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Default Galdo introduces himself
Hello there everyone. I just wanted to give you a short introduction of mine.

Iīve really thought about what I am going to write and what not since when I get into ... or onto new things that I like Iīm usually very energetic... for an introduction that would mean I would write far to much. So... Iīll just try to keep it short. Since some of us are kinda hiding behind nicknames - hence our Hobby is a legal, but quite Special Topic I will try to find a way to share some Information but not to much Information about myself.

So... for my Name letīs just say you can call me "Galdo" - here. Iīm - at this date - a 32 years old man. Iīm around 1,92m tall and my weight is 110Kg Iīm ... chubby... but not fat. Unfortunately Iīd consider myself not really pretty. Some ... friends... said I donīt look to bad but on the other Hand I occasionly get my Body mentioned. Itīs mainly my face. I have deep ey sacks all the time. When Iīm in vacation and can sleep out they go back but I still look like an average Person who hasnīt had sleep for a day... or even a couple
of days and when Iīm working shift, have to get up 3:40 AM itīs even worse.
Occasionly People talk to me regarding this. I got asked "if I had an accident" and the other Person pointed down his yes signing me he means my eye sacks or I was asked if I use safety Goggles (actually I do) and also pointing to the eye sacks... itīs something absolutely not helping when wanting to make a good first Impression on someone. I could eventually hide them with Makeup but I donīt know... hide for who? Also as my oppinion goes that is simliar to
not telling the truth because Iīd hide how I truthly look.

I live in Germany, Bavaria to be exactly and Iīm aproximately a good hour away from the big City Munich, living in a small village.

As Job I work as production worker, it is a simple Job, but itīs payed well.

My Hobbies are:

- Electronics (DIY Electronics similar to ham radio)
- Watching movies / games
- I kinda started ordering "delveloping" games but as it is now "just" visual
novels, maybe that might Change in the future depends on how things go
- Occasionly I go outside hiking in the mountains that are Close to where I
live. Usually it has a technical part to it, so I take my CB Radio with me or
another Radio communications device. When youīre on top of a mountain
you can make lots of contacts with the CB hence you have a wide view that
enables the Radio signals to travel further. Iīve made many contacts and
I like it.

My living Situation:

Well I write this because it is "a Thing" with our Hobby. Being 32 right now I still live with my parents. Yeah... some might find that weird or odd but I canīt see a reason why to move out. I am working usually 4 days a week and for it to be 4 days a normal working day is quite Long (Iīm more than 12,5hours out from home when I go to work). Itīs just comfy - I admit that - that when I come home from work... often exausted and tired... my mom has already fixed me something to eat... or she takes care of my clothes (altough she says compared to my brother Iīm not really giving her much work with that). In Germany some People use a joke and call People who stay with their
parents for such a Long time "guests in Hotel Mama" but for me that doesnīt
Count in my oppinion since I do not only pay quite some Money to be allowed to stay with my parents (>500 bucks) I also help them with their stuff occasionly when I have spare time. For example I help my mom in the kitchen with the cooking or I tidy up the cleaned dish from the dishwasher or do other
things to help my parents if thereīs work - and - Iīm not working on one of my Projects that is super important in that Moment.

Also occasionly I invite them in a Restaurant... the whole Family goes eating in a Restaurant and after weīre done I pay the bill for everyone. So... yeah, I still live at home but itīs not that Iīm like "the king" and they are my "minions"...


As People here are super open (the Topics about sexuality, like normie talk for intimate Topics) I also have to share something with you. Due to false decisions from People... in that Situation false behaviour I was severe bullied around 15 years ago in my apprenticeship. It was so heavy that I got mentall ill and since 15 years I am mentall ill. Unfortunately instead of getting better, my sickness got worse and I carry it around with me. I have something... you could call it "mean thoughts"... or "hears voices in head".

The illness is like I do something. That could be turning on a light Switch, use a door handle, make a mouse click (the Trigger possibilities are nearly endless) and I hear a bad voice in my head. Itīs always a bad voice like it says - for the lightswitch example - "If you let that light Switch on now, something bad happens to someone you love" so I turn off the light Switch aggain, turn it back on... and another bad thought Comes. Yeah... I do it untill the bad voices are quiet, but that can take a while and this mentall illness is a severe cut in my life Quality.

