New Year's - expected it even and didn't really mind at all.
But then she asked to talk about the Nobel Prize, being sort of Swedish and all. I gave a sigh and a shudder.
"I suppose you're not planning to wear an evening gown."
"Evening wear for sure! But everyone associates it with old men in white tie and tails - a young-ish woman would make a nice change, dont'cha think?"
I blame Kriss. I was fine with her buying such outfits for me and herself, hell, I fucking loved it once the shock had settled. But I'd thought it just a sweet thing between spouses, something to put on for private and very special occasions. To equip Kim and Alex with the same in anticipation of our upcoming anniversary had in theory been just an extension of that and most of me loved, loved, loved the thought. Too bad giving Kim such ammunition was bound to have consequences. I'd only seen her try it on for size and that had been enough for her to realize it's true caliber.
"You know what I think. And I also think you're doing it just to mess with me."
"Mainly to mess with you", she admitted. "But I looked it up and you're not alone in liking that. Thought I'd give the rest a glimpse of what you can see any time you like."
I wasn't about to argue. Besides, I would enjoy shooting that. I did make one suggestion that pleased Kim no end, and so the whole deal would be mutually beneficial.

If her wear for the episode was masculine, there was nothing about her hair and face to emphasize that. In fact, she'd gone out of her way to pretty herself up, diamond studs in her ears and all. The studio had gotten a classy makeover as well, with small columns of golden metallic balloons ashine in the bright ceiling lights and framing the desk. They were of the all-new chrome type Kriss had fallen in love with at first sight and imported for a tryout as soon as she were able. I had to admit they looked fabulous, and so did the presenter.
Kim started out all serious as she informed the public that tonight would see the world's foremost inventors rewarded for their discoveries, where it would happen and why. She listed some notable recipients and then switched to talk about a somewhat different institution - the Ig Nobel Prize. The tone became much more lighthearted as she described the award for serious research in ridiculous subjects. Even if it's intended for stuff that first make people laugh and then make them think, the whole thing comes off as a way to spotlight supreme wastes of time. We presented some choice examples and then Kim said there was absolutely no way for a regular person to predict what that committee would dig up each year.
"My personal nomination would go to whoever invented this", she said and lifted a garish air compressor in pink and blue onto the desk. You've all seen them - the variety advertised as electric balloon pumps. Kim has a particular disdain for those and had in fact smashed one in a camshow just to make the point. Now, she merely stated it:
"Sure, it might speed things up but it takes all the fun out of decorating. And most of the challenge. And that's not even mentioning the noise, or the fact it contributes to the power bill."
It went without saying that another reason would be robbing everyone present of a rather pleasant sight. As she loves teasing, this was a prime opportunity as most people would expect her to show just how simple it would be to blow something up by mouth instead.
She didn't. Instead she put away the implement and switched back to a particular discovery.
“One winner found out exotic dancers earn more tips when ovulating. It is believed it makes their subconscious movements more alluring and attractive, motivating the audience to be more generous. I don’t know anything about that, but I happen to know something about dancing.”
Kim produced a black top hat with a rhinestone band and placed it on her head, then rose and revealed she wasn't wearing any pants - just sheer hose and a black bodice vanishing up under her waistcoat. She strode out of frame and one cut later reappeared in front of the living room bookcases. To the tones of a tune Kriss had made for practicing to she proceeded to perform a pretty neat tap dancing routine, her heels clicking away on the hardwood floor and her tailcoat twirling as she spun around. She finished with bowing to the camera, pulling her jacket into place and straightening her tie with a brilliant smile. I wondered if people would be surprised at her moves and how many would react with more than just bafflement. Those legs go all the way up.
We returned to the studio for some closing remarks.
“That’s all for today, but be sure to subscribe for a special video, in which we’ll discover how much air one of these” – she indicated the balloons – “can hold before bursting.”

True to her word, Kim reappeared in front of a bare wall. She’d pulled on the dress trousers that went with the outfit to avoid spoiling the surprise from the main show. I had put on my own shirt, jacket and pants to play the part of the king handing out the day’s award. Since only an arm and a leg plus half my back could be seen I didn’t have to put in much effort dressing – for all intents and purposes I was just a prop.
Kim shook my hand and accepted a small case with a much stiffer bow than she’d made after her dance. I stepped out of frame as she flipped it open with more dignity than the show really called for. The real deal would have contained a gold medal, but this one had something merely golden - an 11-inch twin to the studio balloons in its pristine uninflated state. She carefully, almost daintily lifted it out and put the case in her pocket while raising the balloon to her lips and drawing a very deliberate breath.
The silence was broken by a whoosh as the golden orb filled out and started to expand. Just like the rest of the bunch it displayed an extreme shininess, reflecting light like actual, solid metal as Kim somberly blew it up to capacity. The neck slowly inflated from her efforts, eventually stretching out fully and putting up enough of a struggle to make the blonde's face turn a shade of red that contrasted nicely with her immaculate white shirtfront. She pressed an unseen finger against the taut rubber to produce an almost ominous creaking, an effect I emphasized in editing. And maybe to commemorate Nobel's most famous invention, the balloon detonated with a report that shook the room.
Kim was nearly - but not entirely - unfazed. "With decorations like that, who needs dynamite?"

The recording done, she put her hands on my shoulders and leaned in. The kiss was definitely intended to mess with me, but in the best way possible. Even with the shirt unbuttoned I was definitely hot under the collar. So was she, if the intensity was anything to go by.
“Think they’ll appreciate my attempt at dressing to impress?”
“After what you just did the clothes probably won’t matter.”
“Maybe. And I didn’t do it for them anyway.” She blew in my ear. “All for you, Cherry-baby. Hope you liked it.”
My knees felt as if they were about to buckle. “Like’s too weak a word.”
Her grin could only be called lascivious. "That’s what I like to hear.” She kissed me again. “And if you don't carry me to bed and have your way with me this whole setup's been a waste."
Well, that was one opportunity I wasn't going to miss.


