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Default Hero and Villian Balloon Story Ideas?
I wanna try and write some stories but wanted to get some ideas first, so thought I'd ask if anyone had any particular requests of heroes or villians to enjoy balloons.

Just tell me what heroes or villians you want to have some balloon fun and I'll see what I can do, fair warning I know DC more than Marvel.

A few characters I can think could be good include Killer Frost, Wonder Woman, a Jokerz gang member, I for one enjoy Madame Xanadu, the Queen of Fables, Harley would be obvious, Ivy, Catwoman.

Anyway, point being, tell me about what heroes or villians you would like and some balloony fun for them to have, and I'll see about writing it when I can think of it.

Also Death is a cutie, we all know this so I'll say it.

EDIT: Forgot Star Sapphire.

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