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Default The Perfect Job
I wrote and posted this to deviant art back in '06.

The Perfect Job

Jake was on his way home from class and decided to stop by his favorite party store to pick up some balloons. He usually spread his balloon purchases between several different stores, never stopping in the same one more than once every couple of months or so, because he didn’t want anyone to start wondering why he bought so many balloons. But just last week when he had gone into his favorite store, The Party Zone, there was a new girl working the counter. She was absolutely beautiful and he wanted to see her again.

As he walked in the front door, Jake noticed a “Help Wanted” sign on the window. Hmm, he thought, it might be kind of fun to work here. At least it would give me an excuse to be here all the time. Jake had worked two full time jobs all summer so that he would be able to get by without working through the fall semester. He had saved up a nice little stash and had enough to get through the winter, but a little more certainly wouldn’t hurt.

Once inside, he headed for the balloon isle. The Party Zone was different from most party stores in that they sold three different brands of round latex balloons and had all the sizes ranging anywhere from the little 7 inch ones up to some that were four feet in diameter, as well as several varieties and sizes of airships. Jake wasn’t sure why the store carried such a large variety, but he knew that the store catered to professional balloon decorators and he thought that might be the reason. He had once over heard the owner talking to another customer about it. In addition to that, the owner offered balloon decorating services himself.

Jake found the Tuftex brand balloons that were his favorites, and picked out a package of red, crystal colored, 11 inch balloons and a package of purple, crystal colored, 14 inch balloons and slowly walked toward the counter. As he walked around the end of the display aisle he saw her standing behind the counter. She was waiting on an elderly woman who was mildly complaining about seemingly everything.

The object of his attention was about his age, early twenties, and had long wavy red hair. She was about an inch shorter than he was, around 5’9,” and built slim but with a classic hour glass figure. Today she was wearing snug black pants, the kind with the zipper in the back, and a snug fitting pink sweater that hugged every curve.

The elderly woman had bought half a dozen balloons in various colors and wanted them filled with helium. As she prattled on the clerk turned away from her to the helium tank against the back counter to inflate the balloons. Jake couldn’t believe his luck and stood there at the end of the isle to watch her inflate the balloons. The helium tank she was using had an inflation valve that stuck out parallel to the floor rather than up. The clerk put the first balloon on the valve and pushed lightly.

Whooooosh! The balloon began to inflate rapidly. Jake couldn’t believe his eyes; as the balloon inflated, the clerk placed her free hand on the opposite side and closed her eyes. She inhaled deeply as the balloon pressed up against her breasts and grew. She seemed to be completely unaware of how big the balloon was getting and just when it looked like she was going to keep going until it exploded, she stopped inflating and opened her eyes. She let a little of the helium out of the balloon and then quickly tied it off. She attached a length of ribbon and let the balloon float up to bounce against the ceiling. Cutting the ribbon, she picked up another balloon and began the whole process again.

The elderly customer prattled on, oblivious to the beautiful display that Jake had just witnessed. Jake was completely enraptured and stood there transfixed, unable to do anything but watch the scene play out. He was certain that the clerk was not aware of him standing there watching until, right as she picked up the last uninflated balloon, she looked up at him, smiled coyly, and winked! Then she inflated the balloon exactly as she had done the others.

Jake approached the counter to pay for his balloons as the elderly woman was leaving.

“Back so soon?” Said the clerk. “Did you run out already?” She said with sly smile.

“What? Oh, uh, yeah. Got another, uh, another party came up. Last minute planning.” Jake stammered as he tried to think of a quick cover story.

“Mm, hmm” she said, with that same sly smile. “You know we have a position open? Mike said you might be interested in the job.”

“Oh yeah, I saw the sign in the win…Mike? Umm, who’s Mike?”

“Oh, he’s the owner.” She said. “He said you come in ever so often and thought you might be interested. Oh, I’m Sarah by the way. What’s your name?”

“Oh. Hi Sarah, I’m Jake.”

