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Default Re: Is it harmful to consume Liquid Nitrogen?
The air we breathe is composed of approximately 20.9% oxygen and 78% nitrogen with the remaining volume being trace gases (argon, carbon dioxide, etc).
LIQUID nitrogen is nitrogen that's liquid at -196 degrees Celcius (or -320F) at atmospheric pressure. So as you'd find it it's very very cold. It will freeze human organ tissue solid and cause it to fracture. Ever see a banana dipped in liquid N2? You can hammer a nail with it and then the banana shatters like glass. Not a good thing to expose your esophagus to. Long story short, consuming liquid nitrogen will kill you painfully and mercilessly. There would be no saving you. The pain would make you wish you were dead. You'd beg for the sweet mercy of death.
Gaseous nitrogen can be used to fill balloons. Gas companies rent/sell the cylinders of compressed nitrogen and professional decorators use it because it fills balloons fast and doesn't oxidize the latex. Be careful about releasing too much of it in an enclosed/indoor environment because even though it makes up 78% of the air we breathe it can quickly displace the essential nurturing oxygen and cause asphyxiation. It has the same density as the air we breathe so unlike helium it will not rise and collect on the ceiling.
Better yet, don't use it to fill balloons at all. Use good old air! If you're the type of person that would ask if it's safe to consume liquid N2 maybe you should stay away from N2 altogether. Make sure those caps are on your wall outlets and don't put your tongue on cold metal outside. Stay away from exhaust pipes on vehicles and don't touch hot stove elements!
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