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Default Re: Sleeping on inflatables
I generally get uncomfortable with laying on top of inflatables, however I still take many inflatables to bed; as a matter a fact, my first orgasm in the late 1970s, was taking a huge six foot zepplin balloon to bed, and rapping my naked body around, a time when latex balloons felt really really smooth and nice.

Today, I'll take anything from those huge six foot tall baseball bats, to the 36 inch inflatable pickles, and those huge PVC blow up hands. When they are new and used for the first time, they feel great being rubbed around a naked groin area, my baby springs a huge boner, ready to explode.

Of late though, I've been taking my 72 inch (six foot) inflatable spidermans to bed (the ones that have more of a stand up posture with the dark blue legs) As I LOVE LEGGING, these things are perfect, as the legs are exactly in the right spot to where I lay, and works perfect when in a hotel or staying out somewhere overnight in a queensize bed. If I had the space in my own unit, I would love to get a queen size bed. For being bi-sexual, it also allows me to carry out my gay fantasies without the issues and problems that come with coming out, these serve my gay urges well.

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Default Re: Sleeping on inflatables
I've slept a full night on a pool air mattress just a few times. I find them a distraction and I want to overinflate them, and keep adding air as they stretch, so they keep me from sleeping well. But I've used them camping and for sleeping on the floor of hotel rooms at conventions. So, I've gotten to see other people give funny doubtful looks as my partner and I put more than 1000 pounds on those things.
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