“Nice to meet you Jake.”

“Nice to meet you too.” He replied.

“So, would you like to fill out an app?”

Jake thought about it for a quick second, what could it hurt? The worst that could happen is that he would get turned down, but if he got the job he would get to work with Sarah. That last bit made up his mind in an instant.

“Sure. I’m interested.”

Sarah completed the sale and placed the balloons in a bag. Then she reached under the counter, pulled out an application and handed it to him along with his purchase.

“There’s a break room in the back if you want to go ahead and fill it out now.” She told him.

“Okay, that sounds good.”

“Great! I’ll show you where it is.”

Sarah led him down a short hall to the break room. Inside, there were two full size couches, end tables, a big screen TV, a stereo, a small kitchen area and a round table with four chairs. It looked more like the living room and kitchen of a small apartment than any break room that Jake had ever seen, with the exception of the two helium tanks and the large box of balloons against one of the walls of course. Jake took a seat at the table and began filling out the application.

“Just bring it back up front when you’re done.” Sarah said.

“Okay.” Jake replied as she left the room.

But just as he stood up after completing the application, the owner, Mike, walked into the break room. “Hi, you’re Jake right? I’m Mike.” He said as he stuck out his hand to Jake.

“Hi.” Jake said as he shook Mike’s hand and handed him the application.

“Have a seat.” Mike said as he sat down. He quickly looked over the application while asking Jake a few questions about it.

“Well, everything looks good here.” Mike said. “The pay is ten dollars an hour and I can schedule around your classes with no problem. How does that sound to you?”

“Sounds great!” Jake said. “When could I start?”

“How about tomorrow say, oh, two o’clock. That alright?” Mike said.

“Perfect!” Jake replied. “I’ll be here.”

As Jake started to walk out of the break room, Mike saw the bag of balloons on the table.

“Oh wait! You wouldn’t want to forget these.” Mike said as he handed Jake the bag.

“Oh, no! Thanks!” Jake said as he took the bag and left the room.

Sarah smiled as he approached the counter. “So, I’ll be seeing you again soon?” She said.

“Yep!” Jake smiled. “Tomorrow, two o’clock.”

“I’ll be looking forward to it.” She replied. “Have a good night.”

“So will I. Have a good night yourself.” Jake said as walked out the door. He felt elated all the way home.

Jake walked into The Party Zone at 1:45 p.m. the next day, ready to work. Sarah greeted him as he walked in.

“Hi Jake.” Sarah said. Today she was wearing all black. Thin, black, snug pants like the ones she wore yesterday and a snug black designer T-shirt with a low cut neck line that exposed a generous, yet respectable amount of cleavage.

“Hi Sarah. You look nice today.”

“Thank you, so do you.” She said. Jake was wearing black khaki pants and a black T-shirt under a black and red patterned, short sleeved shirt with a square tail that hung outside of his waist band.

“So, did you have a good time last night?” Sarah asked with that sly smile of hers.

“Huh? Um, I’m not sure what you mean.” Jake said.

“With your balloons. Did you have fun last night?”

Jake started to sweat. Surely she didn’t know about his secret! How could she? No one knew. “Balloons? Um, those are for a…a…party. My friend needed them for a party.” He stammered.

“Ohhhh, right. A party. I forgot.” She said.

“Yeah. So…where do I start?”

“Well, Mike’s out doing a deco gig, but he said to have you do the receiving paper work on the shipment that came in this morning. After that’s done he wants us to get the new stock out on the floor.”

“Okay, cool. Is everything in the back?”

“Yep, the boxes are stacked back there and the paper work is on top of the boxes.”

“Okay, I’ll take care of it.” Jake responded as he headed to the back room.

After he was finished checking in all of the new merchandise, Jake walked up to the front of the store.

“Oh good, are you done? We just got a big balloon order and I could really use some help up here.” Sarah said as he walked out of the hallway leading to the back rooms.

