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Default Re: Other fetishes
Hey, hope I'm not bumping old junk here but I found this interesting. So many different kinks that you talk about here! For me there's a few things other than balloons.

The first thing, kinda straight forward from there, is latex. I've got two latex panties and a pair of arm sleeves that make me feel very comfortable and I love the look of. What I don't like too much is full body suits, I prefer a nice mix of skin and rubber.
The second thing is a bit of puppy stuff, and I have a hood. To be honest I like it because I think it makes me look a lot more cute than without one. :P But that's all I have in the pup department, not very deep into it there.
Now the third thing is a tad on the dirty scale, but it's not too crazy either I think. I like smelling manly smells (or girly smells, if that applies), that's basically it. I put my nose where others wouldn't, that's all I'll say about that. :P

What I'd like to add to this is that I really appreaciate living in a culture where there's room for stuff like this. We should keep in mind, and I think most of you do, that there are places and cultures, and there have also been times not too long ago in the free world, where talking or even thinking about stuff like this is or was absolutely taboo, so I consider myself lucky.

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