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Default Awkward Situations
Hey all.. Just wondering what kind of awkward situations looners have had involving balloons. Could be a time you got aroused in an awkward moment because of balloons, or maybe for the phobics, a time you were scared and tried to hide it.

For me, there have been several situations.. One that springs to mind was being in a store at the register, buying some items when one of the women that worked there was getting some store decorations / signs ready and started blowing up a balloon. Normally I'm ok in these situations in public but this time I couldn't help but get aroused and it was a good thing I had some bags of shopping to use to my advantage
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Default Re: Awkward Situations
For me I have awkward situations all the time, or at least that's how they feel for me. Whenever I go to buy some more balloons, I can't help but feel extremely self-conscious about it and hope that nobody sees me. It's like whenever I'm in the local grocery store, I usually patrol around the aisle that has the 'loons and I grab some when there are as few people around as possible. I only hope I never get caught by somebody I know. Sometimes I buy some other party accessories too, just to make it seem more "normal".
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Default Re: Awkward Situations
When I was younger and going through puberty, any public situation involving balloons was usually awkward for me (having to hide by boners). As I've gotten older I've also gotten better at seeing balloons in a public setting in a non-sexual way, the only issue I have now is that since I'm mainly a non-popper, anytime balloons are brought out I become hyper-focused on the balloons and whoever is interacting with them. I'm uneasy about any accidental pops.
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Default Re: Awkward Situations
My childhood was absolutely filled with awkward situations since I was so phobic. I ended up avoiding a lot of parties and events and I think it had a substantial effect on my personality. I'm not good at talking to new people and am very guarded against strangers until I've warmed up to them by talking about mutual interests and such. It's not really a problem per se but sometimes I wish I could be a little more outgoing.

Unfortunately, around the time I began to realize my fetish (around the age of 12-13), I was still extremely phobic and was not able to enjoy seeing girls interact with balloons, so I was restricted to watching videos on the internet. Also, beyond that age, balloons become much rarer as play items. Because of this, since I also avoided balloon situations at younger ages, I've never seen a girl blow up a balloon in real life. There was one instance where I turned around to realize that a cute girl had blown up a (small) balloon nearby while I wasn't looking which was sorely disappointing because I had missed it.

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Default Re: Awkward Situations
Sometimes awkward situations can be the most stimulating! Hee,hee!
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Default Re: Awkward Situations
Can remember walking into a gift and card shop and low and behold hanging off the ceiling were two gloss red 5 foot imflatable Valentine's hearts..... and in a fashion I walked out of the shop with both. The only problem was these pair were the last they'd got. No problem I said slightly insainly to the sales girl- I'll take the pair. So an hour and a half of me patiently watching two girls wrestling, kneeling and sitting on them to deflate them ensued
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Default Re: Awkward Situations
I think the most awkward situation Iíve been in was in a TGI Fridays a few years ago. We had finished our meal but our table was pretty much the only one that didnít have any helium balloons tied to it. As I left with my wife and children we walked past an empty table that had a big bunch of white and red balloons tied to it.

At most of the tables the balloons were tied to the wooden railings, but at the empty one I was looking at that they were tied to a bottle of vinegar. I picked the bottle up but as I tugged the strings to release the balloons I dropped the bottle and it smashed on the floor. By this time my wife and children had walked on to the car and I was stood there holding a big bunch of balloons trying to find a waitress to ensure the spillage was cleared up. I felt t like the whole restaurant was looking at me wondering what i was up to!