“Yep, all done back there. What can I do?”

“We’ve got a hundred balloons to fill and the lady’s going to be back in an hour. Do you mind doing the inflating while I work on the ribbons and the weights? My fingers are a little sore from tying up a big order this morning”

“No, not at all.”

“Oh good! The balloons are in that box over there next to the helium.”

Jake walked over to the helium tank and located the box of blue, green and purple 14” balloons. As he began filling balloons, Sarah pulled and cut lengths of ribbon, attaching small plastic weights to one end of each ribbon. Jake and Sarah quickly fell into a smooth working rhythm, as he finished and tied each balloon he would hand them to Sarah to attach the ribbons.

They had a couple of dozen done when the phone rang. Sarah stopped working the ribbons and stepped up to the counter to answer the phone. The space where they were working between the sales counter and the counter along the back wall, was only about four feet wide. Sarah was leaning on her elbows on the counter while taking down notes for the phone order.

As she hung up the phone, Sarah heard Jake finish tying one of the balloons. She turned her head to look back at him and saw that he was standing right behind her trying to attach a ribbon to the balloon. He was holding the balloon by the knot at waist level and was concentrating so much on what he was doing that he didn’t see her looking at him. Sarah smiled to herself, turned back around and “accidentally” dropped her pen.

Jake heard the pen drop and looked up in time to see Sarah, who was bent over at the waist and leaning on the counter, take a step back in order to lean down to pick up the pen. This motion caused her to back into the balloon that he was holding, pleasantly pushing it up against his crotch and backing him up against the counter behind him.

“Oh, excuse me!” She said playfully. “I seem to have dropped my pen.” As she said this, Sarah pushed back even harder and tilted her hips up and down several times, rubbing the balloon against Jakes quickly swelling manhood.

“Oh gee, where did it go?” She continued the ruse as she pumped the balloon several more times. “Oh, here it is.” She said as she finally managed to locate the “lost” pen.

Surprised as he was, Jake lost his grip on the knot of the balloon and when Sarah straightened and stood up, it floated up to bounce against the ceiling, sans ribbon. Fortunately, the ceiling wasn’t too high and they had a step stool.

Sarah smiled coyly at Jake. “Sorry about that.” She said as she turned back to working the ribbons.

“Oh, that’s…uh…that’s okay.” Jake said.

“Well, we better hurry up and get this order done. That lady’s going to be back soon.” Sarah said.

As they finished the order, business picked up in the store and they each waited on several customers over the next couple of hours. As the flow of customers slowed to a trickle, it was nearing closing time.

Mike arrived back at the store at 5:55, which was five minutes before closing time. After switching the door sign around to “Closed,” he walked around behind the counter and started closing down the cash register. “Jake, tomorrow’s Saturday, you’re going to be available all day, right?”

“Oh sure, what time should I come in?”

“Saturdays are usually busy first thing in the morning with almost nothing after about one or two. Why don’t you come in at opening, nine o’clock.”

“Yes sir, I’ll be here.”

“Good. You two can go ahead and take off, I’ll close up.”

“Thank you Mike!” Sarah said. Approaching the loose balloon bins next to the helium tank, she picked out a 14“ crystal toned purple balloon and stuck it on the nozzle of the tank. With a loud “whoooooosh” the balloon started to inflate as Sarah cupped one hand around it and pressed it against her chest, closed her eyes and inhaled deeply while it inflated. Mike and Jake both stood and watched raptly until she stopped and tied off the balloon.

Mike chuckled and wagged a finger at her as she wiggled her eyebrows at him while attaching the ribbon. In order to walk around the end of the counter, she had to pass by Jake, who was standing against the back counter. As she approached him, she turned sideways, facing him, so that she could pass through.

Jake leaned against the back counter to give her plenty of room. Even so, as she started to pass him she placed the balloon against her chest. The space was tight and this caused her to crush the balloon between them as she passed, winking at him as she did so.