Kriss loved the transition to an actual performance but thought it a shame we had to switch locations. And being what she is, immediately sent for a painter to turn another studio wall a deep, almost black charcoal hue. To her credit, she did ask if we were shooting anything in the next couple of days AND had the common sense to not attempt the job herself. Too bad she failed to tell us until it was a fait accomplice. That was a bit of a surprise, let me tell you, as it was done while we were out shopping around for the December 13 show - it would need some special stuff. But the new addition might well come in handy.
Said show involved a white robe with a crimson sash and I got to help out with the final detail. Kim rummaged through our bag of 260's until she found a green one and handed it to me.
"Gotta keep you in practice, right?"
While I had been hopeless with those, that was no longer the case and I felt kind of smug as I almost effortlessly blew it up all the way. Kim's impressed smile was quite a reward in itself but I didn't decline the thank-you kiss on my cheek.
"Now please make me a crown."
I twisted the balloon around her brow and fastened it at the back. She chuckled at the mirror.
"Close enough."
"We're not, repeat not, putting in any candles."
"Relax, Cherry - I kinda like having hair. Besides, it's not like they're needed."
That's another difference between her and Kriss - my dear wife would have insisted on the proper look. Which we couldn't achieve with local stuff.
Anyway, Kim got to tell about Saint Lucy's day which she'd celebrated as a girl and apparently is pretty big up in Scandinavia. On the desk was a kettle of coffee and a plate of saffron buns with raisins Lexi had baked for the occasion. The latter had been the cause of a few laughs in the household.
"These are called Lussekatter", Kim explained to the viewers. "'Katter' means 'cats' in swedish so I like to think of them as lussi-pussies."
Kinda hard keeping a straight face at that. I hadn't managed the first time she told me. Also, I have to admit they taste weird but not unpleasant - in fact, I had a strange yearning to try another after finishing my very first. But not right away, of course.
Turns out the holiday was a pretty recent invention and a bit of an oddity as protestant countries usually don’t commemorate saints. I think Wikipedia will serve if you want to know more - that's why I used for writing up the script, anyway.
For the bonus video Kim offered to show how to make lussi-pussies at home. Instead of a baking lesson she inflated a mylar '8' - in gold instead of the proper brownish yellow - and blew up two tiny black balloons to depict the raisins. She stuck them into the holes of the figure and the likeness wasn't too bad, except the metallic sheen.
“Of course, if you wanna try eating them you have to do it differently.”
I added a copy of the actual recipe as a matter of form. Can’t drop all pretenses at edutainment.

The next two episodes were of the more generic kind, with simple comments on current industry goings-on and the presenter wearing pretty much everyday stuff. While we put balloons in the background Kim didn't do any blowing in the actual show, though we did film her btp'ing one from the batch currently on display. As we wanted to mix it up a bit, the first of them was a pink airship angled slightly towards the camera so none of it would go out of frame. It was about as phallic as I’d let her get away with, though nowhere near some of her past efforts.
The second was a round, marbled 11-incher in red and white. Candy cane season was coming up, after all, and putting those in the studio seemed like a nice and subtle reminder of the fact.
However, the popping scene didn’t quite go to plan. The balloon decided to be naughty and burst while Kim had removed it from her lips to inhale, and in her mind that was unacceptable.
“That’s not a real one!”
“Happened a lot on the stage”, I said.
“It’s different when there’s no redoing it! But when you can…”
Well, naturally I had to give her another go. She made sure to make the most of every breath, eventually forcing the balloon to explode mid-blow. Have to concede the point, it looks much better and powerful that way. If they pop on their own it’s easy to get the impression they’re simply fed up with you and your feeble attempts - no matter how much effort’s gone into them.
Kim was smug as all hell comparing the shots.
“See, boss? That’s how they’ll always end, even if I have to do a whole bunch to get it right.”
She made quite clear the decision was final. So if you want a little diversion you can go through the entire backlog of subscriber vids and try to guess which of them needed extra takes. I’ll give you a hint:
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Default Re: ON THE AIR with Kimber - a Blowgirls serial
Episode 6

A Christmas episode was just about mandatory, and Kim put on a red velvet dress and a Santa hat for the job. This time there were no balloons in the room, just the inflatable tree my wife had bought a couple of years before. As the girls and me were in favor of a real one, the fake no longer served as our main centerpiece - although it still went up every December. See, Kriss had sort of made me a deal about it, along the lines of "I blow the tree, you blow me", and I wouldn't like missing out on that.
So while she made herself comfortable in the chair and started blowing, I went down on my knees and did the same. It wasn't long before we were both finished - Kriss in more ways than one - and I put the tree aside and sat on her lap.
"Dear Miss Kriss, for Christmas I want a blowjob just like that one."
"Why wait?", she said. "After all, it must be Christmas somewhere."
Even if her reckoning was off, she certainly included that day in the giving season.

