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Default Re: A Short, Polite Message To All The Hetero Men Of This Forum!
Hi everyone, I know I'm super late to this thread, but I had a similar encounter on facebook today and simply hit my limit with the disrespect for women. I kinda did what I do best, and wrote a friggin novel about it. It very much echo's BalloonBoy UK's message, but I wanted to kinda keep it real with everyone here. I'm just posting out of solidarity for the ladies in the forum and with BB UK for his message. Enjoy. I don't wanna be the moral police here, but bad behavior especially against your fellow looners, and ESPECIALLY against women is simply unacceptable. Here's my take on the situation:

I just perhaps picked the wrong time and place for this rant a minute ago on someone's beautiful vid clip that they shared with everyone. So I figured this probably would go best if I just gave a not-so-quick comment about the interactions with, treatment of, and otherwise general "dickery" directed towards our equally important and even more awesome female looner friends on here.

I'm sure you're all strong women with thick skin who can brush off some slime ball's dumb-ass comments from time to time. Also, as strong independent women, I'm sure you all don't necessarily need some random guy popping up to "defend you" or "come to your rescue". So I apologize if I come across as such in this case. But seriously... I gotta be real here, and sometimes something's gotta be said about the wild-ass out-of-pocket comments that show up under ladies beautiful posts or in their DM's for integrity's sake.

Insensitive, hyper-sexualized, disrespectful, and most importantly UN-ASKED FOR requests/remarks/propositions gotta find their way to the trash. It's 2019 and we human beings gotta act like we're more evolved than this. This shit happens to women way too often after making a nice post for folks to enjoy. And as equal members of the looner community, simply put, that shit's not cool. I've heard males complain on here about "where are the girl-looners at?" or "I wish I could find a girl looner just for me" but a lot of us don't know how to keep their shit together when they encounter one. They're not unicorns, so keep it f*ckin' together when you meet one. They're women, and more importantly, they're people. Even if they aren't unicorns, there's probably a good reason why it's so hard to meet lady-looners around here, and it's because we men tend to show our WHOLE ass and act a damn fool when we find one. As some of my female looner friends have told me, foul-ass comments often push some of them away and it's easier to just sit in the background or just opt out of equally sharing, contributing or participating the way they would like to, in the community that they love.

Imagine having love for a community that doesn't show you love or respect back. I dunno about you, but IMO that's a pretty f*cked-up position to be in. When a terrible-ass position like that happens between two humans in a relationship, we call that relationship unhealthy, toxic and/or abusive. That kind of shit shouldn't belong in a community who's common love is balloons. I usually joke and say that balloons were created in order to be popped. But if I can be serious for a second: for f*ck's sake, balloons are seriously made to LITERALLY provide HAPPINESS for the people around them-- Looner or not. There's no reason that loving balloons like your peers should make some people feel uncomfortable, objectified or alienated. TBH on a scale of "dumb-ass jerk" to "what a f*ckn' a-hole and creep", the average dumb-ass creep-posts I've seen don't oven rank egregiously high in severity. While they might not be the creepiest or cringe-inducing, bottom line is that THE SHIT'S STILL WRONG.

My female model friend and I once posted some provocative balloon photos together on here in the past, fully aware that they would likely arouse and excite our peers. But we did it bc it was a sexy moment that we shared, the pics looked hot in our opinion, and we wanted to bring some happiness to our peers who love sexy loons like we did. While we received some great thank yous, compliments, and funny/witty responses, some of the shit that was said was just STANK, DISGUSTING and RANCID. I won't go into detail on what was said, but know this: a woman's choice to share her beauty and sexuality is HER choice, and it's absolutely not an invitation for your weird-ass, creepy requests or proposals to do something sexual with a f*ckin stranger you just met over FB.

Man to man, not only are you guaranteed a hard-pass by said female, but use your heads here! When has dropping a corny ass super-thirsty sexualized one-liner on par with a 13-year olds maturity level EVER found anyone success with finding a significant other or even a one-night stand. Step your f*ckin game up, get a clue, grow the f*ck up and show some respect and self-control. Whether a comment be annoying, juvenile, crude or downright unacceptable, some folks just need to know when to shut the f*ck up. Practice some self-reflection and if you notice your janky-ass creepy comments aren't working for you in the balloon-love department, it's probably time for you to work on your approach. Better yet, when you see a sexy post, learn to just appreciate and enjoy for what it is. If you gotta go beat your meet after seeing it then handle your business, but don't be that guy and think the average woman is gonna experience Niagra Falls down there with a wild-ass sexual demand or the knowledge of whatever stankin', dirty, funky-ass thing you did or gonna do to your junk after seeing them. I don't mean to generalize here or speak on women's behalf, but from my experience even if dirty, nasty, and pervy things really turns on a particular woman on, there's still rules to this shit! I'm a pretty kinky dude, and I've got female friends and past sexual partners who have intimidated me when we were intimate and/or put me to absolute shame in their pervy-ness but seriously get a clue, she's friggin human being first! And like most human beings, even the splendidly dirty and kinky ones, we all require connection/attachment first before some wild-shit like that even has a chance to fly. So instead, when you see a sexy picture, show some restraint and go excuse yourself to the corner of the room and have your little moment on your own. Jerk.