Maybe a wonder happens... or something happens and in the future it will just go away, but just registering to this Forum here... writing this post... is a hughe struggle with my inner self. On the other side I manage to get over it
so I can write to you.

I could explain all that longer but I wanted to have "borders" for my words... my sentences otherwise it would get really... really ... Long.

As character goes... Iīm a very nice and calm guy. People say "Youīre so nice,
why are you always so nice" as I help my co workers often do their work
what I am not supposed to do but I have the oppinion that if we all stick together, help each other, the world will become a better place and thats how I life. To put it very very short, I was even asking my Boss indirectly to pay me less Money because my co workers get less Money than I do. I get more Money because of contract reasons and itīs absolutely correct and legal - thatīs what I was told bringing it up over and over aggain...

I wanted to "earn less Money" because I want things to be fair and since my co workers wonīt get paid more, Iīve hinted my Boss (or better Boss-es I went up in the hirarchy) that I get paid to much for that Job but they were just like "be happy that you get paid that good" (and informed me that itīs OK - well it has to do with my Background where I work why I get paid so good).

Other than that I do not like lies and I also donīt lie. I am orientating my
way of life on the Statement that "A Dragon is a noble creature" (scalie Thing)
and since I admire These creatures (the ones that are nice at least) I try
to be noble to. Not telling lies is a Thing... I had situations where I just had
to tell the Person that asked me questions that I feel un comfy about talking
to a specific Topic - I mean... usually People just make up things to escape the
questioning, right? Also when Iīm asked what I did on Weekends I usually
reply with "I had a Long and good slepout" and then I distract the Person what
he or she did so I donīt Need to answer further questions (Iīve kinda learned
that People donīt Think itīs too good if you tell them that instead of going
outside on a super sunny day youīve spent your whole day in your room doing... things... like playing Computer games or building a Radio... I think aduld persons wouldnīt bully me because of that as the younger ones did in the apprenticeship but still I hide it from persons I donīt trust)

What I just want to say is... Iīm a very very nice and calm guy. I donīt really talk much on the other Hand at work because I hide my sickness and unfortunately as I grew up and lots of things happened - they would be to much to explain here - Iīm not "that much" into what an average Person calls real life. Iīm more on the "nerd / geek" side and that sure isnīt helping when youīre surrounded by the average worker guy or Girl who talk about cars or vacation or wife / children.

Iīve posted that in furry Topic already, but Iīm "a scalie" if you ask regarding furry stuff, so my fursona is a Dragon.

What do I expect here? Why did I join here?

Well this Forum is just nice. I was looking for such a Forum for a while and then I found this one. I expect to share experience, knowledge. Before I made this post I spent (literarely) hours reading old Topics and get a Feeling for the People here.

A Suggestion: Make more sticky Topics. Iīve noticed that there are Topics posted aggain and aggain regarding our Hobby. It would be good to make a few stick Topics and People can reply there.

I might not reply to your "welcome" Messages. Please do not see this as me not care-ing... it could be more because of my mentall illness because itīs a struggle for me to "just log in" or click on "send message".

I have to write this because of my sickness: All Iīve written now Counts for
the date itīs been posted. Everything could Change by tomorrow.

Gosh, I hope I havenīt scared you away with my "thoughts" but Iīm really a nice guy and some of you mightīve seen me posting replies to some of your Topics already I guess.
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Default Re: Galdo introduces himself
Is CB radio still in use where you live? In the USA, there was a craze for it about 40 or so years ago. Our CB band is actually on the upper end of the HF band (26-27 MHz), which was great for making radios affordable in the 1970s, and didn't always require line of sight. Cell phones just killed the dickens out of it, though. People would have them in their cars to call for help, but a cell phone is much easier for that (plus cars don't break down like they used to back then).