When she was almost to the front door, Sarah grabbed the knot of the balloon with her right hand and swung it around behind her back. Holding it at her waist, she looked back at Jake, grinned, and wagged the balloon behind her like a tail as she walked out the door.

Jake stood there, staring after her with his mouth hanging open.

Mike laughed. “Looks like you’ve made a friend, Jake!”

“Uh, yeah. I guess so.” Jake said, stunned.

“Well, she’s a hell of a girl, you’re a lucky guy! Hey, do you need any balloons? You’re welcome to take a few home with you.”

“Uh, no. No thanks, I’m fine.” Jake said uneasily. “Well I better take off. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Alright, see you tomorrow.” Mike said as Jake walked out the door.

All the way home, Jake couldn’t stop thinking about how Sarah had teased him. Did she know? If so, how? Was it possible that she liked balloons the same way he did? Surely not! Jake loved balloons, how light and fragile they were, the way the light shown through them, the way they felt like soft skin, and the way they felt pressed tight against his crotch when he laid on them and against his butt when he sat on them. He hated that he liked balloons this way, it made him feel like a freak. But it wasn’t something that he could give up, he loved them too much.

Could it be possible? Could she really love balloons?

The next morning, Jake arrived at 8:45. As Mike let him into the store, the phone was already ringing. Mike answered and began writing down an order. Sarah was already there and busily filling balloons with helium to fill the orders that had already been taken.

Mike finished with the phone call and turned to Jake. “Jake, could you go back in the store room and wheel one of those helium bottles up here? It’s already busy and I think it’s going to get even busier.

“Sure” Jake replied and headed towards the storeroom.

“On second thought, better get two.” Mike said.

“No problem.” Jake replied.

Mike was right; by 12:30 they had filled more than a dozen helium balloon orders and had waited on at least three times as many customers. By one o’clock however, business had died down to barely a trickle.

Mike was pleased though, and offered to buy everyone lunch. After deciding on what to order, Mike left for the deli to pick up sandwiches. When he returned, there were no customers so they all went to the break room to eat.

“What if someone comes in?” Jake asked.

“Don’t worry about it.” Mike replied. “We’ll here the door chime. If anyone comes in I’ll handle it, you two could use a break.”

As they were all finishing their lunch, Mike turned to Jake. “So Jake,” He said. “Sarah tells me you must be a looner.”

“A what?!” Jake said in surprise. He was hurt that Sarah thought he was crazy. Somehow she must have figured out his secret. But if she had, why tease him the way she had yesterday? She certainly wasn’t acting like she thought he was crazy yesterday.

Jake broke out into a cold sweat. He could feel his heart beating hard in his chest. He had never been found out before and he didn’t want to face the embarrassment of someone knowing about his strange feelings.

“Wha….why would you think I was crazy?” He said to Sarah.

Mike roared with laughter “Crazy?! No, no, no! Not that kind of looner! Looner as in some one with a balloon fetish.”

“I….I….uh….” Was all Jake could manage.

“Hey, relax, it’s alright. You thought you were the only one, didn’t you?” Mike said. “It happens that way with most of us. It’s pretty relieving when you find out you’re not alone. I’m happy to be the one to tell you, you’re not alone my friend. There’s lots of us!”

Jake’s jaw dropped in shock. “L…lot’s? Really?”

Sarah reached over and grasped his hand gently. Looking him in the eye, she said: “It’s okay, really. You’re not a freak. You’re not abnormal. It’s a little different, but that’s okay.”

Seeing the tender look in her eye, Jake knew she cared. “Really?”

“Really.” She said.

“Wh…wait a minute, you said us.” He said as he turned to Mike.

“Yep. Us.” Mike said.

“Us.” Sarah said.

Jake whipped his head around back to Sarah. “How did you know?” He asked.

“Oh it wasn’t hard to figure out.” Mike said. “You come in here about every other month or so and you always buy almost the same thing, just balloons, and never anything else. When I saw you come in a couple of days ago I mentioned my suspicions to Sarah and told her to offer you an application.”