Sorry - got sidetracked, but can you blame me? Anyway, we had a couple more Christmassy blowups in the house - Lexi's and Kim's souvenirs from the yuletide themed production at the theatre. Nine of the girls had been put in charge of an inflatable reindeer each and as a reward been allowed to keep them afterwards. These two avowed they'd lovingly blown theirs up for the holidays ever since and this would be no exception, meaning they could get some time in the limelight once more.
In addition to Kim talking about holiday movies or TV specials worth watching and particularly seasonable albums or songs, I thought up something that wouldn't be too far off from the stage skits: She would bring a microphone to interview an employee at Santa's workshop - or rather, auto shop.
I recruited Alex to play a little helper, though more truthfully a big one as she's a six-footer. She was delighted to put on a short red dress with fluffy white trimmings and a black gold-buckled belt for the proper look. A pair of pointy latex ears along with her long straight wig completed the illusion along with a hat just like Kim's. She wasted no time blowing up a reindeer for the motor pool - the one her wife had named Dancer and decorated with painted-on ballet flats. We'd probably better keep those out of sight so the with the first deer fully inflated it was put in the background as Lexi started on the second.
The interviewer was crestfallen as she entered the hastily-converted carport.
"Aw, you've already blown her up?!"
Alex looked up from her work. "Ya snooze, ya loose. Sorry baby, thought I'd save some time."
"Then gimme a puff on that, willya?"
Lex held out the valve for her lover and Kim blew two long breaths into it. Halfway through the third it was pulled away with a slight sputter.
"Heeyy..." she complained.
"We finish it now there'll be nothing left for the shoot."
Meanwhile I was adjusting the tripod which had decided to be difficult.
"She's right, Kimmy. Help me set this up instead."
Before long all was in place for the reportage and the inflatable had been blown a respectable two-thirds of the way. Her wife kept puffing away as the blonde began the broadcast.
"This is Kimberly Swanson live from the North Pole, where preparations are in full swing for the yearly world tour. Right now some final touches are being made to Santa Claus’ trusty transport. Could you please tell the viewers who you are and what you do?"
She held out the mic and Lexi looked up from her seat.
"I'm Brandy and this here is Vixen. We’re both part of the team – in her case literally.”
“So Santa’s reindeer aren’t…real?”
“Oh, they’re real all right. Feel it!”
Kim pressed a palm against the puffy plastic and concluded the dark elf was telling the truth.
“I always assumed they’d be more…furry.”
“From a distance you can’t tell the difference. And apart from being light enough to float, they’re much easier to clean up after.”
Kim giggled. “I suppose there’s no poop coming out of those.”
“Nope, just the occasional fart”, Lexi confirmed and blew in another breath.
“And you’re doing this all by yourself?”
“Not technically. Cookie’s supposed to help – you didn’t see her on the way in, did you? Yellow hair, freckles?”
Kim shook her head.
“Anyway, she blew two deer and went to get’em hitched. Haven’t seen her since, wouldn’t surprise me if she’s shirking.”
“Would you say this is hard work?”
The not-so-little helper shrugged. "In the long run everything is. But I wouldn’t say hard - at least I don't have to blow the boss, he's fat enough as it is." She looked over her shoulder. "Don't tell him I said that."
The interviewer looked around. “Are you and Cookie the only ones working here?”
“Oh no”, Lex laughed, “but most are in the factory. And Ginger’s got the day off since she’ll be going along on the ride.”
“Helping Santa with the gifts?”
“In case something happens to the deer. Christmas magic’s all right for making them fly, but it doesn’t puncture-proof them. I should know.”
“That happen a lot?”
“Not too much, but it would be bad for the image if the boss arrived on a sleigh pulled by shapeless heaps. Birdstrikes are the worst.”
Kim appeared confused and ‘Brandy’ was all too happy to clarify. “Sharp beaks, you know. I remember a few years back when we hit a flock of cardinals outside Albuquerque - full double-side blowout. Biggest patch-n-puff yet.”
“What we call emergency midair repairs.”
“Sounds dramatic.”
Lexi made a ‘so-so’ gesture. “Frantic, maybe, but not really dangerous. As I said, mostly an image thing. But I think I did a pretty good job because I got to sit on Santa’s lap all the rest of the way. And got moved to the top of the nice list – that’s what we have instead of ‘Employee of the Week’.”
“So you saved Christmas that year?”
“Wouldn’t go that far, but I guess I was handy to have around. After all – I’m pretty full of hot air.” She smiled and as if to prove her words resumed working on the inflatable.
I zoomed in on Kim's face, taking the focus off Lexi's efforts. She turned to the camera for a closing remark accompanied by the sounds of heavy blowing behind her.
“There you have it, folks! Just a regular night-before-Christmas at the North Pole. Let’s hope Santa’s team won’t take any leaks along the way!”

We cut back to the studio to end the episode. The scene had indeed played out as a less suggestive and less witty version of what we used to do at the theatre. I wondered what their old castmates would think of the mini-revival - they'd naturally been alerted to our new project early on and had been real supportive, if not totally without envy. Seems they'd all missed working with that at some point or other. Carrie and Mandy in particular wished they'd thought of doing something similar, and Samantha - with her interest in graphics - wondered where I'd found such a puffy font for the title. I was happy to tell her since I was pretty pleased with the choice.
Collectively, the girls had managed a pretty impressive list of suggestions, especially compared to the viewer comments. Those mostly contained requests for various types of popping, although there were a couple of useful ideas that had the benefit of being guaranteed to make at least one person happy. For the moment we had enough to tide us over.
Except Kim wanted to give her subscribers a special gift, and that took some thinking. I nixed her inflating a nice, big Santa doll balloon since I had bad experiences with those. I feel they don't look jolly enough and if you try to fix it by blowing them fatter they tend to explode. And blowing Mr. Kringle to pop on purpose would just seem mean and probably put you on the naughty list to boot.
The inflatable Saint Nick we'd used in 'Mairy Christmas' might have worked, but Riko had recieved him in lieu of a reindeer. And the whole concept was just a bit risqué, even with our standards. Although it had caused some cheering when done on-stage.
The solution was of course obvious as it would definitely be requested anyway.

"Hi again! Whaddya know - Santa had a flat on his trial run and since Brandy's all puffed out he asked me to help!" Kim was holding a shapeless thing that had clearly only recently been a full-blown caribou while making big, excited eyes at the camera. "You think it will help me make the 'nice' list? I have been a good girl all year but a little extra won't hurt, right?"
She adjusted her hat. "And don't think I'm sucking up - this is definitely blowing up."
With that she started to reinflate the critter and damn, she's good all right. Almost made me wish I'd been a punctured reindeer, or at least a deflated one like Vixen. Her eyes fairly shone with eagerness and determination to save Christmas on time, and before long the wrinkled brown mass was so swollen up with her breath it almost hid her from view. She turned around a little for a better view and addressed the camera.
"So what do you want for Christmas?"
Two long, puffy-cheeked exhales gave the viewers some time to think it over, but the sight along with her inquisitive gaze might have been somewhat distracting. She looked up to convey a wish of her own.
I want some more subscribers, but if you’re seeing this you’re already one of them, right? A few likes wouldn’t hurt – or maybe tell your friends if you think they’d be interested.”
Maybe not something you’d bring up in casual conversation, and having trawled some looner hangouts on the net I knew the word was already out. But even so it was worth mentioning.
Kim resumed blowing, still angled for maximum visibility. The limbs would get a bit in the way but it couldn’t be helped, what with the valve being placed in the middle of the creature’s belly and all. Between the hind legs would have been worse, though. She took another brief break.
“Oh! Or maybe an inflatable stocking that’d get real big so it could hold more!”
You could almost see her imagination run wild as she blew in the last of the air. She’d filled Vixen all the way up, but not quite enough to make a pop seem imminent. She pinched the antlers approvingly.
“Whaddya know - I guess I’m pretty full of hot air myself. Let me know in the comments what you hope Santa will bring you!”