Once a waiter came I apologised and she did laugh and I made a hasty exit with the rather nice helium balloons! Although I was highly embarrassed I was rather pleased that i had the balloons.
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Default Re: Awkward Situations
Wait... so Seasider, do you normally interact with balloons around your kids? I've got a baby on the way and I've been constantly wondering how I'll handle balloons around him. Or how do I have balloon play with a kid in the house all the time? Makes me scared, it seems like it could be a perfect recipe for awkward moments.
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Default Re: Awkward Situations
I can probably think of a couple of awkward moments that are pretty bad. Well one was just plain embarrassing. The other was just a lot more nerve wracking. Sorry for the length in advance everyone. I know a couple of you guys enjoy my stories, and it's actually pretty fun having to think back and re-live them as I write them out. So heres a good one. Fair warning, this one gets kinda NSFW as I describe a looning session I had with someone, but its a lot of fun. Also for the non-poppers who get upset about popping, I apologize and you may wanna skip this one because it's got quite a bit of popping in it. This was while I was living with my ex-GF at her parent's house. I've mentioned my ex a couple times on here so I won't go into a lot of detail about her. For short, in her past, she used to be a stripper and then a fetish model.

It was at this time that summer, that I had introduced my ex to balloons. Basically, when it came to sharing my balloon fetish, she dove in head-first into the experience. And fortunate for me, she loved balloon popping so much that we didn't even need a good excuse to play with and pop balloons whenever or wherever, in public or in private. Given all the fun we were having, she and I came up with the idea that we could use her fetish modeling experience and my looning experience and try to make a website. For the first half of the summer we were living in a condominium that I used to have. Having all the space of the condo to ourselves, our website idea ran smoothly because there were no interruptions to our photoshoots and balloon sessions. By the second half of summer, I had sold my condo and we were living with her parents (and her brother who lived with them) until all the improvements were complete on my new residence and we could move in.

My ex's parents were a very hands-off type of people who were either rarely at home, or really didn't pay much attention to anyone in the house when they were home. So we were pretty much free to do whatever we pleased. Instead of adjusting our behavior, that habit we had of regularly playing with balloons or keeping them around kinda carried over into this new living situation with three other people living in the house. We decided to keep working on the website. I mean they were gone so often, we were still free to keep balloons around and play with them whenever as long as they stayed in our room. For some crazy reason, there was no stop to the impromptu balloon-sessions, or the occasional balloon rooms of 50-75 or so balloons.

Unlike my ex, I was self-conscious of being so brazen about the balloons with this many people around. After all, she was just a visitor in my balloon world, there was no embarrassment for her in playing with balloons-- just over-the-top fun. I was the one carrying the "dirty secret" of having a sexual attraction to a "toy meant or kids". In life, she absolutely craved being the center of attention. If playing with balloons would get her more attention by people, she was all in. Quite frankly, it was next to impossible to embarrass this girl anyways. She loved making heads turn and shocking people. As a former stripper and regularly modeling nude, being openly sexual even in public was second nature to her.

In fact, I couldn’t stop her from telling all of her female friends about the balloon fetish website. What made this awkward was that we went to the same high-school, so all her friends either knew me or I was friends with them too. Even more awkward, given that she was bisexual, we even had sex with some of the same people! When she went back to college that fall, she told all of her friends too. Long story short, theres a bunch of folk out there, without my consent who know that I have a balloon fetish. Anyways, despite all of my embarrassment, all of her enthusiasm for balloons and her constant need for sexual gratification was like a drug to me. It had me doing all kinds of stupid things.

The big awkward moment was with her brother, though. Once she convinced me as part of the website to shoot three different looning sessions in 3 days. The first two days were awesome, with her fulfilling every fantasy I could imagine. By day 3, all the common sense in me had left my body and I was completely under her spell. I'd do anything. In fact I was so dumb at this time, she convinced me to do a balloon session knowing that her brother was coming home soon. Instead of doing it in our bedroom as usual, she convinced me to do it in her other brother’s bedroom where there was more space. So we filled the bedroom up with probably 50 Q16's and 3 Q24’s.