The trucking industry still uses it, a lot. But that's it. Unless you want to talk to truckers, there's no point in it anymore.
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Default Re: Galdo introduces himself
CB Radio is a Thing. As you reported, Truckers are still using it quite much... altough on the newer trucks the used Antennas are getting smaller and smaller... so it becomes a nieche feature more and more.

Defining the popularity of CB is a Thing. Commonly People forgot about it - why use this Thing if you have a cellphone? On the other Hand laws were changed to the positive for us.

Being a child of the 90s I was used to a 40 Channel CB with FM used as Modulation. There were 12 AM channels channel 4...15 and the power was set to 4W on FM and 1W on AM.

Later they made many additions to that and improoved the rules. There was a 80 channel FM CB introduced, with the additionall 40 channels being below the channels 1-40 (in Terms of frequency). First you had to Register your 80 Channel CB and pay a monthly fee to use it but they took that away...

A while later they allowed AM to be used on all 40 Channels and they even allowed the power to be increased to 4Watts so you now had 40 FM / AM and additional 40 - but only in FM.

Later on they even allowed SSB on CB (it was forbidden here Long) and then they even made the step and allowed for SSB incredible 12W Transmission power to be used... thatīs awesome. Some People also refer to CB now as "Amateur Radio light" because with good conditions and a good Antenna... the 12Watts can easy reach out a few thousand Kilometers (or miles) depending on how got the conditions are.

There are People "leaving" CB and new ones "getting back or getting into it" at least thatīs the activity in one of a few German Forums regarding this stuff. There are some
People who use CB just for talking and they talk for hours sometimes and others use it for the "Radio" aspect. They get Equipment, get on top of a mountain and set up their station and see who they can reach. Every year (will be soon, 3rd June Weekend) thereīs even a Germany wide Event involving CB Radio. People can sign up on a page... get a number. Your goal is to make CB Radio contacts to others, and who has made most contact even wins a Price ... there are various Prices given to the winner by Shops that sell Radio related stuff. It can be a new CB Radio for the car, an antenna...

I myself donīt have the best Equipment and usually use a handheld CB Radio with a Long telescopic Antenna. My range-archeivements arenīt really super high, compared to whatīs possible in CB Radio but Iīve also had contacts far over 50 Miles (100km and more) with others... Standing on top of a mountain.

I guess with CB itīs similar to USA... it got far less than it was before but People who are still into it are specialiced on the Topic and very pasionate about it.

I wonder how it is in Poland thou... see cars with a number plate from poland... quite a high ammount of These cars has CB Radio antennas on the Roof and looking through the side window I can see a cb Radio built in and ready to operate. What Iīve heared is that itīs still very popular over there.
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Default Re: Galdo introduces himself
We have CB (upper HF, 40 channels, AM and SSB) as well as a few unlicensed UHF services that generally use narrowband FM. Family Radio Service is one (around 450 MHz) and there is MURS, multi-use radio service. MURS is interesting primarily because it allows some data modes (with heavy restrictions, it can't be connected to the internet, for one). But it does allow Bell 202-type modem tones, similar to what they use on ham radio.

Sounds like the term "CB" is a bit more general for you. Most people nowadays will think of the HF service over here when you say "CB".
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Default Re: Galdo introduces himself
Aside from CB Radio there are other applications aswell. Like the FRS we have the PMR Service (Portable mobile Radio) Itīs .5 Watts on 446,0....446,1MHz originally 8 analouge channels, but later they released D-PMR (Digital PMR) which is I think above 446,1...

Now they made it that there are 16 analouge Channels but it is all inbetween 446,0 and 446,2

Germany has a Special Radio called "Freenet" which is settled a Little bit above the 2m Amateur Radio band. It works on 149MHz and has 6 channels (149,0...149,1MHz).

PMR and Freenet use fixed antennas, the user is not allowed to Change them

Being limited to 0,5W - lately the law has changed, and Freenet now is allowed with 1W but
still only fixed Antennas.

So yeah there are some other "walkie talkies" apart from CB.

I have a hughe knowledge about licence free operating devices (such as walkie talkies, bayb Monitor, wirless headphones) but Iīm not sure if itīs the right spot to discuss that here...
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