To the surprise of no one the replies held lots of Christmas wishes, most of them involving Kim doing things on camera or in person. Some offered to send her stuff if she’d only provide an address.
Lexi chuckled at that. "You should set up an Amazon wishlist."
"I already have one of those", Kim said, fondling her wife’s ample muscles.
I felt that might be tiptoeing a bit close to begging and recommended against it.
“Let’s leave that to others. Besides", I said, "Kriss would burst with jealousy if some rando sent you something she could buy herself."
Because if there's something that woman loves to do, it's spoiling us. Christmas Day dawned and proved it - she had bought stuff all right. We all had. But my wife seems to have a thing for buying outfits others would never get around to getting for themselves, and this was no exception. Turned out she had tasked her favorite costumers with making Kim something special - a headpiece just like the one Catra was wearing on She-Ra, attached to an oversized brown wig and feline ears. The same package held a likeness of the single-appearance suit that had turned Lexi on to the show and likely just on in general.
"In case you feel like cosplaying some more", the giver suggested.
Kimmy was both overjoyed and embarrassed, blushing at being silently called out. That only happens when she really likes something so she isn't too keen on admitting faves.
"Come on", I said. "We all dig the gay cat."
Lex grinned. "Don't think you can be gay on a Y-7 show."
"Does it matter?" Kriss asked. "She's cool anyway and I hope she's at least as bi as you are because then it won't feel as weird."
Naturally Kim couldn't wait trying everything on and was about to start stripping right then and there, but I suggested another room. She went and came back faster than I'd thought possible, now fully dressed as her new favorite villain.
"Hey, Alexis", she purred.
Lexi could only gasp. "Holy shit..."
Whatever I might have said about furries, I could suddenly understand parts of the appeal. Kim was one paintjob away from bringing that crowd in as well.
She showed off a personal addition. "Got the tail but gonna need contacts!"
Kriss facepalmed. "Fuck, I forgot those."
"Don't worry, lover. Will be fun looking for that."
She kept the outfit on while we kept unwrapping stuff. To stick with show-related gifts Kim had proactively bought me the Anna getup to match her Elsa, so I was probably not getting out of doing that. But unlike her I was in no hurry to change. I’d bought something for an experiment which I hoped would turn out nice on camera – pink foil balloons spelling out “ON THE AIR” and a ‘choose your own text’ lamp made up of white plastic letters with blue backlighting. I’d naturally chosen “with Kimber”. Together they made a physical version of the logo which would be great to have on the studio wall at all times. There was, of course, no way of stopping the hostess from inflating the title at once and try it out next to the other part. If nothing else, it was a fair replica.
Alex, on her part, finally showed off a composition of her own. She’d written a brief riff that’d make a great theme for the show, especially on sax. It was just a few notes ending on a long one, but it certainly had a hook. Kriss beamed with pride.
“Before you ask, that’s all her. Can’t think of a way to improve it.”
A pretty good review from Ms. Perfectionist. And since she actually sells the occasional jingle, it wasn’t empty either.
But the most unexpected gift was digital and came from Sam back east. Evidently she'd asked about the logo assets so she could use them herself, and drawn a simple but effective animation of a caricature Kim inflating a pink jumble into the title letters before nudging them into place with a flick of her wrist. The drawing then turned and winked at the viewers as 'with Kimber' blinked into sight.
Kim's inhale was technically a gasp, but so long and drawn-out I worried she was going to burst. But she didn't.
"That's! Sooo! Coool!" she exclaimed. "Wanna use that!"
"Think that's the point."
"Lexi love, play the tune over it! Please?"
She did and it was awesome. Kim wanted to shoot something right away just to add it, but I said it might be better if she started the new year with it.
"Besides, you have to practice so you can record the theme yourself."
“Oh, I will! But still…” She fingered the logo balloons.
For once, Kriss delayed something.
“Those definitely need a new wall! There’s some leftover foam plates from the recording booth – let’s put them up first. Only I gotta find them..”
Just as well, since there were other toys to play with. Notably the small inflatable rodeo bull Betty had endorsed. We drew lots who’d get to blow it up and I won. Or lost, depending how you look at it.
Personally, I saw it as a win.

The renovations were pushed back a bit so we could film a couple of final shows for the year. First Kim appeared in a ghastly Christmas sweater complete with blinking lights to talk about the worst gifts she’d received over the years. It wasn’t entirely truthful as the entire household had chipped in with examples for her to borrow.
“One perk of being a girl is that you’re spared ugly ties.” (True – we’d only given her nice ones.) “On the other hand, my grandma once gave me nylons of the same brand she’d been using herself.”
And so on. I’m sure they were no worse or better than your personal lows, but they made for some fun reminiscing.
For the extra material she unwrapped a small package and held up a rubber pouch in a very drab yellow hue. Even uninflated it appeared cheap.
“Oh, Aunt Eunice, what a…lovely…balloon. I think I’ll blow it up right away.”
She did, and though Kim looked lovely puffing away the loon did not. The uninspired monkey face print did little to help and in fact made it look worse. The blonde kept blowing, dutifully and mechanically, until the globe reached its breaking point and popped in her face. Reduced to less than half of the original size it still looked about as festive.
“Aw, too bad! You didn’t keep the receipt, did you? No?” Kim shrugged. “Ah well, it was…fun while it lasted.”

