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Default Pool’s Open
I was mowing the other day and my mind wandered as it does while doing menial tasks, and it brought up a memory from my childhood where an older sibling found a bag of balloons I had hidden and she and her friend had blown them up and popped them all while I was away. When I got home there were pieces all over the sidewalk, and while I was heartbroken on one hand, I discovered the beginnings of arousal when I though of her friend stomping them.
Fast forward many years and the more I thought of this as I was mowing, the idea that I’d have my balloons inflated and someone else would want to come and joyfully bust them all, well the more aroused I got. So in that vein, let’s say I have a bag of 100 jewel 11”, a bag of 100 clear 11”, and 50 jewel 16”, all Qualatex, with about half of them inflated tightly and laying around, and I ask for someone to come and play rough with my balloons. What would you do?
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Default Re: Pool’s Open
I love the idea. Problem is setting it up, getting someone, and not arousing suspicion.

I have done the same thing before.

Blew up some big 18 inchers nice and tight, and had the garbage men and gardeners round to burst them all for me (just told them I had a party and needed help cleaning up).

Had them round 3 times and the gardeners once to burst loads of balloons for me, even asked a few neighbours to do the same. All worked out fine, and the guys were all happy to burst balloons for me. Mostly squeezed and stomped on them all, it was great to watch, good fun.
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