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Default Grandmom's teasing b2p
Teasing is a natural instinct of people when they come to know of a personís fear.

I too was subjected to this treatment mainly with the intention of mild teasing.
But the first person to do it was a shock. My own maternal grand-mother that too on my 4th birthday.

My grandmother is a sweet lady and I am very dear to her as I was her first grand child too.

Anyways flashback to my 4th birthday. It was to be celebrated with a party at my grand momís place.
As a birthday kid you are more excited about special things in your life than your phobias. Hence I was somehow not scared of the aspect when I was picked up from play school and taken directly to my grandmomís place.

As soon I was dropped, mom left for shopping. Little did I know what her shopping list included.
I was playing till my mom called from the stairs and came in.

Finally my grand mom, mom and me finally settled down in the hall in the afternoon. My mom enquired if I had slept. Grand mom was prompt in replying no. I mean who sleeps on their birthday ? It just comes once in a year.

Anyways, my mom in her strict but soft tone asks me to sleep for the party later in the evening but I mischievously declined the offer. Anyways then she started showing me what all she bought.

Thats when my afternoon started in the direction of a bit of horror. She took out a pack of probably 100 balloons with a happy birthday print on it. These were medium sized balloons quite common those days. I distinctively remember seeing some colours for the first time. It had some white balloons, some dark blue balloons too which later turned out to be my favourite colour.

After seeing all the stuff, my mom cutely requested me to take a nap once again but I was not sleepy and it felt like a time waste. Thatís when something ticked off my grand mom.

ďOk, lets blow some balloons.Ē And she took the packet and opened it up after tearing it up with the help of her teeth.

ďPlease donít, I am scared.Ē I said.

But she was smiling and picked up my orange nemesis. Stretched and released to produce a snapping sound 2 to 3 times to ensure that balloon is warmed up and becomes nice and big.

She was hardly a feet from me and thus I was within the radius of danger. She put the balloon in her mouth and I knew there was nothing stopping it. She gave the first blow and the balloon swelled up in a good proportion. The happy birthday signed started becoming distinct. It signalled the balloon was easy to blow and was not a stubborn one which refuses to inflate first. This was somehow not a good sign for me if a good sign for the blower.

My grandmom was quick to give 4 blows into it and the balloon seemed good enough size. Finally she removed the balloon from her lips to tie it off. Atleast thats what I thought. She started stretching the neck of the balloon and put the mouth of the balloon back to her lips.
Before I could even say a word, it seemed the puff of air was already ready in her mouth to be pushed into the balloon because as soon as she put the balloon in her mouth, she puffed her cheeks and blew. The only thing I remember next was hearing a huge bang and watching shreds of orange rubber flying across the room with my grand mom smiling and me running away to the other room .

This was the first blow to pop I had witnessed. It showed me that my grand mom though old can still blow balloons. It showed me that people enjoy sometimes blowing a balloon to pop and even though she knew I was scared of balloons she wanted to tease me a bit with a balloon as I would witness more of it in my childhood days forthcoming.
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