To give ourselves a few days off we shot the new years vid well ahead of time. As it would be the last one with the old backdrop we covered it up as much as possible to help with the transition. When we were done blowing and arranging there were loads of gold and silver balloons stuck to the back wall with tape, with strings stretching towards the floor to create an illusion of helium. But since the house rules stated mouth inflation only, that's all it was. They were blown very tight though, even if they had no necks to speak of - as they were 12-inchers they looked nice and big anyway. Metallic streamers curled down from the ceiling and spare ones were draped over the desk.
There was also a gold mylar balloon leaning against the telephone spelling out the numbers '2018' in connected digits - in other words, just a single nozzle was needed to inflate it.
Kim herself was all dressed up for the occasion in a silvery glittering gown and a thin white feather boa. I wasn’t in the least disappointed she’d opted out of the expected suit – this outfit was helluva enjoyable too and much more traditional. As was her talk about the year that had passed and what memorable highlights it had brought. She promised to continue the show and hinted at some exciting changes in the near future.
“But first we have to say goodbye to what has been.”
Kim produced a plastic straw and picked up the foil numbers in front of her by the valve. She pushed the tube in to allow air to pass, then blew hard enough to make the digits split open with a rather meek pop. The burst balloon was dropped out of sight and a new one was brought into view. The presenter gave the camera a brilliant smile while attaching her blowpipe to the metallic '2019'.
"Out with the old, in with the new!"
It was hard to say if she referred to the air or the year as she drew a deep breath and inflated the flat numbers with a long, drawn-out puff. She put them on display and proceeded to talk about releases and rumors for the upcoming months, before rounding off with wishing everyone a Happy New Year. Then she raised a handful of confetti to her lips and blew a powerful kiss accompanied by a shower of glitter at the viewers. Would make for a great slow-mo-and-fade ending. I was in fact pretty impressed with how it looked.
"That's a good finish. You should always blow them a kiss at the end."
"Makes for a simple new year's resolution."
“It can still be broken. And speaking of that…”
I handed over the funnel she’d requested for the additional video and Kim stuck the end down the neck of a silver balloon to pour confetti into it. Then she crossed over to the darker wall for better contrast and began blowing it up with strong, stately breaths. I decided to teach her a lesson and did not call for a stop.
The shiny orb grew and grew and I noticed it being angled upwards for maximun effect. The neck filled out entirely and with a sudden bang the whole thing exploded in a shower of latex and sparkles. Kim turned her best smile to the camera and discovered it still pointing at the desk. If I had a picture of her face right then I’d sell it to some dictionary maker to illustrate ‘dismay’.
I simply added confetti to a fresh balloon and handed it over.
“Nothing wrong with going fast”, I told her, “except a lot.”
I did have to add some extra cuddles to get her back in the mood, but the second take could have been a copy of the first. There is after all video evidence.
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Default Re: ON THE AIR with Kimber - a Blowgirls serial
Episode 7

So the new theme was recorded and combined with the new animation to be introduced at the start of the year. The squares of foam ridges were located and fixed to the wall in a checker pattern with alternating horizontal and vertical pieces and the physical logo stuck on top.
If that wasn't enough to spruce up the channel and increase viewership, Kriss suggested an additional way to monetize it.
"You should film setting up the shoots. Could pass for decorating tips!"
"Would sure go over well with the subscribers. Not sure it would add any, though."
"For the fanclub then? More content wouldn't hurt it."
Not one of her worst ideas. Behind-the-scenes stuff would make people feel included and give a heck of an added value. Basic level memberships were free, of course, but that just meant automatic notifications and occasional discounts. For a modest sum you got actual exclusives, like studio outtakes and other rare recordings. There was no place else you could watch Crystal Mackezie blow up an inflatable mammoth by mouth, for instance - and likely no one else, either.
"I always said we should have sold tickets to the set dressings", Kim said.
I'd never disagreed with the notion - however impractical and impossible to arrange, there would have been takers. The girls had inflated some rather impressive things for their acts.
"Too bad with can't fit an elephant in the room", Alex laughed.
Kriss, who hadn't been there, giggled. "I so wish there were vids of that!"
So did I. It would be a chuckle to see Kim collapse from exhaustion again. Lexi had been in far better shape after her turn.
But back to the present, recording the setups would call for some extra consideration. Since we would all help out at times it meant either throwing appearances to the wind, or go all in and make an effort to look nice for the camera. The latter won out since no one wanted to make a less-than-stellar impression. It would be casual, of course, but dressy casual.

Future ones would be, that is - Kim absolutely insisted on shooting the first one after dinner on New Year's Eve. Which meant she was wearing what I'd suspected she would pick for her end of the year appearance. Matter of fact, we were all tuxed up for the occasion, although with some cleavage instead of shirts. Lexi in particular was at her most feminine, pretty as a picture even with her powerful build. The lustrous long wig, sparkling jewelry and exquisite makeup made her a sight to behold and I had a hard time taking my eyes off her, despite my other darlings being perfect tens for the night too.
I wrapped my arms around her from behind while Kim was away for a final touch-up.
"You have any idea how much I look forward to later?" I whispered.
"I might have", she sighed.
"Wanna do you right now. But I can wait."
Kriss embraced us both at once. "If Kimmy's gone much longer I'm gonna start early."
On what I'll never know, since the blonde returned about three seconds later.
"You haven't even started?" she asked.
My wife chuckled. "Funny you should say that."

