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Default Dropping into a life of Strippers and Welfare Moms

Okay, so I'm a out looner. I'm doing shit in real life that I never thought I'd do.

And at this moment I want to give a shout out. Buster Bill...THE FIRST EVER BALLOON COMMUNITY IN THE HISTORY OF THE EARTH.

I love reading first balloon stories. That was three fucking lifetimes ago, but that is one thing that I can totally relate to.

The first time. Mine is pretty much one of my first three memories...I was 7.

And I was seriously a looner from that point on. I steered my mom to restaurants that had balloons. I would walk a half mile down a road to take a balloon off a mailbox.

I asked my mom for balloons and she got them. To this day I don't know what she knew. I fucked balloons in the tub from ages 9 to 11. To my mind, I was in a bathroom, the private space and anything you did there was totally private.

Today, being a looner, I can't imagine the squeaks, pops, and silence she heard during my bath times.

I grew up with a liberal mom, if you couldn't tell.

The first time I ever saw porn was when I walked in on my mom and my aunt reviewing a porn tape my cousin had left in the VCR. I was 10. And they didn't try to hide it, they just explained what was going on. Why they were laughing to a dirty VHS 1978 porn tape.

Right...I realized this was supposed to be a post of how I ended up with strippers and section8 moms.

I don't know. I think I know, but I probably don't.

Here's my journey. I spent a night pubically balloon fucking girls.

I haven't had sex in 5 years. Yet I lived the fantasy.

I think I got it... sorry, new post.
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