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Default Hello
Hi guys it's just occurred to me that I forgot to introduce myself 🙄
My name is Chris or my name here, loon119. I'm 34 and a non popper.
I'm from Halifax England.
Favourite balloon is definitely unique 16. Favourite colours are pink or red. But any colour is good right
My story is kind of long winded and depressing but I'll keep it as short and as upbeat as I can so you don't wander off🤣
As a baby my parents tried to get rid of me
My parents hated me to be a happy in any shape or form.
I used to be locked in my room all the time and weirdly there was always balloons. Obviously I had no love off my parents and found balloons to be warm, soft, tactile and safe. I know balloons arent best for safety reasons but that's how I felt. Basically my parents found me cuddled into my balloons on several occasions and realised, hey, these balloons are making him happy. We can't have that so my mum would stamp on them. Little me would throw myself on the balloons, trying to protect them with my body as I thought it was essentially murder of my friends, begging her to stop. Long after the loud bangs were over, I'd be crying in a corner, holding the pieces of latex, knowing they weren't coming back. This happened several times. I got a bit older and mastered how to untie balloons. I found a lady giving away samples of chocolate and asked her for a balloon from her stall she gave me a flat purple one which I hid in my underwear as my parents would search my pockets. I blew it up, several times and realised it felt good against me. Even better I had a picture underneath a cupboard of a naked woman. One thing led to another and I learnt that my balloons made me cum. I was frightened because to my mind I was the only one in the planet like this, but my goodness balloons were awesome. One night I blew my balloon way bigger than ever and I used my picture for a lil extra turn on and I was so carried away I never heard my parents enter my room until the light went on, my blanket was ripped from me and my balloon stamped on by a high heel and my mum punched me so hard I hit the wall and she screamed in my face I was a dirty bastard who was a pervert for liking balloons and would never find a woman who would accept me. I left home at 14 and yeah mum was right I lost my proper virginity at 14 and told several women over the years. I was laughed at and ridiculed and dumped straight away. I hid it from several partners, using a birthday as an excuse for balloons and always playing in secret. I attempted suicide several times but it went wrong and after a few months I met my wife. I told her about my balloons and she said whatever made me happy was ok. I could not believe it. I used her laptop and typed into Google. I like balloons sexually. Am I weird. Google spat out balloon fetish pictures, videos, sites and shops. I nearly needed new pants in excitement my parents were wrong. I wasn't the only one out there. Maybe it's weird but guess what I want to be weird with every other looner here and enjoy my balloons.
My wife fully understands my phobia and my fetish.
To this day I struggle with parties because I hate unexpected and unknown popping. My balloon love is also a comfort because I use them to sleep,to sit with and to snuggle with, a throw back to the very start and of course mind blowing sexy time with them. The only person who can pop balloons any where near me is her and she is very good with balloons despite not being a looner herself. She can push balloons to their very limits and beyond, both blowing and sitting on.
I think if I was ever to become a popper I'd definitely go for sit to pop and I love videos featuring sit to pop and pictures of sit to pop.
My wife does help me with my phobia from time to time but it's a long long way yet.
Thanks for reading my ramblings and I look forward to joining you guys on here and chatting about all things balloons. Any questions ask away. All my friends and work mates know about my balloon fetish.
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Default Re: Hello
I want to live surrounded of big and colorful balloons
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