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Default Looner Fantasy fulfilled
I have just done my greatest fantasy.

My parents are out so I decided to have some fun with a Q24 which was sent to me by a member of this forum for me to try out. I was going to use a Q16 for the job but it was a bit too dirty so I had to pop it (reckon I’d cum on it like 5 times coz I lost track).

I took this chance to use a Q24 so as I was inflating it I thought “fuck it I’m home alone so may as well take this one chance” so I blew it up and inserted my manhood into it. I have tried other balloons but as I was once told on this forum it depends how “big” I am and I turned out to be big enough for a Q24. This was my only chance to do this as can you imagine how awkward it would be for my parents to walk in on me inside a balloon. Never been caught but I can’t get out of a compromising pose as quickly with myself inside a balloon.had to use a porn vid to get there but worth it. Best experience ever but it was a challenge as I had no lubricant so I had to use pre-cum from my manhood. Another issue I had was air escaping the balloon as I had no ties whilst inserting myself. Luckily I made the effort with little air lost after like 3 attempts.

I was ever so afraid of the balloon popping because no doubt that would hurt like fucking hell. Well Q24s are a new balloon to me. I have used a tied up pink one for like a week and the one I inserted myself into was a newly inflated and much larger red one.

Sorry to be so frank in this post but a fantasy is now reality and I’m still a bit caught up in the euphoria of the event.

I finally want to thank the forum member who gave these balloons to me who for all rights to privacy I will keep anonymous. If they see this post all I can say is thanks for helping me complete my fantasy.
What will pop first, me or the balloon? Best go find out.

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Default Re: Looner Fantasy fulfilled
Don't be sorry Congratulations I wish you many happy moments in th future
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Old 02-06-2019, 12:36 PM
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Default Re: Looner Fantasy fulfilled
I’ve been wanting to try inserting myself into a doubled up balloon and fucking it that way.
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Old 02-06-2019, 12:52 PM
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Default Re: Looner Fantasy fulfilled
Good story, and I'm glad you were able to enjoy yourself.

Purely for future reference, if you dont have any lubricant to hand then you can simply use:

1) A bit of talcum powder, dusted over your manhood, will help slide you in.

2) Or, a use some spit. (It may not be the most hygienic, but if you're only using it to slip into the neck of the balloon, and you wash your manhood and the balloon after, then it's no big deal.)

3) Or, you can try rolling the balloon up, from the neck up into the body, like an rolled condom is like when you first open one, then roll the balloon over your erect manhood. You will then need to gently stretch the balloon enough to either pump it up, via a straw, a bit of plastic tubing, or something similar.

4) If you're absolutely desperate, then smear a bit of butter/margarine over your manhood, or just inside the neck of the balloon, and then slide your way in. Just remember to wipe your hands, otherwise you'll smear buttery fingerprints everywhere.

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