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Default The magic hopper ball
I was hiking in a lokal forrest the other day
Just when i approached a clearing a booiing sound from the middle of the clearing caught my attention.
The weather was nice warm and sunny and I was stranding in the outskirts looking into the clearing wearing only my shorts.
Then i saw it.
It was one of those hopper balls i could remember from my childhood. Only this one was a lot bigger, aprox a meter in diameter, bright orange and with a handle at the top.
As I approached it, it was still bouncing slightly by it self.
I stood in front of the hopper ball and as it bounced up i touched it.
It was not made of plastic, it was made of rubber. I could smell it.
The hopper ball was still bouncing a bit, like it was inviting me to step over it and try it.
Since the clearing was secluded the quite strong rubber smell made wanna try it nacked, so i took of my shorts and boxers.
I grapped the handle and stepped over the hopper ball while it was still bouncing a bit.
It felt really rubbery between my legs and it was still bouncing slightly aginst my ass..
Well it could not hurt to try bouncing on it i though, so i started with a little bounce.
As I bounced back something strange happent.
The hopper ball bounced twise as high up and it was bouncing a little higher each time..
I tried to let go of the handle and jump off, but it was like my hands was glued to it. I simply had to go along for the ride.
For each jump we bounced higher and higher, but we did not crash back to the ground as you will expect as we jumped higher.
The hopper ball just slowly floated back to the ground and bounced back up in the air higher each time.
Since i was nacked it felt really nice actualy.
I was now jumping several kilometers up in the air each time. I was getting a little cold.
It was like the hopper ball senced that.
Becauce some of the material it was made of began to melt around my legs like a paint.
The gooey substance worked its way up on my body and arms. There was nothing i could do.
As the substance reached my neck it stopped. I was now part of the hopper ball and it actualy felt really good.
It gave me a really intence rubber feeling, the most intence i have ever felt and it was nice and warm.
As the hike i was on was a real long one i found the hopper ball about twelve kilometer from my home.
It was like the hopper ball knew that becauce it bounced toward my home town.
It also senced that i enjoyed the rubber suit it had made for me. It was not only feeling really good it also had a real strong rubber smell. I was begining to get a boner.
The hopper ball's reaction was astoneshing.
It made a condome like area around my dick and started to massage it and vibrade.
Since i was trapped on the hopper ball in the suit it had made around my body i could not do anything other than just enjoy it.
As we bounced up in the air again i came in a huge orgasm. It was like the hopper ball was milking me.
I got to the conclusion that it was the reason why it lurred me to bounce on it.
I was totaly exausted from being milked dry, but I was still several kilometers up in the air.
Slowly we desended trough a cloud and as we got below it i could see my balcony directly below us.
The hopper ball gently touched down and bounced gently into my living room.
I senced the trip was over since the suit that the hopper ball had made around my body bagan to retract back into it.
I was now able to let go of the handle and step off the hopper ball, reluctant though.
As I stood nacked beside the hopper ball it bounced gently up against my body and I gave it a gentle stroak and told it that it was welcome to come back next time it was hungry.
The hopper ball bounced out of the balcony door and with a large bounce it was gone.
I have not seen it since, but I have to go back to the clearing and get my clothe so mabye it will be waiting for me there
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Default Re: The magic hopper ball
The reason i wrote this little story was that stumled over an adult size hopper ball on Ebay.
It's 80 cm in diameter.
I ordered it and I will get it next week.
Then i got to think of how cool it could if it somehow took the control and gave me a ride.
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Old 23-12-2018, 08:15 AM
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Default Re: The magic hopper ball
It was another warm summer day.
It had been a couble of weeks since i last had hiked the tour in the forrest where i saw the hopper ball.
This time my pal was hiking with me.
As we got to the clearing where i saw the hopper ball last time, we suddently heard a booiing booiing.
"What was that", my pal said ", lets go check it out, and he ran into clearing.
There was a blue and the orange hopper ball that i met a couble of weeks earlyer.
The blue hopper ball was even bigger than the orange one, about 120 cm in diameter.
They both bounced slightly in the grass.
"Wait don't touch it" i shouted.
"What's the worst thing that can happent" he answered and graped the handle, "i will give it a try"
"You will find out" i said
As he gave the hopper ball a bounce his shorts and under pants was suddently torn off somehow by the hopper ball..
As they bounced higher the blue gooy substance was already starting to crawl up over his arm and legs and he could not let go.
"What's happening, i wanna get off" he he shouted.
"You woudn't hear" i shouted back "now you just have to go along for the ride".
Tore off my clothe and graped the orange hopper ball.
"If you save my pal just have a go with me" i said to the hopper ball "
It immidialy bounced after the blue hopper ball and as we did it started to seclude the gooy orange substance up over my body..
As the last time the orange substance stopped at my neck and it felt soo nice and rubbery.
We caught up with my pal and the blue hopper ball and bounced a couble of meters beside them
"Are you alright" said.
"Well yes" he said "the stuff on my body actualy feels really good, like rubber.. Whoah what's happening now?
" The hopper ball is hungry "i said" just let it feet and enjoy it "
Well my hopper ball was hungry too and as we passed an airliner i had a huge orgasm
My pal had passed out, but his blue hopper ball kept milking him.
I could see he had one orgasmic spasm after another.
As my hopper ball milked me it grew in size and now we didn't even bounced back to the ground.
Both my pal and me just floated higher and higher up in the air on our hopper balls.
As we got higher it got hard to breahe, but the hopper balls had an answer to that.
The gooy substance started to crawl up over our heads.
It was a bit scary, but as soon as my head was covered i was able to breahe fine, although the air had a very strong rubber odor.
The combination of the strong rubber odor and feeling on my body made me pass out and the hopper ball kept milking me.
I came too by a bumb.
It was my hopper ball (that had now grown to 2,5 meters in diameter) that bumbed into the blue hopper ball to tell it that we had enough.
Since it had outgrown the blue hopper ball by half a meter in size the blue hopper ball went along and we slowly floated back to the starting point.
The hopper balls somehow picked our clothe up and bounced up in the air again.
As we desended again we where directly over our cars.
We touched down and the suit that the hopper balls had made around our bodys retracted back into them and we where able to get off them.
My pal could hardly walk and I was not in a better conditon.
"Are you alright"? I afsked.
"Yes" he said and quietly took on his clothe.
He did not say anything else, he just slowly staggered into his car and drove off.
The orange hopper ball bumbed gently into me and with a booiing they both bounced off.
My pal and I has not spoken about this since, but I am sure that like me he can't resist to go out on his new hopper ball companion again.
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