What Kim meant was taking down the new letters from the wall - but that was easy enough, as was shooting her reinflating and hanging them. It wasn't quite as quick as the animated intro suggested, but far nicer to watch. She lit the lamp below and gave the viewers a million-watt smile while spreading her arms to present the setup like a gameshow model with the top prize.
While that should have been it for the first behind-the-scenes vid, it wasn't quite enough for the presenter. She wanted to introduce all the new elements in style and demanded a special quick episode just for that. We were all giddy on a nice champagne buzz, so it sounded like an excellent and fun idea. Kriss fetched the saxophone while I jotted down some quick lines to follow or improvise around and Alex provided some of the oral support she'd been talking about. I knew Kim had brought her lipstick with her - she always did in case some replenishing would be needed. This time it certainly was. If the kisses weren't enough, there was also the matter of sprucing the studio up a bit more so Kimmy blew half a dozen 14-inch black balloons to the limit and put three on each side of the frame. Would make a nice addition to the logo inflation. Then she slid into place behind the desk, picked up the sax and as soon as I told her to start she blew the new riff live for the viewers.
"Welcome to a new year on the air with me, Kimber! I have a lot of cool new things for you - how did you like the intro? It's me playing the theme, by the way, but I just showed you that. And you know how I'm more or less sponsored by Crystal Mackenzie? She's given me a whole section of my own in her fan club so members can get behind the scenes with me too. I'll be posting us setting up the props for each episode, plus bloopers and other things that might interest. If you just want to keep watching here that's fine too because I'll keep making my usual subscriber vids for everyone who's clicked that little button below."
She made a very brief pause to let everyone locate it (and catch her breath), then rounded off with a little tease.
"But if you want to see me inflate and hang these" - Kim indicated the fat letters and the six balloons - "you'd better follow the link in the description. I did it all by myself", she said with a touch of pride, "this time. But sometimes my trusty camerawoman will help out, and who knows? In real extreme cases we might have to bring in 'Sweet Cheeks' Riley or Crystal herself - or even both."
She let that sink in. "So be sure to check in! I promise to do my best to make it worth it. See you later!"
With that she blew the watchers a huge kiss and I stopped the recording. 'Sweet Cheeks' (yes, that's Lexi's stage name if you haven't figured) was already on the way to give Kimmy her job-well-done reward while I was thinking of where and in what shape I should put 'Kimber's Corner' on the site. And whether it should be spelled with a K instead. Just a touch too twee, perhaps.

