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Default Looners summer just around the corner. Get out, try new looner stuff
Im writing this thread to call on all your looners to take your balloons out and try new uses for them.Looking at Utupe this morning I saw two who spent five hours blwing up 1000 water balloons and then making a suit of them by tying them on a string and then wrapping them around one of the guys. Walking towards the lake he popped some of the balloons, but he was still able to float comfortably totally engulfed in a suit of balloons.
And it is the best feeling, Ive tried it using modeling 30 modeling balloons wrapped around my body.
The balloons suddenly gets a new power making you feel toally wheightless in the water and keeping you warm and rubbery.
I have desribed floating on a GL1200 in a nother thread. Doing that in windy conditions I just surender to the balloon and the wind and just letting the balloon take me where it wants to, it so cool.
If you have a lot of balloons and helium why dont save it to try and float of tied to the ground. It has been life long dream of me.
All I can say is jus use your imagination and go out and try new stuff with oyur loons
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