Wearing a black sun dress and heels, she slowly walked into the door, handing me our camera as she passed by. She slowly waded into the sea of balloons, swinging her hips like she was walking in a shallow pool. She stopped in the middle of the loons and looked back at me giving me a seductive stare. Slowly, she pulled up the bottom of the dress revealing her black thong and round ass. *Click, click click!* went the camera. Lifting a leg, she rested the pointy heel of her shoe into a blue balloon, plunging it into the taught skin of the balloon, Then she was slowly bouncing her heel into it until the balloon could not resist anymore. The balloon disappeared, replaced by latex shards and a sharp cracking pop. She did this two more times to a red and then a yellow one, stepping more aggressively onto the balloons each time. POP! POP! She bent over slowly, deliberately bearing her ass to me as she picked up a balloon. She nail popped a few balloons, giggling after each explosion. Afterwards, she climbed up onto the bed and then sratled a yellow Q24. Then she pulled the neck of the balloon upwards between her legs by the nozzle. The neck was growing, straining, bulging upwards under her weight as she slowly lowered her ass onto the bulb of the balloon. Then she hugged the neck against her chest and pulled at the nozzle of the balloon with her teeth. She started bouncing with the neck pressing against her chest. Giggling again, she then reached behind her neck to untie the sundress, revealing her breasts. Her nipples were kissing the neck of the straining balloon. Then she reached down to where the bulb of the balloon bulged between her legs and slowly ran her nails up, up, up, along the the neck until it suddenly exploded.

She the burst into laughter, falling backward onto the mattress below. Rolling backwards from the fall, she put her legs straight up in air displaying her sexy ass and legs to me. Then spreading her legs into a “V”, she locked eyes with me and then playfully patted between her legs. Rolling back over, she turned around then bent over with her ass high in the air her and laid on top of 2 more balloons. She arched her back and did a playful little twerk with her ass jiggling up and down and clapping back together. She sat on top of a white balloon by the edge of the bed, with her hands propping her up, and one foot on the bed, she put her other leg in the air and began to bounce on the balloon harder and harder until it finally gave way. BAM! "Yes!" She silently mouthed to herself. Another white balloon was sitting behind her. She picked that up with two hands and stretched out her arms towards me holding the balloon towards me. Her nails slowly dug in... BLAM! There was another lovely explosion as the shredded latex appeared in her hand looking like a lovely flower. She crawled towards me, laying her body weight onto another balloon. Her right hand rested on another balloon. I felt my pants tighten as my I felt myself starting to grow. I was holding the camera in one hand and clumsily trying to unbutton my pants for her with the other. She chuckled at how desperate I looked.

Gazing upwards at me until we locked eyes, she then said "Stop. Don't take it out yet. Rub on it for me and make it grow. Get it nice and hard... show me how happy you are to watch me." I happily obliged. Staring at my hand squeezing, pulling and working to show her how happy I was, I guess she didn't notice her nails slowly clawing into the balloon. Suddenly, BANG! We both kinda jumped a little, startled by the pop. "Oh!" she exclaimed breaking contact with my crotch and looking at where the balloon once was. Looking back at me, "now take your shirt off and sit on the bed. Lean up back against the wall." I did as I was told. Still looking in my eyes, she slowly dug her index finger deep into the skin of the green balloon nestled against her breasts. She laughed as the balloon burst, and then a satisfied smile came over her face as the wind from the explosion blew her hair back and the latex snapped against her chest revealing her nipples. She put on a little show while I clicked away with the camera. I was getting harder and harder. She ran her hand up my leg and tightly squeezed my growing bulge. With her other hand she reached between my legs unzipping my pants and pulling out my dick. She cracked a small smile as my body tensed up as she gripped and slowly stroked me. Teasingly, she hovering over the head of my shaft with an open mouth, breathing out warm air onto it slowly and deeply before and playfully licking it. I felt the warm wet embrace of her mouth wrapping around me, slowly taking me in, tightly grabbing the lower half of my shaft, gathering skin and repeatedly sliding her hand up to meet her mouth and back down. She went up and down on me a few times until she knew I was putty in her hands.

She suddenly shifted her attitude and switched into her whole S&M mistress routine. She started commanding me to have a balloon session on my own while she watched. She called out commands how to pop each balloon, making me squeeze the balloons against my chest as hard as I can to make them pop. Then she made me S2P a few, while telling me to pleasure myself at the same time. Slightly embarrassed, but at the same time so free. Seeing how much fun I was having, she decided to swap places with me. She handed me back the camera and told me to record her as she went back down on me, occasionally nail popping balloons on my body.