There was a brief pop but I could tell at once it wasn't a balloon bursting - Kriss had uncorked another bottle and poured us a glass each, toasting the new setup.
"I should give my fans something special too! How about it, Big Gal?"
Alex nodded enthusiastically. "If we do Auld Lang they could join!"
They turned as one to regard us with the most adorably pleading gazes and with the champagne and everything I wasn't in much of a position to protest. I'm pretty sure some states have outlawed looking so beguiling. And since we'd be more likely to try turning our own spouses down, they swapped targets.
I did mention how absolutely irresistible Lexi was that night, right? Add her cozying up to me using her most alluring and seductive tricks, touches, and whispers and you'll understand why I soon enough said "All right". Or rather sighed it, but in a very good way.
Kim had already given in to Kriss' ministrations, but I could hardly blame her. She'd been at least as nice to her as Lex had to me.
As a small compensation the musicians volunteered to go for the instruments, and Lexi soon returned with the trumpet and sax for her and Kim. Kriss wisely took my tuba and nothing else on the first trip, but the second time she was gone for longer than expected and came back with not only her trombone but a bulging bag as well.
"I brought an audience!" she announced and it didn't take a genius to figure out what she meant.
The bag contained the inflatable mannequins she'd fitted with wigs and face casts to resemble us, something me and Kriss had put to good use after coupling back up while being unable to to live together just yet. The other two had been made after Kim and Lex joined the family but were still residing in New York. They'd all been thoroughly hugged and humped over long video calls, even though they weren't what's usually called 'anatomically correct'. Now we kept them around in case someone needed company on an overnight stay - and of course for general playtime. They were stored wearing tees and black leggings, since they weren't exactly sex dolls, and leaving that on while deflated saved time dressing them up.
I blame the liquor for making me think fetching them an excellent idea. The illusion of onlookers would help at least me to concentrate, and I happily set about blowing up my doppelganger. The others puffed away about as eagerly, and soon our copies were filled to the max with our breath - getting kisses and cuddles as a matter of form like always. I squeezed the inflated Kriss clone fondly, remembering the times it had made me come in lieu of the real deal. I hoped it had enjoyed it as much as I did.
Leaning the blowups against the desk I giggled at the thought of the two subscribers who'd expressed a Christmas wish for an inflatable Kimber and the fact that we actually had one. They'd probably pop with envy if I let her use it in the show. It was probably best to keep its existence private, though reading those comments had made me consider inflating it for a snuggle just because I could.
Kriss was directing the setup and had placed a chair for me to one side. Since Kim would provide some simple backup she got the other side while Alex, carrying the melody, would be in the center along with Kriss who couldn't do any damage with the slide pointing in the general direction of the camera. But the dark backdrop was, well, too dark - at least according to the instigator.
"Needs brightening up", she stated and went off again. This time she brought a big bag of white twelves and started inflating one right away. The rest of us picked up on what was expected and began helping her blow up the balloons. I filled mine until there was hardly any room to hold the neck, and as I looked it over Kriss jabbed it with a thumbtack so quickly I had no time to react. I actually jumped at the sudden explosion and saw my wife giggling inanely at my shocked expression. She looked far too happy to get mad at.
"Too big!"
"Look who's talking - I assumed you wanted your preferred size."
"We can fit more if they look like this." She held up what appeared to be an overblown egg. "Besides, it's a great lip n' lung warmup."
She had at least a small point and I watched Kim surreptitiously deflate her balloon to the requested dimensions. She'd gone for the same as I had.
Blowing up sixteen balloons didn't take long at all but we ended up with slightly less since Lex had one burst in her face. And Kim lost her grip tying one and sent it sputtering around the room. What we had would be plenty anyway and she didn't replace it since four each seemed just about right. You can deduct the one Kriss popped too. And her final one, which I nailed to death in retaliation and the excuse of thirteen being unlucky. We could have done an even dozen from the start instead, but where's the fun in that?
Anyway, with the loons in place we were all set to try and record an actual performance. We had practiced that tune over the holidays and if Kriss had been a real sneaky bitch I might have suspected her of suggesting it with this in mind all along. Oh, wait...
There was naturally no evidence and it wouldn't have mattered. Soon the camera was rolling and Kriss counted us in by tapping her feet. It was a pretty jazzy arrangement of her own, quite far from the usual maudlin renditions. I kept time on the tuba and was happy to have the least technical part. Lexi's such a pro she could easily handle twice as complicated stuff without batting an eye and Kriss is of course known professionally as Crystal Mackenzie. Her album title 'One Brassy Lady' wasn't taken out of thin air.
That left Kimmy, who made a heroic effort on her saxophone which still didn't quite cut it. Kriss praised her anyway, kissed her and nuzzled her cheeks while telling her just where she went slightly wrong and how to fix it. And thanked her for being willing to play along. Lex offered similar encouragement and a proud enough smile I almost wished I had been the one messing up.
The second take was almost flawless, and while Kriss demands nothing less than perfection from herself she's much more lenient with us and looked so satisfied you'd think we'd played through an entire symphony to a house full of critics. But it was her first chance of showing us all off together and if it had been too brilliant someone might suggest it was playback. And then she'd have to fight them to the death, of course.
"Cherilyn, sweetie", she cooed. "Think you could do an introduction? Please?"
I smiled at her, feeling just a tad smug. "Well, I have some experience. Give me a minute."
It might have taken two, but soon enough I'd put together something at least serviceable and delivered it for Kriss most devoted fans.
"It's December 31st - a day of reflection for many and one of merriment for most. In honor of both those sentiments Crystal and 'Sweet Cheeks' will now be joined by Kimberly Swanson and me - Cheryl Silvers - for a special performance of the all-time New Year's standard, 'Auld Lang Syne'. We hope it will bring you fond memories of the past and previous years - and celebrations gone by. While old acquaintances may indeed be forgotten, we trust you keep the important ones close and dear to your heart. From all of us to all of you - the best wishes for a brand new year."
Kriss was awestruck as I got off my soapbox.
"Gods, you're gorgeous", she said. "and talented. I can speak to an audience, but not like that."
I finished the kiss. "I love having my ego inflated like that."
"Hope I can blow it right up to the bursting point. 'Cause I could just pop with pride."
"That's my line", I said. "Hope you still don't mind getting people off because your fans are sure to be popping boners left and right over the way you look tonight."
Kim's grin was replaced with wide-eyed concern. "I didn't pop anything for them!"
"No worries, Kimmy-coo. I was certain you planned on the usual subscriber thing."
"Course, but all this got in the way."
"There's still time."
So we prepared for Kim to do her stuff and she began her spiel.
"Thought I'd set this whole thing off with a bang, but there's no starter gun around. Luckily", she added, brandishing an uninflated white balloon, "I have something just as good."
The lovely presenter took her time filling it with her breath, sort of keeping everyone on their toes. It was a foregone conclusion it would end up popped, but she didn't really give off the impression of going for a blow to burst. It was more of a "one moment while I inflate this" deal than a deliberate attempt. And yet she didn't stop when she should have. First the neck swelled out, then the entire balloon stretched some more, and yet Kim seemed to think it needed just a little more air. You'd expect her to brace herself or at least display some extra effort if she intended a btp, but there were no telltale signs until the loon went kaboom, hopefully catching someone off-guard. Kim wasn't, of course.
"Go!" she exclaimed. "Check out the new section - first come, first served! Or is it the other way around?"
Whether to leave the last line in was a matter for editing. The clip would be fine either way, something Kriss had already figured.
"I wanna do that too", my wife said.
It wouldn't be the first time she'd blown up balloons on her channel, but there usually was a reason for it. Celebrations was as good an excuse as any.
"The stage is yours", I agreed.
No setup was needed and she jumped right in. I hardly had time to start filming.
"Crystal Mackenzie here at the end of the year", she stated. "Let's make it go out with a bang! And no, indoor fireworks are a bad idea so I'll have to improvise!"
She too brought a balloon to her lips but in such a girlish, impish and eager way I wondered how many would be able to tell she was tipsy. Then she proved the nickname 'Iron Lungs' apt by blowing the latex to bits with incredible speed and force. Short and sweet, as it should be. I would have posted it on her Twitter if it hadn't been in direct competition with 'On the Air'. The members area had to do.
Kriss had barely left the frame before turning to Alex.
"Your turn!"
Lex didn't bat an eye - she just took another loon from the bag and walked into place. Then a bout of bashfulness seemed to strike but she composed herself, smoothed a stray hair out of her face and pulled a little on her tie, just to make sure it was still in place. Then she exhaled to focus and looked up with a smile that wasn't forced in the least.
"Thanks for following us over this past year. I've had a blast. Hope you have too - like this balloon will."
With that she begun to inflate it with strong, steady puffs, showing off all her power and blowing with a clear goal - to burst the balloon without stopping along the way. Her face bulged out beautifully, as if to prove she too had earned her nom de guerre. If nothing else she won that fight without so much as a struggle - the balloon gave up with a loud noise, sending tiny white flags raining down around the room.
"See you in twentynineteen", she beamed at the viewers.
There was a plastic rustle as Kriss produced yet another flaccid piece of rubber. She held it out towards me.
"Oh, no, no, no" I said. "I'm the trusty camerawoman, remember?"
"Who sometimes helps out!"
"With the decorations, yes. Not solo performances."
Kriss pouted. "Aw, come on, Chellie! I wanna show my whole crew to the members!"
"What for? It's you and Lex they've paid for."
"Think of it as a bonus!"
"I just feel it wouldn't fit in, that's all."
A devious look came over my spouse. "Chel, how would you describe your job?"
I shrugged. "Well, taking care of your PR stuff and running everything internet-related ostensibly created by you."
"There you have it", she exclaimed triumphantly. "As your technical employer, I hereby order you to blow up this balloon!"
I pressed the back of my hand to my forehead. "Oh", I lamented, hamming it up to eleven, "the things a poor girl must do to keep her position..." Then snapped back to normal. "Give."
Snatching the latex from her grip I began stretching it vigorously. "Just one thing. What Kim gets to set the mood, I get."
I didn't, exactly. While that lady usually only has one puffer, I suddenly found myself having three - all very dedicated to their job. Kriss in particular was sweetness personified.
"You know I was joking, right?" she whispered.
"Of course I do, my darling idiot. But there's nothing in this world I wouldn't blow up if it'd make you happy."
Lexi was just as affectionate. "Hadn't a chance to tell you how well you played tonight. I love when you join us... On the tuba - or on me."
I promised do the latter later as Kim took over.
"About time I get to return the favor."
She did, with a vengeance, and I felt just about ready for my closeup. So what if they'd overdone it? Ain't no such thing when it comes to making out.
When Kim called for "Action!" I decided to just follow the others without preambles.
"And from your loyal webmaster, a Happy New Year."
With that introduction I brought the balloon to my lips and emptied my lungs into it, letting the air inflate my cheeks in passing. The white rubber instantly bulged out into a pointed sphere, shaped almost like an enormous drop. Another breath made it rounder and on the third it began to swell out uniformly. Thinking of how happy I was to share my life with these three people I loved so much, and what fun we'd have in the upcoming year and all the ones after that, I gave myself over completely to that warmth and contentment and hoped any watchers would pick up on how good I felt as I blew. Memories of pleasures both simple and elaborate washed through me and I tried putting them all inside the balloon growing bigger and bigger in front of my face. I felt the heat between my legs radiating throughout my body, my pulse beginning to race. It took actual effort to keep my inhales from turning into gasps and forcing the air out in great whooshes came oh so very naturally. The rubber neck began to expand, forcing my fingers apart, and for some reason that turned me on even more. Somehow I registered the imminent explosion would be hugely symbolic before the world went blank, only to be brought back by the almighty bang tearing the balloon to bits. I turned to my imaginary viewers and the very real dolls with a satisfied sigh.
"Happy New Year."

