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Post Meeting Lilly (beginning of my first story)
It was a Thursday on a gloomy morning. The alarm woke Cheyenne up at 5:30. Dreading the day she reluctantly got out of bed to get ready for work. After a 10 minute shower and a tooth brushing she put on her clothes. Wearing a pair of skinny jeans and a tight V-neck along with a cropped jacket she headed out for The Beautiful Balloons. A store she worked at part time whilst attending college. She arrived a little after 6 where Susan greeted her at the front desk.
“Morning Chey!” Susan cheerfully gleamed. Susan was the middle aged woman who owned the shop. Being late 30s she was fairly attractive and if it were not for her age Cheyenne would have a crush on her. The way she held herself as well as her bulbous breasts would have anyone in awe. Cheyenne had seen her tell off rude customers as well as dominate excess balloons that were loosely laying around the store. Every time Cheyenne witnessed Susan exerting her dominance made her a little weak. It was one of the benefits of working there.
“Good morning.” replied Cheyenne partially yawning.
“Another long study night?” Susan asked.
“Yup. I’m so over waking up early. I just want one morning where I’m able to sleep in.”
Cheyenne has been working morning shifts and attending classes during the afternoon. It’s been dawning on her that she might be taking a class or two more than she can handle.
“Well maybe you will learn from this and not take as many classes next year. Besides, you still need to find that special someone in your life.” Susan cheekily said.
“Yeah. If only it was that easy. You know it’s a bit difficult trying to find the right person in a lackluster balloon shop.” Replied Cheyanne jokingly.
“Well maybe the new girl will cheer you up.” Susan said still cheerful.
“New girl?” asked Cheyenne.
“Yeah. Since it’s the time of all the graduations I’ve hired another for morning shift so we can get all the orders complete earlier. She’s great and she’s around your age. Same situation too.” Susan explained.
“Well that’s nice.”
“Yeah. And I made it so you both get off at the same time.” Susan added slyly.
Heh, get off, thought Cheyenne.
“Well what time does she come in?”
“About half an hour. She’s only part time.”
“I’m only part time too!” Complained Cheyenne jokingly. “Why am I here earlier?”
“Because you’re super helpful! And I need you.” Susan stated.
“That’s always your excuse.” Chuckled Cheyenne. “Anyway how many orders do we have today?”
“About a dozen. Mostly graduations but also a couple birthdays.”
“Alrighty. Which ones should I start first?”
“Get started on the graduation ones. Most of them are just 12 inch bundles. When Lilly gets here I’ll shower her the basics and she can help you with the orders.”
“I’m guessing Lilly is the new girl?” Asked Cheyenne.
“Yep! I’ll be in the back doing paperwork. When she’s here let me know. Okay?”
Cheyenne agreed and began working. There was the register area right next to the entrance doorway at the front of the store with a long counter going down the length of the wall. To the end of the counter towards the wall were several helium tanks and under the counter were many boxes of balloons varying in sizes and colors. She looked on the iPad and found the orders. There were already a few boxes of different colored 12 inch balloons open on the counter with the words Congratulations and Graduation. She picked one up and started stretching it. She caught the scent a little bit and relished in the smell. After a couple seconds of stretching it she placed the balloon on the nozzle and began to inflate it. When it was half inflated she took it off and squeezed it in her hands. She loved the feeling of squishy balloons and even more than that she loved squeezing them until they popped. Nothing gave her more satisfaction and pleasure than digging her fingers into a soft balloon until the point of popping. She realized she was there squeezing the half inflated balloon for a little too long so she got back to work. After inflating about a half dozen balloons she heard the door open. Standing in the entrance was a girl with red curly hair standing about five feet with a innocent demeanor to her. Cheyenne figured it was Lilly so she approached her from the other side of the counter. As she walked towards Lilly she felt a little jittery as she saw what Lilly looked like up close. Lilly wore a short skirt and a tight t-shirt that wrapped around her breast perfectly showing off a little cleavage. Her bright red hair glistened in the light falling to her shoulders. Cheyenne was now overwhelmed with nervous excitement.
“Hi. I’m Cheyenne. Are you the new girl?”
“Yep.” Chirped Lilly with a cute girly voice.
“Alright. The boss is in the back. I’ll take you to her.” Replied Cheyenne with the balloon still in her hand. She led Lilly to the back of the store where Susan was working.
“Hi Susan, Lilly is here now.”
“Oh perfect! I just finished my paperwork.” Susan replied. Cheyenne walked back to the front of the store after and continued on the orders. She hadn’t realized but she tied the half inflated balloon while talking to Lilly earlier. She set it down on the counter next the the iPad and continued to inflate balloons. After a few more balloons were inflated she saw Lilly and Cheyenne emerge from the back of the store and walk up to the counter. They walked to the register and Cheyenne overheard Susan explaining company policy and how to treat customers as well as how to work the register. After they started walking towards the end of the counter where Cheyenne was inflating balloons. She overheard Susan telling Lilly that if there are rude customers they have the right to refuse to serve them and kick them out. She was explaining that one customer didn’t like the balloons they ordered and demanded different ones without paying for them. Susan was saying that the customer was extremely rude and loud and then stormed out of the store when Susan refused the customers demands.
“Remember when she wanted to take the original balloons with her without paying?” Cheyenne interrupted.
Susan chucked. “Yeah she was a handful.”
“Tell Lilly what you did when she demanded that you give her the balloons.”
At this point they were all at the end of the counter. Susan turned to Lilly and said “When she demanded the balloons we originally had for her I declined and she started ranting about how awful the store is and how I’m a horrible manager. It pissed me off so much that I took the balloons she wanted and popped them in front of her.”
Lilly giggled and said “that’s pretty funny. It sounds like she had it coming for her.” Out of nowhere Lilly asks “how did you pop them?”
Susan without hesitation picked up the half inflated balloon Cheyenne accidentally tied off and started to dig her fingers into it. Cheyenne still taken back by Lillys question got mesmerized by what Susan was doing. Susan slowly squeezed the balloon against her midriff making her cleavage pop out of her dress and demonstrated.
“I took each balloon and dug my fingers in slowly and popped them trying to make a point to the stupid lady. Just like this.” Susan then plunged her fingers even further into the balloon and popped it making her breasts jiggle.
“That must’ve been a sight.” Acknowledged Lilly. “Will I be popping any balloons?”
“All the balloons that aren’t picked up that we’ve already inflated gets popped during closing.” Susan answered. “I’m usually the one who pops them because I usually close.”
“What if I accidentally pop a balloon?” Lilly asked.
“It’s fine if you pop a balloon accidentally just try not to.”
Cheyenne in awe of what she saw begins back to work.
“Which leads me back to inflating the balloons.” Susan continued. “Hey Cheyenne, can you go in the back and get a couple more canisters.
Cheyenne said sure and went to the back of the store. She got a trolly and started placing the canisters onto it. She was thinking the entire time why Lilly asked if she was going to pop balloons and especially how Susan popped the balloon Cheyenne accidentally inflated. As she was placing the second canister on the trolly she heard a loud pop crack throughout the store. She finished getting the canister onto the cart and quickly walked back to the front of the store.
“What was that?” Cheyenne exclaimed.
“I was showing Lilly how not to blow up a balloon.”
“I believe I understand everything you said. What should I get started on?” Asked Lilly.
“You should help Cheyenne with the orders.” Susan responded.
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Default Re: Meeting Lilly (beginning of my first story)
Please continue this.
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