Somewhere during all of this craziness, her brother came into the house. She kept on going, feeling my thighs tense as I approached climax. She stopped. She took a thumbtack from the dresser, stood up in the middle of the room and told me to start tossing balloons at her. Pop! Pop! Pop! She was poked out with the pin towards each balloon that slowly drifted in a arc towards her until they reached their demise at the end of the pin. Balloons were rapidly exploding, colorful pieces of latex flew across the room, the sound of each pop rang in my ears like music. She couldn’t stop laughing, her perky breasts jumping and bouncing as she hopped up and down, eager for the next explosion and screaming with each pop.

Suddenly… the bedroom door swung open and her brother burst into the room. “What the fuck is all that noise!” His jaw drops. My ex turns around to her brother, her expression doesn’t change. Like I said, there was no embarrassing this girl. “Oh hey, Tyler! We’re just popping balloons!” Meanwhile, my stomach drops. You can see her brother’s expression change from confusion, to surprise, and then to horror. My ex is standing in the middle of a multicolor sea of balloons topless except for a black thong. I’m sitting on his brother’s bed naked with my dick at full attention still glistening with saliva. “What the fuck!?”, he yells. “Yo! Tyler, come on!” I protest. Her brother in shock just backpeddles out the room. My ex turns back to me still with that bouncy expression of hers and she just says, “C’mon, let’s finish!” After that, I was just in so much shock I honestly don’t remember much after that. I mean, I know we finished popping the balloons, but all I could think of was her brother walking in on us, and my secret about balloons was out to ANOTHER fucking person without my consent.

After we finished, she got dressed and went down the hall to her brother’s room. I just sat on the bed in disbelief trying to listen to the mumbled conversation she was having with her brother. Needless to say, there were a couple of awkward ass days after the incident as I tried to avoid him or pretend he wasn’t in the room. A couple days later her brother and I are sitting on the couch watching TV. In a kinda excited manner he says to me, “dude, when I walked in that room I was just like WTF!? But, dude I talked to Brittany and she explained that it’s some sort of fetish thing, that’s cool.” Needles to say, I was confused as shit. How could someone be cool after walking in on his sister and some dude butt-ass naked in a room full of balloons? I asked my ex later that day, what she said to him. A smile broke out across her face as you could see the good memories flash across her face. “Oh, I told him it’s this awesome fucking game we like to play. You toss balloons to me and I get to jump around with a pin and pop them. It’s such a fuckin’ blast! Then I kinda explained to him it’s part of this whole fetish community.” My head was just spinning. She said all of this shit to me without hesitating like this was all normal.

To this day, that was probably one of the most sexiest, hottest, scary, and confusing days when it comes to looning for me. The confusion only continued as I lived there. There were two other times living in that house that people walked in on a room full of balloons. A couple of weeks later, assuming that nobody was going to walk in our room while we were not at home, her brother walked in on a balloon room. This time it wasn’t 50 balloons, it was probably like 150 or something. The balloons were literally filled to the ceiling, and you could barely open the door it was so packed tight with loons. When that happened, his brother told me, “Dude, I walked into your bedroom again.” I muttered to my self, “Oh fuck.” Then goes, “I was just like… oh shit, BALLOOOONS! I mean Britt told me about it, and said how much fun they can be. Dude, I get it! It’s awesome!” I just nervously chuckled and tried to laugh it off. To this day, I don’t understand how he was just so cool with everything. Like I said, my ex’s family just like her was fuckin crazy. Their craziness did save my ass once though. My ex’s step-father walked into the next balloon room. I played innocent and acted as confused as him. I was able to just blame it on her and say it was her idea. I didn’t know what we were doing… I just followed her “crazy ass directions.” He just chuckled back and agreed with me, “yeah, she does have some crazy ideas.”

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Default Re: Awkward Situations
Thank you for sharing your experiences LoudPopper.

I personally don't think your ex' brother was shocked by the balloons, more by the fact that he found his sister and her friend in his bed. At least, I would be more disappointed when I found family having sex in my bed, than I would be shocked by some fetish.
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