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Default Confused about popping
Hey I've been reading others thoughts on popping and not popping and wasting balloons etc.
I'm quite a strange case really. I'll try to keep it simple
From being small ive always been phobic of balloons popping and could never attend parties because that word party conjured images of balloons being popped by overly enthusiastic kids. Fast forward to now. I still hate balloons popping especially by kids yet with my Mrs I'm absolutely fine. My heart does tend to race still but nowhere near as badly as in public.
Some days I feel that some balloons should be popped especially if they have been around a while yet others I feel should carry on until they have gone down naturally by themselves. I have had some balloons in the last that are absolutely fun and i have enjoyed them immensely and some of these I will play with knowing that they will pop but it seems fitting in a way that they have provided me so much fun that they should pop because that's what they were made to do I guess. I do agree with some of the points raised by others here about quick popping but I guess it's each to our own it's our money, our balloons, our personal time. I find my own experiences confusing at times because I want to save my balloons but know that they are going to pop so I try to give them as much loving as I can so I'll hump them until we both pop together. I am lucky enough to have an amazing wife who puts up with all this and is such an expert with balloons and she knows how I like her to burst my balloons and how not to and that's quite a challenge for her I should imagine
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