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Old 12-01-2017, 02:16 AM
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Default Hello!
Hey all, nice to find this forum and be here! Thought I'd post my intro on a new thread as a bit of an icebreaker.

My name is Michael, 25 and living in Australia. Average run-of-the-mill person with a good job and a good life, but have grown up with an awesome kink for balloons! Always been fascinated with them for as long as I can remember, but it wasn't until my first sexual experience which involved playing with a balloon. It was the catalyst event and it has been a great journey since!

Having tried lots of things I definitely enjoy bigger balloons best - 36" and above (round shape). Generally a non-popper but the occasional pop is always welcome always an exciting challenge with 36s! Love to interact and ride balloons, I love the feeling against my skin and the size and sponginess of the latex. So nice

Yeah of course there are lots of conservatives out there that would find it strange and 'wrong', but I have developed a really positive attitude towards my fetish - yes I can enjoy 'vanilla' sexual encounters, but being able to explore my love for balloons has been fulfilling and certainly interesting!

Nobody I personally know is aware of my fetish, however I do not mind keeping it that way as it is for my enjoyment, but would certainly love to share it with a partner one day. Hopefully I can find a girl that is open-minded and willing to see that adding balloons to a sexual relationship is not odd, but that it can be fun and exciting. I am utterly hopeless with girls in the first instance but I'm sure we all know on this forum that the possibilities are endless!

Happy to have found this awesome forum and can't wait to start meeting you all
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Old 26-12-2017, 03:56 PM
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Smile Re: Hello!
Hi Mick , I think alot of us are like you < my balloon fetish Ive kept under wraps all my life , I love riding them ,usually things happen before they burst under me . My fetish started as a small boy ,I watched my freinds Mom sit on a Balloon during her sons birthday party , I remember sitting on the floor watching this balloon being ridden all the time looking up her skirt to see her stocking ,when the balloon could take more it burst ! I could see her panties had moved showing her "mould " which I put down to why the balloon burst .Every time I see women with Balloons & wearing Stocking I still get that Hard-On
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