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Default The holiday
It was close to easter and I was about to have almost two weeks of holiday.
I hadn't really planned anything, but I had told everybody that i was going away on holiday.
I just needed some alone time and play with my balloons.
I really like floating on a GL1200 balloon on the lake, so that was one of the things that i would do.
I have always dreamt of flying with a clustrer of balloons,but that is really expensive.
It had only come to a lot of looking on the internet and, two hot air balloon trips and a indoor helium balloon tethered flight in Germany.
I have written a lot about my floating adventures on a GL1200 balloon on the internet too.
Well just the other day i got an interresting mail.
Dear Scuba
We have been keeping an eye on you for a while and have come to the conclution that you have a really special relation to balloons.
Both on the internet and your other activitys.
We are everywhere.
Since you have a lovning relation to balloons whe have thosen you to be the first to try a new kind of holiday that we offer.
If you are interrested just answer this mail with a YES and the date that your holiday should start.
On the date go to the park next to where you live nacked and bring only your phone and earphones. Come at 6 am
Hope to hear from you.
That was it.
Without thinking i wrote YES and the date.
The days up to my holiday dracked along and I though about what i had singed up for all the time.
Finaly the date came and I arrived at the park nacked at 10 to 6 am, there was nothing there.
A bit disapointed i plugged my earphones to my phone.
At presicely 6 am a voice said.
So i did.
Suddently a coloufull cloud apeared in the sky over me
As it got closer i could see that it was balloons lots of balloons and they seemt to have a mind of their own.
There was no wind, but the balloons drifted closer down to me.
As the balloons came closer i could see that the balloons had no strings atached to them.
They just floated down and soruonded me
The balloons lumped around my body,legs and arms really close.
With a lot of squeaky sound all of the balloons lumped closely together untill i was in a cocoon of balloons.
I was lifted off the ground and still more balloons lumped together under me.
I had no control and was getting a bit scared.
Totaly overwhelmed i didn't even realice that i was floating up in the air before looking out though the clear balloons in front of my face.
We where already high up over my home town and the sun was beginning to warm my nacked body and the balloons.
The rubber feeling and smell was overwhelming and I soon got to really enjoy it
I GOT TO PEE i tought and one of the balloons made a condom that i could pee in.
As soon as I was finished the balloon desapeared.
ARE YOU HUNGRY? the voice asked
I tought YES and tought of a steak dinner.
Somehow the balloons fed it into my mouth, both steak and wine
All the time while this was happening i could see the beautyfull landscabes far below me
Now you probaly wonder how it feel to float inside a cocoon of balloons.
Well all you looners it's the best feeling that i have ever experienced.
The balloons feel nice and warm and very rubbery on my nacked body.
You quikly get used to have no control at all, it is actualy quite nice.
The best part is when i have to pee.
The balloon condom feels really good and I am afraid that i did a little more than pee in it a couble of times, but that just made the balloon happy.
Becauce the next time i had to pee it stimulated me a bit more down there.
At night you sleep really well and altough it's dark the balloons still keep you warm.
The first night i was a bit over stimulated by the rubbery feeling of the balloons so i did not sleep that good, but as the days went along i got more use to it and got to sleep really well.
Whe floated all over Europe and I got to see it all from high above.
Alle the time i comunicated with the balloons though my earphones and got really friendly with them.
They told me that when they escape from you on the ground they float up to their home in the stratophere.
The popped balloons are old balloons the had died and fallen down to earth.
I totaly loss track of time, but some day the balloons told me that it was time to go home.
Whe where over the park next to where i live and it was dark as we desended.
All the balloons said goodbye by hugging me even more tightly as we touched down.
One by one the balloons floated away from me and I felt a bit lost and sad..
As I looked up i could see the balloons desapear up in the air.
I walked home nacked.
There was a mail on my phone as I got home
Dear Scuba
We hope you liked your holiday.
We have found you worthy to go up with us again.
If you wanna go just come nacked to an open field with your phone and earphones and think of us and we will find you.
Well i can't wait untill i have another holiday

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