Kim was gaping at me, the recording light still on and forgotten.
"Way to steal my thunder, boss!"
"And how", Lex nodded.
"What do you mean?"
"You know that part about not making it sexy on purpose? I hope it wasn't on purpose."
"I had a good time is all. Might have looked nice but wasn't that the point?"
"Nice is an understatement", Kriss smiled. "Gonna be us that don't fit in with you!"
"Come on, it can't have been that bad."
"Wouldn't call it bad, oh no. Let's go see what we've got!"
The vids came out about as expected. I'd have to make a jump cut in the middle of the set dressing but that was no biggie and our shared performance was passable. Quite good, frankly. The girls blew to pop like real pros, but that wasn't news - and then my turn appeared on the screen.
Yes, I might have overdone it too.
On the plus side, with a litte generosity you could take it as simply a woman in her mid-thirties enjoying a blow to pop - but it'd take a far more innocent mind than any of us possessed. Ah well, the ones mainly there for the musical fandom would probably see that and nothing more. Actual looners, however...
"It's awesome", Kriss said. "Put it up if you're ok with it."
I did, along with the music vid and Kriss and Lexi's clips. Since I'd done worse in front of a live audience I couldn't see why not. Besides, it would help make Crystal Mackenzie's New Years greeting seem downright tame and mainstream in comparison. So I bundled them up under a common header:
'In honor of the late, great David Bowie we would like to wish you a happy new year with a brand new take on Black Tie/White Noise.'
It practically wrote itself.

Like Kim's updates the instruments could wait 'til tomorrow, but we recovered the mannequins at once since we were going to their home anyway - the basement room with padded walls, all sorts of kinky contraptions and every kind of inflatable sex toy known to man or woman. There was a king-size airbed with small puffy walls along the sides to prevent anyone falling out in the throes of passion and attachment points for various restraints. Plus bedside drawers full of ingenious devices along with more balloons in all shapes and sizes than we could use in a week. All in all a wonderful playground we'd dubbed 'The Fun-geon'.
And now it was playtime.
With my arms full of Kriss I nearly tripped over the blowup bull I hoped had recovered from our unboxing antics, but we made it to the bed all right. Alex landed right next to us followed by Kim who'd done the pushing. We were way overdressed for rolling around like we did, but a brief tumble was just too urgent.
Our jackets and ties soon ended up on the dolls, though, giving us a regular gala audience for what promised to be a command performance. Between kisses and licks we blew up enough balloons to turn the bed into a ball pit for grownups, the raised edges great for keeping them in too. The room rang with laughter, pops, smooches and moans as we kept fooling around, and the games grew more advanced by the minute.
I'll leave it to you to imagine what went on with all those props at our disposal - whatever you can think of, chances are it happened.

When the blue punchball finally burst beneath me I could only think the New Year had definitely been rung in properly. Or fucked in, if you want to be blunt about it.
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Default Re: ON THE AIR with Kimber - a Blowgirls serial
How is going your other story Inflation Initiation?
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Default Re: ON THE AIR with Kimber - a Blowgirls serial
Quite a nice series ^^
Reads very well and made me smile quite a bit.
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Default Re: ON THE AIR with Kimber - a Blowgirls serial
Thank you! Been a little bit of a New Years hiatus but a lot more is already written. This is the point where more loons will come into play, what with decorations and everything. Also a good place to mention you're very welcome to send me me suggestions in PM's, like you would with a real show. Always nice to hear what you'd like to see! (And this setting is basically intended to make all kinds of scenarios possible.)
Great if it's made you smile - I write mostly to entertain and hopefully suggest some nice starting points for your fantasies...

As for Inflation Initiation, it's still in the works but I got stuck at one point and sort of left it lying around, and then real world things kept me from making the effort to come back. It's coming, though - have written FAR too much to just ditch it! :P
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