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Old 27-12-2018, 07:35 AM
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Default Re: What is the most over inflated balloon you've seen?
Originally Posted by Katielynn View Post
I hosted a booth at a corporate event/trade show. We had a bunch of trinkets to give out, balloons among them. This thread popped into my head as I was helping to decorate and I aimed to over inflate the helium balloons by as much as I could without bursting them. I definitely made my colleague nervous!

But the most fun was during the actual event. Most of the pile of balloons we had went untouched but occasionally someone would grab one or a handful of them. Finally a pretty cute guy came up and kind of hesitated before grabbing one. I gave him a little wink and said "you want me to blow that for you hon?" He declined politely before I responded, "Aw, that's too bad. I can get them really big!" He looked at me skeptically for a second before he handed it back to me. "Well, if you really want to I guess."

I spent the next minute or so blowing it up by mouth, trying to get it as big as I could, deep breath after deep breath. As the neck began to form the gentleman plugged his ears, preparing for the inevitable pop. I pulled the balloon from my lips , gave him another flirty wink and told him not to worry, I knew what I was doing. I then put the balloon back to my lips and put another three breaths into the expanding orb (all the while thinking, please let me be right and don't let this sucker pop!). Finally, when it was rock hard and even I was scared it would burst, I deflated it a little so I could work the neck and handed him one of the most over inflated balloons I'd ever created (without the intention of blowing to pop).

I had a few other similar interactions where I blew up balloons for people, but nothing quite so dramatic.

Hi Katie,

Would you be kind enough to share your experiences of blowing balloons for others especially for someone on request like the guy above ?

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Old 27-12-2018, 03:11 PM
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Default Re: What is the most over inflated balloon you've seen?

I'm not a popper, but this is relevant, I promise...

...I think for many shops/businesses, bigger is better when it comes to balloons. They're more noticeable! So from a marketing/display perspective, they want their balloons as big as possible.

Most people think that balloons should be pear-shaped, and/or have necks on them, and so when they blow them up (with air or helium) they blow them up thinking that's how they're meant to blow them up. And they've often seen other people blow up balloons that big, so they (wrongly) assume that's what they need to do as well. Plus, most of these people who do the balloon inflating, are NOT balloon-decorating professionals.

Any balloon-decorator knows NOT to overinflate balloons. Not only do they tend to pop more easily, but you can't decorate with an overinflated balloon. Plus, aesthetically, they don't look uniform. On top of this, adding more helium into a balloon, to overinflate it, won't make it stay-up much longer anyway. So you're basically just wasting gas. (Moreso, if you're not using professional helium-quality latex balloons, which most companies don't. Why? Because they want cheap balloons, as they see them as throwaway products. So why pay more for something that will simply be popped, let go of, or simply discarded? Hence why 99% of balloons from shops, are made of rubber or very cheap latex/rubber combinations, and never inflate properly or correctly.)

The problems with overinflating balloons, especially the cheap ones that many shops/businesses use, is that you will get large numbers of them pop! Not only is this a pain for the company, but it's not good for customers. Most shoppers don't want a loud, unexpected bang of an overinflated balloon echoing around a shop. It's frightening! So, in fact, it's not good for business to overinflate them anyway. More pops, means more replacements, or a messy-looking balloon display.

Sadly, shops/businesses don't care about the popping either. It's just par-for-the-course. Balloons are just disposable pieces of nonsense for kids, in their eyes.

Personally-speaking, I don't think overinflated balloons with huge necks don't look very nice! I'd rather have a spherical and underinflated 36" balloon, than a hugely (and grossly) overinflated 16" balloon with a gigantic neck that is bulging to the point of bursting!
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Old 27-12-2018, 03:34 PM
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Default Re: What is the most over inflated balloon you've seen?
Yet, personally, overinflated balloons are very sexiest and aesthetic than underinflated balloons although I'm a non-popper.
Anyway I agree with the reasons that you wrote.
Keep calm and inflate a balloon
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Old 28-12-2018, 08:41 PM
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Default Re: What is the most over inflated balloon you've seen?
I'm always on the lookout for over-inflated balloons in public. Love seeing them blown with full necks. If I'm on my own, I'll sometimes touch them as I walk past.
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Old 29-12-2018, 08:26 AM
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Default Re: What is the most over inflated balloon you've seen?
Usually when I'm with my wife. She can blow balloons way past their rated size and no she isn't a looner but she knows exactly what she's doing when it comes to pushing balloon boundaries
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