So, to all female harassers and shit-posters, you all are just showing your entire ass when you do shit like this; and you're doing nothing but just really stankin' up the whole joint for all of us trying to enjoy ourselves respectfully. It's like you took a walk in a park and found a nice bed of flowers. Somehow in your genius-ass mind you had the thought that those flowers would be even better if you took a piss on them. That's what you're essentially doing when you f*ck around a be a total loser on a wonderful lady's post... you're ignoring the human and submitting to your early animal, lower-brain, sub-human drive to "mark your territory". But here's a secret... women aren't things to be conquered or claim as territory so you can't do that shit. Dumb-ass, knuckle-dragging, caveman-ass, half-brained ungrammatical remarks like yours really can f*ck-up a really beautiful post or an awesome time for everybody. Seriously... have a little class. Talking to female members while showing appreciation or excitement, or even being playful and/or flirtatious (if they say that they're cool with that) is one thing; but you don't gotta sound like you can't control your sexual urges and lower-brain drives like a well-adjusted human-being.

At the beginning and the end of day, they're ladies first and always. So, dude, so show some damn respect... even if they're posting something super provocative and sexy with the intent to turn people on. Women still aren't objects or playthings put on Earth for your selfish pleasures. That means that you don't have the right to demand what they should do with their sexuality. Even she's a looner model who's some totally ravenous balloon-obsessed, balloon popping goddess, who even takes fan-requests to make content, you STILL GOTTA ASK HER... POLITELY. This is beyond not just sounding like a creep, this is just practicing basic human decency towards other people. They taught that shit in kindergarden and early grade school when you were a young pup still wetting the bed every night. Act like you have some decency.

Sure, their content is sexual in nature and it is very much catered and directed towards the looner community. But the fact remains that it's THEIR CHOICE in the first place to share it with us fellow looners. More importantly, these ladies are ALSO part of the looner community-- so treat them like they belong rather than they're doing you, alone, some personal service. What they do alone or with partners, and how they play with and enjoy their balloons is THEIR decision. Frankly, it's a PRIVILEGE (not a right) that they have allowed us to watch and enjoy what would be their otherwise private fun, sexy balloon experiences. More importantly, don't forget that they are sharing THEIR own intimate moments with themselves or their sexual partner... and NOT WITH YOU. It's not worth shooting your shot, dude. No matter how much a woman or model may love the adulation (when appropriate) you give, there's a 99.8% chance right off the top that they don't want your dusty-crusty ass. They don't even f*ing know you like that... if at all! They don't have to do any of this shit for any us; and it'd be a lot more fun for everyone involved without your enlightening suggestions or commentary.

Seriously, I'm truly sorry for the long-ass rant. I could be out of line or being a bit of a tight-ass, but I think I had reached my limit for the day on crude comments directed at women extra early today. I also acknowledge that I may have gone in too hard on males, so sorry not sorry. I still stand by keeping it real with everyone. But if this post was too complicated or annoying to read/ understand, I can summarize it up really quickly:

Dude, don't be a dick.
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Unhappy Re: A Short, Polite Message To All The Hetero Men Of This Forum!
may i know what is happening?

i'm just here to read stories. I live in a place where its near impossible to find someone with the slightest of kinks, let alone a looner...

but I've been seeing a lot of these rants about negative responses and i don't like them.

would you mind sharing some of these comments?
i have always thought that this community is somewhat pure and innocent.
i don't know if i should even read them but i somewhat doubt that most people here are mean or bad.

Have we considered the idea that maybe there are troll accounts here from non looners who wish to mock us? it surely happened in the furry world, there is even some youtubers who recorded themselves infiltrating furry zones.
there is even a guy who innocently discovered the balloon fetish on fiver and made a video about it. but he at least showed respect.

it really breaks my heart when i read these rants. Most of us who post here aren't savages...
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Default Re: A Short, Polite Message To All The Hetero Men Of This Forum!
Originally Posted by loonerfun00 View Post
may i know what is happening?
It seems I'm not the only person that some people's behvaiour online/in the real world, is making them angry.

Originally Posted by loonerfun00 View Post
i have always thought that this community is somewhat pure and innocent. i don't know if i should even read them but i somewhat doubt that most people here are mean or bad.
I can assure you that most people are decent, but take a look at any number of Facebook posts that deal with fetishes, and you will easily find some people who appear to have no understanding of respect and decency, and it's becoming more common.

Originally Posted by loonerfun00 View Post
Have we considered the idea that maybe there are troll accounts here from non looners who wish to mock us?
My account isn't a troll account, and I know you aren't saying that either. I'd also never mock anyone - looner or not. Maybe this is just an issue that needs to be aired and dealt with? Why should someone who posts a non-positive thread, automatically be deemed a "troll" account?

I won't say anything more, as I've already said what I needed to a few days ago - and received a shedload of hate for it. I'm not going to get into the issue again, unless it's necessary or relevant, but even if it were, there's already a thread in which to do it, rather than starting a new one.
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