“And when I saw you I hoped you would say yes.” Sarah added.

Just then, the door chime beeped. “I’ll get it.” Mike said. “You two chill out for awhile, it’s been a busy morning.”

As he reached the door to the break room Mike stopped and turned back to them. “Sarah, teach him the OTHER break room policy.” He said with a wink and a grin and then he left, shutting the door behind him.

“The other policy?” Jake asked.

“Oh yes, you’re going to love this one. While on break employees may play with balloons provided that they remain out of view of the customers.” She recited with a wicked grin.

“You’re right, I do love that one!”

Smiling, Sarah stood up and took Jake’s hand. As he stood up, she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him into a tight embrace. Jake wrapped his arms around Sarah’s waist and they kissed passionately.

As they broke loose, Sarah took Jake by the hand and led him over to the two helium tanks against the wall. Upon closer inspection, Jake realized that only one of the tanks was filled with helium, the other was filled with air.

Sarah grinned at him and pulled a balloon out of the box. Placing it on the valve of the air tank, she pressed the valve. Whoooosh! The balloon sprung to life and began growing. The red latex skin grew taught and more translucent with each passing second. Just as the body stopped growing and the neck had barely started to swell, Sarah pulled the balloon off the valve and quickly tied it off.

“Hold this please.” She said as she handed the balloon to Jake. Then she reached into the box and pulled out another balloon, this one green. Following the green balloon, she inflated several more. When she was done there was easily a dozen balloons laying about the room, each one inflated just as perfectly as the first.

Sarah reached down and picked up a jewel toned purple balloon. She walked over and placed the balloon on the right cushion of one of the couches. She picked up a remote from the end table and used it to turn on the stereo. Dance music filled the air and Sarah motioned for Jake to join her. As he stepped over to the couch she once more wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him. Then, breaking away, she backed up to the couch, reached down to steady the balloon and then slowly sat down on it. The neck of the balloon bulged out between her thighs as she lowered herself down onto it. Her eyes never leaving Jake’s as she sat down on the balloon.

“Now I want to see you sit on that balloon.” She said as she patted the cushion next to her with her left hand, motioning Jake to have a seat. Jake placed the balloon on the cushion as she had and then slowly lowered himself down onto it. Sarah’s eyes widened with excitement as she watched him sit on the balloon. As the music played, they both started bouncing lightly in time with the beat.

As the song ended and another began to play, Sarah stood up and walked over to a blue balloon lying on the floor in the middle of the room. She picked up the balloon and brought it back to where Jake sat. She placed the balloon on Jake’s lap with the knot pointing toward his knees, and stepped up onto the couch, straddling him. She placed her hands on his shoulders, pushed him back against the back of the couch, and slowly sat down on the balloon.

Sarah worked her hips back and forth, riding the balloon and grinding it against Jake’s swollen member. They kissed as she rode. Suddenly, there was a loud bang and she dropped a short distance only to bounce harder on the balloon. The balloon Jake had been sitting on couldn’t stand the combined pressure of both of them and had given way. They both giggled and Sarah ground on the balloon harder, gyrating in small circles.

As the song ended there was a knock at the door of the break room and Sarah quickly hopped up off of Jake’s lap.

“Come in.” She called out with a smile.

Mike stuck his head in the door and looked around. “Oh good, I see you’ve explained the other break policy succinctly.”

“Oh yes, I was careful to make sure that he understood it perfectly.” Sarah said with a grin.

Mike turned to a grinning Jake. “So, you’re all up to speed on all the company policies then. Good. But unfortunately I have to interrupt. We have customers.”

Jake jumped up and turned off the stereo as they all went back to the front of the store.

A while later, about an hour before closing time, business had died down to a slow trickle when the phone rang. Mike answered and after a short conversation, he hung up.

“Jake, you and Sarah watch the front for a little while, I have to get an order ready for a party.”

