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Default Re: Favorite Baloon and Activity
Originally Posted by LoonerPlanet View Post
I also loved the Tilly worker; another great balloon out of production.
Amazingly enough, the Tilly Worker has been revived by the son of the founder of Tillotson Balloons. He makes them randomly in batches and sells them exclusively on eBay.

I'd suggest creating a watch alert on eBay that will send you a message whenever the seller tillyperformancepolymers posts new listings.

Right now at this very moment there are brand new Tilly Workers listed on eBay -- each package of of 3 balloons sells for US$15 with free domestic shipping.

If you search eBay for Tilly Worker Balloon you will find this latest listing.

Also, RIFCO Balloons from Italy makes a very durable replica of the original Tilly Worker in sold colors. The RIFCO workers are generally available from a few of the looner-owned online web site stores operated by European balloon resellers.

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Default Re: Favorite Baloon and Activity
BusterBill: Thanks for the heads up.
Whoo Hoo
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Default Re: Favorite Baloon and Activity
Thanks for the info.
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