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Default Re: The trash
What i enjoy about a handful of busted balloons is the strong smell of latex from the inner part of the balloon. LOVE the smell.
Big tight shiny balloons
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Default Re: The trash
Originally Posted by Cho View Post
I don't know if I had to do so, because I don't think anyone is looking in my trash, but I was kind of paranoid about the shreds. I hid them in multiple layers of other trash, like used pieces of paper or bags of chips.
Still don't know if that was even remotely necessary, but better safe then sorry I guess.
That sounds familiar If I get the feeling that anyone might notice balloon bits in my trash I tend to hide them as well. It's not that big of a problem any more since I've gotten a place of my own that I don't have to share with anyone else, plus, as I already said... they've got their own trash bag now. :P

Originally Posted by SusieDK View Post
One thing I do like about the ‘trash’ is when a balloon bursts into a lot of tiny shreds. It looks cool and is often accompanied by a wonderfully loud bang. In my opinion this is the ideal ending for a balloon
That's another interesting point of view, because with me it's the other way round as I prefer large shreds, especially when they remain in one piece and the knot is still attached. Also... that makes it easier to pick them up of course

@Blowitbig True, that is something I also like very much. When the loons have been blown up for a few days (at least with mine) they get that special strong latex smell which I like to sniff.
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