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Old 16-11-2019, 05:49 AM
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Default Getting S/O into your fetish with you
Hi All,

Sorry for kinda sounding mean, but I was wondering for those who have a s/o that does not have a fetish and they do not mind helping you out. My current girlfriend does like helium bouqets and likes balloons but in a non sexual way. Is there a way I can slowly peak her interest in it to where she may or may not blow them up or surprise me with them? Sorry to sound rude hope all of you are having a great evening.

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Old 16-11-2019, 11:09 AM
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Default Re: Getting S/O into your fetish with you
Hi there.

I am in a poly relationship with a girl and a guy. The guy helps me with my fetish on occasion, and he isnt a looner. I think introducing the fetish has to be mutual. Make sure your partner is totally cool with things and not just doing it to please you. Maybe ask her if she has any fetishes or fantasies herself that shes always wanted to try, and incorporate them if possible.

My fella has a bit of a foot and trainer fetish so combining our turn ons is actually quite easy. He also really enjoys balloons in a non sexual way. Particularly bursting them, so it's all pretty relaxed and pressure free.

We've been seeing each other for 3 years now and I make sure that the balloons are never the focus if our time together. He is always the focus of our sex together. But I have found over time, he has started to enjoy the balloons in a semi sexual/sensual way himself. He really likes to hug a big balloon laying on his side while I make love to him. And as mentioned, he has always really enjoyed bursting balloons anyway. I've noticed that he gets really excited when it's time to bust all the balloons, and he has found that bursting them at the point of climax is fun for him too.

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Thumbs up Re: Getting S/O into your fetish with you
Hi Loonermarks,

Firstly you don't sound at all mean. Secondly, the answer is that you shouldn't try to "force" someone into liking something. That said, if your Significant Other already likes balloons, but in a non-sexual way, then there's two things I'd recommend.

1) If you enjoy balloons as a fetish, then the best way for her to indulge you, is to also see if you can indulge her too. What I mean, is that in a relationship, things should (ideally) be mutually beneficial. It's all about give-and-take, and making sure - as best as possible - that both people get something out of it, and it's not all one-sided. Is there something your partner enjoys? If she has a "thing" that she likes you to do for her, then this may be a way to try and ask her to indulge you with blowing up balloons, in your relationship. If she feels like she is getting something, and that you are making an effort into loving her completely, then she will probably make an effort for you and do what you are hoping for.

2) As for her "surprising" you with balloons, that's harder to ensure occurs. For this, I don't think you can force her to surprise you with balloons. If you expect them, and she doesn't fulfill your wish, you'll be upset. As such, the best way to approach this, is to make sure you and her both have a fun relationship, that benefits both of you, and both of you feel like you are getting something out of it. This includes both the romantic side of things, as well as the sexual side of things. Whilst it's not a surprise, you could say that the one thing you would like for your next birthday/Christmas gift, would be a bunch of balloons from her. She may say "yes", or she may say "no". Alternatively, she may ask "Why?", and it's then that you'll need to have an open and honest talk with her about the whole balloon fetish thing.

But try not to force or coerce someone into doing something for you. It should always aim to be natural, otherwise she may grow to hate balloons, and then there's the potential that your relationship could hit the blocks, which is the last thing either of you want.

Basically, if you do things for her, then I'm sure she will do things for you. It's all about give-and-take, and not making the relationship solely about one person.

I hope that helps. Good luck with things!
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Old 16-11-2019, 06:25 PM
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Default Re: Getting S/O into your fetish with you
Does she already know you have a fetish? If you are already open and honest about this, I don't see the harm in just openly asking her what she thinks.

If not, I'd put her in a situation where balloons might get popped, a party, new years, etc. Ask her to pop one, and see how she reacts. Lots of people have fun popping balloons and there is a fine line between non-sexual playing around and having fun with someone you are attracted to and foreplay.
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Old 17-11-2019, 02:13 AM
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Default Re: Getting S/O into your fetish with you
Maggie Berloon over at has an interesting take on this it was her husband Jan who first got her involved in looning. On the website under "Maggie's Corner" she tells the story of how that came about.
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