“Sure, no problem.” Jake replied as Mike headed for the back room.

Jake was in the streamer and banner aisle straightening up the merchandise when he heard the unmistakable whoooosh! of the helium tank. He turned around to see Sarah inflating some balloons for the only customer in the store. As the woman was about to pay for her purchase she counted the balloons that had been inflated and noticed that there was one too many.

“Excuse me Miss, but you blew up too many, I’m only paying for a dozen.” She said curtly.

Sarah looked up and counted the balloons. “Oh! You’re right! Sorry about that, my mistake. Only a dozen, I understand.”

As the woman paid for her balloons and left, Sarah pulled down the extra balloon and lightly bounced it against her hand while she watched Jake work. Just then, the door opened and a beautiful woman walked in carry an obviously full grocery bag. Sarah recognized her immediately.

“Hi Sheila! How are you today?” She said.

“Hi Sarah! I’m fine. Mike tells me you have a new boy friend.” Sheila said with a grin.

“As a matter of fact I do. Would you like to meet him? Jake, say hi to Sheila!” She called out to Jake.

Jake was a little stunned. “Hello.” He said.

“Hi Jake, nice to meet you, I’m Sheila” She said.

“Nice to meet you too.” He replied.

Sheila turned back to Sarah and lowered her voice only slightly. “He is cute! So, is it true? He’s one too?”

“Oh yes, he is!” Sarah said with a grin.

“Good for you!” Sheila replied.

“What’s in the bag?” Sarah asked. “ Looks like you’re heading to a party.”

“So I’ve been told. You know, the usual, drinks and snacks. Is Mike in the back?”

“Yep, he’s getting a last minute party order ready.”

“Oh good, I’ll go back and help him finish up.” Sheila said as she walked toward the back room.

As she left Jake walked around behind the counter. “So I’m your boy friend now, am I.” He said with a smile.

Sarah walked up to him holding the green balloon by the knot in front of her. As she reached him, she flipped the balloon down to just below waist level and pressed it against his pelvis with hers. Pressing against him, she squished the balloon between them as she wrapped her arms around his neck and stared deep into his eyes. Jake responded by wrapping his arms around her waist.

“Mm, hmm, you are if you want to be.” She said.

“Oh yes, most definitely.” He replied.

Just then, the phone on the counter rang. Sarah stepped back to answer it and Jake caught the balloon as it floated loose.

“Hey Sarah, it’s Mike. Are there any customers?”

“No, we’re empty right now.” She replied.

“Okay, it’s closing time so why don’t you go ahead and lock up. Then why don’t you and Jake meet me and Sheila in the break room, Okay?”

“Okay, no problem.” She said.

She turned to Jake as she hung up the phone. “That was Mike, he wants us to lock up and meet him back in the break room.”

Jake handed the balloon to Sarah and went to lock the front door. As he returned to the counter she wrapped her arm around his and they walked down the back hall to the break room.

They could hear the music through the closed door before they reached it. Still holding the balloon in one hand, Sarah opened the door and they walked into find the break room practically covered in balloons. There were balloons covering nearly the entire floor and every available seat in the room. Above those, there were several helium balloons floating against the ceiling. The balloons, both helium and air, were a mix of 11 inch and 14 inch round. They were all crystal toned and in every color, and all of them were tightly inflated.

Dance music was playing and on the table were cups, ice and several types of liquor. Sheila was sitting on one of the couches, bouncing up and down on a yellow balloon. Mike was standing just inside the door with a balloon in one hand and a drink in the other.

“Welcome to the party!” He yelled.

“Cool! What’s the occasion?” Sarah asked as she and Jake started dancing to the music.

“Why, don’t you know? We’re celebrating Jake’s finally learning that he’s not alone in this world!” He said with a grin. “So, what do you think Jake, do you like the job or what?”

“Like it? I love it!” Jake exclaimed. “This is definitely the perfect job!”

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